Welcome to MyWhiteSHOW Season Two, Episode Three!

The main segment is VACCINE DAMAGE — My Story, which is meant to spark Your Story, your memory of what the poison “vaccines” have done to you.

Also, 27 February is the anniversary of the Reichstag Fire in Berlin, Germany, in 1933. Briefly, I provide true historical context in which that false-flag crime was committed.

The third announced subject is an update on the part of the tyranny here in Michigan on the pretense of “Covid-19” — a virus that does not exist. Yes, it’s another lie, thus I use the popular nickname for it by those of us in the know: “Cohen-19.”

A few surprise items await you, too.

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This video includes segments on Total War, a special email I received, and the premiere of the latest PATTON.45 song, titled "They Live In Me."

(This was my third attempt to get this video to finish the "processing" phase. The first two times, I let it try for hours, and then I deleted and tried again, with all details the same. This third time, I strategically changed some aspects, deleted some possibly forbidden terms, and this one finished processing in less than half an hour and became visible to everyone. Hmm.)

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This video provides a tour of some websites -- good, bad, and ugly -- along with my own website stats.
- How to grow an audience, or kill an audience!
- What Executive Orders are, really.
- Good Kills.

CLAIMER — not a disclaimer:

We in the USA have the right to disagree with the government on who are the enemies we need to kill and how to kill them. The U.S. government has said at one time or another that nearly every kind of human on Earth has needed to be killed EXCEPT for jews. I disagree. I say nearly the opposite is true: jewry is the enemy we need to kill. I have the right to say this. Any person or entity censoring me becomes the enemy, too. And the only way to stop enemies for all time is to kill them.

IN THIS VIDEO, I explain why our plight is SNAFU and why.

Also in this video, I state what we must do about it.

In addition, I offer these:

* three January calendar dates worth remembering,
* admission of my prediction error on the 2020 sElection, and
* some crypto-jews that jewry is lining up for the next presidential sElection.

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We in the USA have the right to disagree with the government on who are the enemies we need to kill and how to kill them. The U.S. government has said at one time or another that nearly every kind of human on Earth has needed to be killed EXCEPT for jews. I disagree. I say nearly the opposite is true: jewry is the enemy we need to kill. I have the right to say this. Any person or entity censoring me becomes the enemy, too. And the only way to stop enemies for all time is to kill them.

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But right here, I want to further emphasize the element of surprise. Very important. Don't want the enemy to have time to make a phone call nor take any reactionary action of any kind. Simple, quick, and clean.

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Special: Movies and Memes. Comedy, tragedy, and intrigue. Plus, a seasonal note, and a reminder that “only Whites have ever changed hell to heaven” — as the lyric says in my latest song in progress — and Offense Is Required.

Recorded 25Dec2020.

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If you’re White, “YULE” like this finale episode of Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is your White show.

Yule is White. Christmas is jew. Though this ought be entirely obvious, I explain it briefly. Some history. Some examples. Some suggestions. And I show how obviously our calendar has been jewed, too.

Also, this s01e23 issue of MyWhiteSHOW features two very short but telling videos of the criminals, usually jews, in “our” government exposing themselves.

The final official segment of the show is a Good Kill. It’s one that almost nobody but me would recognize as such. Get the details, of course, in the video.


“Our” government tells us ...
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Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — nears its finale with this hourlong, hard-hitting truth fest.

Kary Mullis, inventor of the famous PCR process, died last year, 2019. But long before he did, he called out the famous HIV/AIDS liars — one of whom is a Covid liar, too — Gallo and Fauci. See the video right here. Let’s nail the coffins shut on the criminal HIV fraud and the criminal Covid fraud — jew frauds.

Also, let’s analyze the latest LOL fake from SpaceX: a comic-book reverse landing and explosion — with all the untimely camera changes and jarring edits we’ve come to eXpect from crypto-jew pedo Elon Musk and company.

The full description on my own website names the jew rock-music propagandists most Whites have been duped to adore. And there you'll find info on some website owners who need a kick in the head, and, oh, there's more. Such as? The reason we're here.

