A joke video I put together for my IG account at the start of the Plandemic (thats why its in 1:1 sorry)

5G, the tool of tyrants.

Resist tyranny,
Serve your people
Exercise liberty

That's a 1to1 replacement. But if you call it that, you're racist. Just like they are
teaching the kids in schools there for the first time.

Conspiracy theory video of jews conspiring on the subversion of Poland, and taxing German people to do so... (and laughing about it all.)

-creating brain drains of other European countries by pulling intelligent people from other countries.
-reducing men to a maximum of 30% of political positions
-re-education of men on being dominant to accepting being dominated
-taxing the German people to fund their project which will set a global precedence

What the hell is this? If any White groups of people, religion, political org. (what ever they are claiming this group is meeting under) it would
be shut down as racist and supremacist.

When the CUCK finds /POL for the first time.

clips taxed from Murdoch Murdoch / NapalmS0N - and other random pulls

****not so URGENT now on my 4th attempt to upload @Bitchute!****

Please watch this and share, Download it, if you need, contact me and I will get you a link to download.
THIS NEEDS TO GO EVERYWHERE!!!! This lady has first hands knowledge of the creation of this virus
and how it was passed to us through vaccines. Also how Dr. F! is silencing the proof of where this is coming from
#PresidentTRUMP needs to talk to this woman and see what he thinks for himself. This lady could have the world market
open back up again in the next few days and get the FDA shut down!!

@~24min mark important info on C-V19, Masks, and Vaccines
@~32min mark how most people do not get the disease and this is common. But it shows why they are using it to shut us all in and keep us quiet.!!!!
@~34min We have never made a successful vaccine for any of these viruses in 40 years and she feels they are wanting to inject us for other reasons.!!!
@~41min mark, Tony Fauci BLOCKED proof that the Vaccines cause these major health issues and if nothing else, they create the breeding ground to accelerate growth and the Dr. here says we have proven TRANSMISABLE CANCER( HOOOOOOLY CRAP)
@~46 vaccines have become just more dangerous not any safer. NO WEARING MASKS especially if you are sick just stay home and cover your mouth
@~51min why we need to shut down the FDA and why we would have never needed to shut the world down over this.

This has all definitely been a coverup and a power-grabbing control issue. But not to increase the power of a group but to KEEP THE TRUTH COVERED UP!!!!!

@~55min mark - how C19 is being swapped out for all flu deaths this year and everyone going forward!!! this has been with us for some time, just now has a spotlight on it.

Dr. Judy has just blown my mind. She has given all the straight forward answers that we needed, explaining what this is and why it's happening the way it's playing out. I hope that all people my age that grew up in the '80s-'90s and earlier remembers that this is how NEWS reporting used to be done. How REAL experts used to explain things to us giving us only the facts that they knew. THIS IS A TOTAL UNCOVER OF A LONG LINE OF TREASONOUS BRANCH OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER

Watching this video of the Dr. who is trying to get the word out confirmed what I have been fearing.

you can watch the full video on David Icke's feed here

But after listening to him talk about the FACTS and not feed fear. Talking to the American people the way we used to,
the way we were meant to. It's clear that we are in the midst of an actual betrayal of our Republic. They are not trying
to save it, or us. And we should have known from the word go. Virus or not, pandemic or not. They are just using what
is available to keep us quiet and out of the way while they rob our house and flee. We are under attack in a new type of
warfare, and our leaders are tucking their tails and running with whatever they can find of value. This is the headline in
Australia today.

We must hold them accountable, we must preserve liberty. Let them comfort one another. Let them take care of the house
while hard men handle the hard times that these weak men made. Let us do this now, so our children will not be left to it later.

First, we must demand answers. If I am wrong I will be so happy. I would give anything to be wrong. But if I am correct and action
is not taken to hold those who made this mess accountable, they will vanish and justice will die with liberty.

What comes next will be up to how we act now.

While I cannot support the NRA any longer as I found they don't really help people who are being denied their 2nd Amendment right. BUT this actual testimony of people who lived through the government acting against them, not in support of them during Hurricane Katrina. Watch as cops tackle, punch, and in general harm, an elderly lady as they are trying to force her out of her dry, fully stocked home that she was safe in as a free American but points out the looters were being allowed to run free. All because when they came banging on every door of her house at the same time demanding that she let them in, they noticed she had a pistol in her hand several minutes into her interview with the news. (clearly it was open and she was holding it by the barrel. But that did not stop them from an instant violent attack on a senior. All these people report that they were denied their rights to self-defense if they were looking for assistance or wanting to stay. This is what we are all in store for if they deploy on American soil. I have been told by family in several stats that they are seeing large amounts of troops, LEO training in hand to hand in open fields. They are not going to come to help you. They are going to come to disarm you and make sure that if you die, you die in your home. The founders would be shocked at what we are allowing. Freedom is not free. Please share this video, re-upload to your channel. Take clips and share them on all social media. The police state is coming, and with no planned end to it... All Over The World.

