The 3rd world hordes would not be attempting to cross the channel in Dinghy’s if the U.K. were not signed up to 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

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The U.N. and E.U. are inflicting a slow death on our Nation.
During the Syrian refugee crises Nigel Farage said on LBC that we as a country could and should take in 30,000 Syrian refuges a year no problem at all.Since then those refugees have settled permanently in the UK. Nigel Farage knew full well that we had and still have an estimated 1 million people on the social housing waiting lists. Refugees go to the top of the housing waiting lists because they score more points because they are fleeing a "war zone". Do not be fooled again by Farage unless he makes it clear that we must leave the 1951 UN refugee convention in order to save our Nation. The civilised solution to this crises explained in the video means that a Political Party would not have to have "deportation" in their manifesto to solve the problem. "Deportation" is not a vote winner for the wider public.

Some Nationalist street art in Shoreditch on the junction of Old Street and Great Eastern Street. Shoreditch is a lefty hot bed of Cultural Marxisism.
Marlene Guest exposed the Rotherham rape gang scandal while she was an elected BNP councillor. Every one knows about the 1400 girls scandal which happened in Rotherham. LibLabCon, the Police and Social Services all betrayed these vulnerable girls because of the fear of being labelled "racist" but not Marlene Guest. Marlene Guest is a true British hero.

Professor David Coleman predicts that white Brits will become a minority in their own country by 2066 if immigration levels stay the same as they are now. Stop permanent settlement immigration NOW.

We will be discussing the recent surge for Nationalism in France. What was the successful formula within French politics which made it happen ?

Cris Bateman is one of BNPs hard working activists.
He is a leading member of Basildon BNP.
Cris was preparing to stand in the local election for BNP in his local area this May, but unfortunately all elections have been cancelled because of the Corona outbreak.

I will be interviewing Roberta Woods about her activism regarding trying her best to save our Country.
Roberta also speaks about the two tragic murders of two brothers both of which were murdered in two separate incidents in her area of South East London.
Both murders were committed by ethnic minorities and did not get any media coverage whatsoever.
Roberta has recently written a book title: The Chemical Conquistador: Colonel North & His Nitrate Dream House, which is available at the link below.

It’s ok to be white!!!!

In the immigrant community many people get stabbed because the perpetrators know their victims won’t go to the Police. Most of them see the Police as their enemy.

No permanent settlement immigration should be the policy for all countries.

UKIP were promoted relentlessly by the MSM to block the massive BNP vote which was gaining momentum. This tactic spectacularly backfired for the LibLabCon which led to the U.K. leaving the European Union. The establishment never imagined that the British and Irish people would actually vote to leave the E.U. Their gamble to destroy the BNP failed because the BNP are still here.

Call out to all Patriots and Nationalists: get down to Parliament Square 9pm 31st January 2020. Independence Day Celebration.

Civic Nationalist?
Ethno Nationalist?

Boris Johnson’s landslide victory is not good for Nationalism.

In order to win over the public we need to stop talking about negative things that may not even be achievable.
The public will not support a culture which will potentially cause civil unrest and chaos.
We must concentrate all our energy and effort into completely stopping permanent settlement immigration.
We must also stop giving out UK passports to people that are not born in our land.
Only UK passport holders should be allowed to buy business’ or property in the UK.

U.K. Nationalist and BNP supporter Lacy Marie from Scotland speaks about why British troops should not be losing their lives for Zionist wars. She also speaks about her tragic loss of her father who took his own life. This happened shortly after returning from the Middle East war serving in the British Army. We thank Lacy and her father for his service RIP.
These are Lacy’s social media links below.
You tube -

BitChute -

Twitter –

Telegram - @MazbaScotland


Nationalist Lacy Marie from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇬🇧 is introduced to the Patriotic Social by the speaker.

David Furness of the British National Party was interviewed outside Parliament on 31st October 2019, which was supposed to be Brexit Day.

BNP activists were joined by others to protest at the Brexit betrayal of MPs.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, told everyone that we would be leaving the European Union on the 31st of October 2019.

However, it did not happen!

Remain MPs passed a law (the Surrender Act) which forced Boris Johnson to send a humiliating letter to the EU.

The letter asked the EU for a delay if a deal could not be passed in Parliament.

The deal was not passed and so the EU granted a delay even though the government made it clear to the EU that it did not want a delay.

So, not only was the last day of October 2019 Halloween, but it was also yet another Brexit Betrayal Day.

Around 300 votes in the local election. Fantastic vote for BNP.
Patrick McGuinness speaks to the Patriotic Social meeting which is held in Central London.
He spoke about a recent local election campaign the BNP fought in Cheshunt, South East England. He explains how easy it is to sell our message to the public. BNP got a very good share of the vote which was held in May 2019.
He also spoke of the importance not to legitimatise politically correct ideology by using words like “racist” in the same conceptual way as our opponents do which only helps them.
However, when verbally attacked face to face with any of these 5 PC conspiracy theories (which are thought crimes) it would only be fair to return them to where they came from.
Patriots and Nationalists should never be calling each other any of these 5 PC conspiracy theories which are “Islamophobic” “racist” “homophobic” “anti-semitic” “sexist” no matter how much we disagree. In football they should have a campaign to kick all bullying out of football which would protect every one and not just certain groups. The badge should say "kick bullying out of football" and not the false concept of "racism" which is a thought crime.

Amazing girl who made such an effort for this Brexit demo. She came all the way from Manchester to show her disgust to the traitors outside Downing Street.

BNP member and Retired South West regional organiser gives a very interesting and informative talk on those three big topics of the day. Adrian has been a member for many years and has given the BNP untold hours of his activism for the corse. We congratulate him for this.

Patrick McGuinness gives a brief explanation of why he joined the BNP. He also explains how the BNP were the real reason of why we got and won the EU in or out referendum vote. Political Party’s must have solid policies with integrity in order to force their opponents to adopt them when you start winning elections. UKColumn is a good website to get independent political reporting.

Legislation introduced by the then Prime Minister David Cameron stands on the way of a General Election to unblock a political stalemate at a critical time in British history.

Excellent speech by Ralph explaining how bad things are at speakers corner. Also mentioned his encounter with David Dimbleby outside the Supreme Court. Good to see For Britain, BNP, UKIP, and Britain First supporters uniting for a good social. Welcome to the two new attendees from speakers corner.

Chris Batman speaks about his journey into patriotic politics, including all the campaigns he has been involved with.

The speaker in this video says that the British people becoming a minority in London is a coincidence and not because of the Kalergi plan. He says the real reason is because of the banking system.


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