* Click to THE Source:
Thanks to the research and reportage by Peter Hammond of South Africa combined with my own research, articles, and video on the subject, this is perhaps the best single video source on the planet for the jews’ assassination of our great White U.S. Army general George S. Patton Jr.

Yes, General Patton served jewry in WW2 in the destruction of our most admirable and heroic Germany, but he quickly woke up to the crimes of jewry in the months immediately after the end of the war in Europe.

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Serious fun! The Hypothetical Question. If you could, … would you killemall? Join me in considering and answering the question and further, perhaps more difficult, versions of it. What would the ultimate version of it be?

Also energizing this s01e21 issue of MyWhiteSHOW is a movie review of the new Mel Gibson vehicle titled “Boss Level,” in which Gibson plays a top villain and needlessly spouts some of jewry’s favorite anti-White hate speech. See a video clip.

After that, see an NFL football player in his own phone-cam video exposing the scamdemic after the jews’ operatives tried to screw him by declaring him “positive” for the fake virus — despite his daily team tests saying “negative.”

And more! The jew pedos, the ongoing planned sElection DISTRACTION, and what must be done about it all.

MyWhiteSHOW is your White show. There is no other. Right?

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Great White independent scientists are relatively rare. Why? The enemy — jewry — recruits most of our great minds when too young to know any better, and signs them to Non-Disclosure Agreements, and gives them comfortable salaries, totally controls their output, and slyly implies that straying off the reservation will be very bad for their health.

Two of the rarest and greatest are presented here. Their names should be household words, as we used to say.

* James M. McCanney, and

* Eric P. Dollard.

Both excel in electricity. Geniuses. Inventors. Engineers. Writers. Broadcasters. And they are as suppressed as can be from all major media and most minor media. Get to know them both while they’re still alive, still active, and available for possible communication with you.

In this video, I present basic facts about each man, their websites, their jew-awareness level, their strengths and weaknesses, and a bit of how they overlap. For example, both profess knowledge about our Sun. One says the Sun is hollow. The other says the Sun has a dense cool core. Both know that the nuclear activity of the Sun is above its surface, not in the core. But the jew-produced textbooks in school still tell us the Sun’s nuclear activity is in the core, which, by now, is a known lie.

Oh, that’s just a taste! Homeschoolers, take note!

Also in this s01e20 of MyWhiteSHOW:

* Maria Farmer, White victim of the jews’ pedophile-prostitution-trafficking network in the USA and around the world, exposes the famous Elon Musk in this audio-video excerpt. The six minutes of clips here, assembled by me, focus on Maria Farmer’s knowledge and naming of the jews.

* Movie Review: “Let Him Go,” starring crypto-jews Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. In short, it’s anti-White propaganda, as usual.

* Good Kill: A BLM fece reportedly got early retirement from this life. Deservedly so.

* Memes and More: The fake virus of “Covid-19,” the tyrants’ hypocrisy, and what must be done about it.

One more thing, if you please. See my relatively new, one-of-a-kind CREDENTIALS page (click the link in the menu atop my website). Every visitor gets a healthy, free, mini-education just from reading my descriptions of sources of the breadth and depth of my knowledge on vital subjects. Many links are provided, too.


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Let’s take a turn around the globe talking geology and White history, pyramids, other megalithic structures, sea navigation schools, and more.

Some of this knowledge comes from the amazing works of Martin Doutre and James McCanney, whose websites are given along the way.

Also in this s01e19 issue of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — is a brief discourse on a vital and natural difference between our White Men and White Women. And this directly relates to the enemy jewry and their tools.

In the third segment, I invite you to ponder memes and other images on the kikes making and breaking the rules that they illegally, oppressively, tyrannically enforce on us Whites. Yes, of course, the focus is on the current false-virus Covid-19 rules. And thanks to David Irving, we expose another set of jews and crypto-jews atop another state of the United States, specifically Pennsylvania.