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Are you?

Hungary takes control of the government in this time of crisis as to not be divided by the zionist commies. Way to go!

I look up to this man. I watch his videos regularly. He is my inspiration as a father. And we all need to listen to this fatherly advice.

We must retain our freedoms

Back in 2014 I wrote a novel about a man who survives a viral pandemic almost identical to the Coronavirus / Covid-19. "Isak" describes a world where society has broken down.

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Orlando Voice Transparency illegally detained for exercising his rights. Welcome to the police state.
The.Patriotic.Nomad will be walking out of his home tomorrow live-streamed on IG after the state threatens force for people leaving their homes.
Stand up for your rights now or we will lose them all.

I am often faced with denial of jewish involvement in the communist revolution and Holodomor in Russia. I have even been asked why Genrikh Yagoda would call himself "The Jewish Hitler" after his greatest enemy as well as asking why he would seek positions of power in communism when the movement is against power structure... So I clipped this from Europa the Last Battle part 1. Because I am going to scream if I have to explain that Yagoda personally did not choose his nickname, he came before Hitler and his actions are most likely a huge cause of the rise and drive of the Nazi party resisting the goal of Yagoda's movement throughout Europe. And as for power structure. That is the ultimate scam of zionism, via communism. Control the easily manipulated to overthrow the ruling elite with violence, then the zionists that instigate the revolution come in and take power without resistance as they have convinced the warriors that positions of power are to be rejected but they will take them for the good of the movement. And then they kill. KILL Kill kill until there is no one to overthrow them, fight against them or brave enough to question them. And they take all wealth and power they can along the way. Notice the similarities between this and the current attack on the global population today. Notice the people who are cheering it on and embracing the move. Who is promoting this mass extinction of Western culture? Who is cheering on the fallout, the cause, and the results while demonizing everything anyone is trying to do to slow or stop this event? We are in a repeat of history NOW.

Music with visuals **CAUTION - flashing images**
Music - Wardruna - Völuspá

A song about the approach of Ragnarök and a call for new beginnings.
Return to your roots.

You can always trust the grabbler at their word...

I thought these were fully lost to the Great online Purge, But I was able to find these videos again.
Very interesting review of Hitler and Fascism. Very relevant to the Globalists push today to take control of the world through communism.
Watch and enjoy!

part one can be found here.

Uncle Jared gave me my favorite quote of 2019, I had to make a video of it so I could share it with sound.

Run Up Get Done Up!
Goob don't take kindly to degeneracy, and wants no part of your "cultural diversity".

No matter what I do, this keeps getting taken down on other platforms so I will just post it here.

Just a ReichWave video I made about a dream I had after watching all this old footage.

Reposted from Liberum Arbitrium -

SOS to the world...the ANC government of South Africa has stated that the people will not be able to defend themselves in court when they expropriate land without compensation this is an infringement of human rights
#EWC Crisis Alert!

I thought these were fully lost to the Great online Purge, But I was able to find these videos again.
Very interesting review of Hitler and Fascism. Very relevant to the Globalists push today to take control of the world through communism.
Watch and enjoy!

So I was just shown The Red Elephants video on Sabra Hummus ad. I had to make and send this with my voice of concern about their ad during a well-known family viewing event. If you feel it is not appropriate for them to promote their product with dragqueens during the SuperBowl while any ad on the more conservative side, even if it's nothing inappropriate, has been rejected. Please contact SABRA and let them know.

The Red Elephant video

The two circles with the central small one linked to the big one via twelve sig rune rays are known as the symbol of the Black Sun (Schwarze Sonne in German) indicating the infinite power and energy. Throughout history, the symbol in its numerous ways of depictions found its place on the items of clothes, jewelry, utensils, weapons, and coins attributive to the representatives of Indo-European culture. The remains with this image were found scattered around the world, many of them left by the Norse people and Celts. From the ancient times associated with the natural phenomena of sun’s absence on the sky during nighttime and eclipse, with the course of time, Black Sun became notorious for its use in alchemy and occultism later on acquiring strong connection to Nazi ideology.

Secret Meaning

The ancients tried to explain natural processes with gods’ interference, giving the usual physical and astronomical phenomena special meaning. Sun’s absence on the sky after the sunset connoted balance between the light and the dark, connecting the living world with that of the dead. Sunrise meant rebirth, renewal of life. The theory on the existence of two suns stated the gold one giving us light, energy, and warmth and its dark side taking it all away. Sometimes the dark one predominated which could be confirmed with eclipse making the sun literally black. People believed that eclipse brought great changes or even could lead to the end of the world. It is mentioned in myths of different ancient cultures, in John’s Revelation and in Nostradamus Predictions; after all, it is regularly repeated in children’s fables.

