Since Britain entered the Common Market, the British people were never asked if they wanted to join something called the European Community. They were never asked if they wanted to become part of the European Union. Without public consultation, Britain was tied up to a political project leading to loss of British sovereignty. When the British people were finally consulted and rejected the EU project, a very undemocratic Parliament is wilfully ignoring the will of the British people. A hostile Parliament is supported by mass media that spread fear following the designs of individuals who have very little interest in protecting British interests. Carlos, an independent commentator on political affairs, offers a very right to the point and factual analysis.

Patrick McGuinness speaks about the problem of Immigration and what steps are needed to preserve a Nation.

Max speaks about the incredible National Rally victory in the 2019 European Union elections. He also emphasised the importance of boycotting our opponents and supporting our friends. This talk by Max instigated the Patriotic Social BDG to organise a group visit to the “Trump Arms” in Hammersmith AKA “The Jameson” in financial support of the owner who made the brave move to openly support Donald Trump. Well done to the owner Damian Smyth.

Ralph speaks about speakers corner, political campaigns and immigration. He also speaks about his Indian Father and why he admires Enoch Powell.

The speaker in this video asked us to correct 2 mistakes.
1. Ehud Barack was not the prime minister of Israel at the time of 911 (but he was some years before the attacks happened).
2. The junkyards in New York City where the twin towers debris was taken were not metal recycling centres.
He also mistakenly missed out one of the four reasons why any Nationalist would want to know the truth about 911. The one missed out is that thousands of British troops were killed or seriously wounded as a direct result of the 911 attacks which sparked the illegal wars in the Middle East.


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Patriotic Social/Brexit Discussion Group is a meeting that takes place once a month in London which promotes Nationalism, Patriotism, and freedom of speech. We are opposed to the EU, Islamisation, political correctness, immigration, and globalism. Our meetings are attended by people who support UKIP, Britain First, British National Party, For Britain Movement, National Rally, and Tommy Robinson.