The Black Sun is a well-known alchemic and occult symbol. Alchemists used this term to indicate the first phase in the creation of philosopher’s stone: Nigredo or Blackness meaning the purification of the black matter, transmitting into a new state (new life), a rebirth. You can meet this term in psychology implying the individual’s depressive state, crisis, or breakdown which precedes personal renovation. In occultism, Black Sun was associated with a black hole serving the center of power concentration. It was used by the Vril and some other secret societies for magic occult rituals almost a century before the Nazi Party made it a principal idea of their worldview.


Another name of the Black Sun most closely describes associations arousing when seeing this symbol – Sonnenrad or sun wheel. We are used to see this sign in a form of two circles: a smaller central circle drawing its twelve spokes in the form of sig runes to the bigger one embracing and protecting the image. If we peer, we will notice that it looks a lot like three overlapped swastikas. No wonder, for Black Sun has always been closely connected with the ancient symbol of fylfot (meaning ‘four foot’, another name of swastika) as the latter being one of Schwarze Sonne earlier variations.

Swastika has been found on the pieces belonging to Indo-European and adjacent cultures: from drawings on the walls of caves in France to Buddhist and Tibetan relics and manuscripts, Japanese temples, to Viking weapon and jewelry, to Native Americans garment, Finnish Air Forces, Greek priests’ clothes. The symbol was considered sacred and implied the power and protection coming from cosmos in a form of this infinitely swirling in four directions sign. For some people it was important how to represent the symbol: clockwise or anticlockwise and depending on the culture, it either denoted positive meaning such as luck and success or negative appeal to the dark forces.

In the Norse culture, swastika was linked to the god of thunder and lightning Thor, god of sun Freyr, and Odin Allfather for symbolizing strength, fire, and the cyclic nature of life and death. Vikings wore jewelry decorated with fylfots and runes for protection: pendants, necklaces, and rings. Thor Hammer amulets also were popular to have an image of a few fylfots on it.

Jewelry pieces with swastika were worn by the representative of many ancient tribes. The number of rays varied depending on time and nation. Among the findings with fylfots, archaeologists found Germanic brooches much resembling the Black Sun.
Along with Vikings, Slavs had a symbol similar to swastika. Kolovrat (spinning wheel) was a Slavic symbol for sun, bringing the same meaning of strength, fire, and rebirth. It was carved on wood, embroidered on clothes and painted on houses to protect from evil spirits. Kolovrat was also carved on gravestones to give peace to the dead and grant opportunity for reincarnation.

We have to go back.

A music video I slapped together. None of the footage is mine. Taxed all from online videos.
If you like the song, don't rip it, go buy it and support your brothers.

Moons out Goons out!
Reclaim Nature, Serve your People and expel the invaders & Nations traitors.

The story of Bobby Sands. While others in the IRA pushed towards communism because they were attracted to the manipulation of the texts of communism on the poor and oppressed, Bobby had a grand vision. Bobby Sands was an Irish Nationalist. And rather than follow the communist manifest he pushed for building the Nation that the Irish longed for despite being under the boot of Britain. He united a Nation. He refused food knowing what was in store for him. But he knew what he was doing this for. For his Nation. And he brought the world's attention to his Nations struggle. Tiocfaidh ár lá!

The 1981 Irish hunger strike was the culmination of a five-year protest during The Troubles by Irish republican prisoners of war in Northern Ireland in the Long Kesh internment camp. The protest began as the blanket protest in 1976, when the British government withdrew Special Category Status (prisoner of war rather than criminal status) for convicted paramilitary prisoners. In 1978, the dispute escalated into the dirty protest, where prisoners refused to leave their cells to wash and covered the walls of their cells with excrement. In 1980, seven prisoners participated in the first hunger strike, which ended after 53 days.[1]

The second hunger strike took place in 1981 and was a showdown between the prisoners and the British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. One hunger striker, Bobby Sands, was elected as a member of parliament during the strike, prompting media interest from around the world. The strike was called off after ten prisoners had starved themselves to death, including Sands, whose funeral was attended by 100,000 people. The strike radicalized Irish nationalist politics, and was the driving force that enabled Sinn Féin.

To this day the Irish Nationalists mourn and pay respect to Comandante Francis Hughes for his bravery and self-sacrifice to the greater good of his people and his country. And even in death he was rustling the jimmies of the British soldiers who attacked his funeral precession, throwing his father to the ground as well as attacking the herse driver. But them Balaclava'd boys came and made sure that he made it to service. Tiocfaidh ár lá.


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