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WEATHER knowledge is important, whether most people realize it or not. I guarantee that most people know nothing of the best knowledge I share in this video.

See the websites I use for weather info locally, regionally, and around the world. One purpose for using multiple sites is to compare weather information to check the jewsmedia’s and jewed-government’s lies.

Also, get some amazing science books — currently free on the Internet as pdf files (perhaps for a very limited time). Highly recommended. Learn what really causes and drives weather on our planet. Plus, learn how the Solar System really works, including what the Sun is and how it works, how planets form, what comets are and how they form, and more.

Plus, Memes ‘n’ More. The Meme Of The Week, and images that cover:

* The Covid virus fraud

* The latest increase in the UNconstitutional “lockdown” edicts from crypto-jew governor of Michigan, Gretchen Esther Whitmer

* Ticketmaster’s plan for next year to require individual vaccination certification before allowing entry into concerts

* Trump, GAB, and Andrew Anglin on the same foul team

* Brush with baking soda

And even more!


MyWhiteSHOW is Your White Show.

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Two government documents — one from the U.K. and one from the USA — put the final nails in the coffin of the massive criminal hoax known as “Covid-19.”

The government reports admit that there are no isolated, purified samples of the claimed virus.

In order to even think about inflicting Martial Law upon us The People as our governments have done, they MUST have had a proven sample to begin with. And they would still have it because they could have made as many copies as desired by using the PCR invention for its intended purpose: amplifying, or copying, genetic material.

Our governments do not have a proven sample of the claimed virus because it does not exist.

As I have said in previous videos, we could reason our way upon the known facts to fully conclude that the claimed virus did not exist. We did not need the liars to slip-up and tell us it does not exist.

But now, with these documents, our doubters who are yet capable of the intake of new facts and the assembling of facts into knowledge should accept as true what I have said from the beginning.

There Is No Such Virus.

Our governments are enemies of The People.


The CDC document, saved on Scribd: .

The CDC document, currently available on the USA government website: .

The admirable Gemma O’Doherty’s video showing the U.K. document: .

* Click to THE Source:
Nearly every one of us was mis-taught, mis-informed, and mis-led about what is real human food. In 2009, I started doing the research, and in 2011 I published my results. Recently, I found the article preserved by the Wayback Machine!

Here it is for you. It has stood the test of time.

Also, one of my simplest of WoWs is this: If you’re sick, stop poisoning yourself! Naturally, the followup to that is: If you don’t want to get sick, stop poisoning yourself.

Part of giving yourself Good Health is to be a cereal killer. Yes, I spelled it correctly. Watch the video, where I fully explain.

The second segment in this s01e17 issue of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show, too — is the premiere of the PATTON.45 song “HONORific.” Lyrics are provided in the video.

The third segment is WoWs, which stands for Words of Wisdom. Not just one WoW, but many WoWs here. Most of them are original by me.

In addition, I talked in the intro about Alex Linder, Jan Lamprecht, and Alison Chablos. Jan Lamprecht’s good website is .

Alex and Jan were Trumptards for years, but now, finally, maybe they have progressed beyond that dupidity. In the latest “TeamWhite” video (really just audio, as you don’t see them speak) from a couple of days ago, Linder actually said he does not support Trump. (Of course, not Biden either.)

However, all three spoke of “Covid-19” as if the claimed virus is real! How many years will it take them to absorb and profess the truth about that jew criminal hoax?

And that’s not all. Watch the video for the rest.

* Also, if you are single, divorced, or widowed, consider joining -- as I have, and I am glad I did. I have not found a mate yet, but good interactions are to be had with friendly Whites seeking mates and on the forums.

PLEASE wait through the odd 10 seconds of black at the beginning of the video.
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And if you are White and single, divorced, or widowed, consider joining as I have, and I am glad I did.

Let’s just be done with the self-Chosen “Amazing” one, shall we? Back in July 2020 I did a video on “Amazing Polly” St. George and stopped just short of declaring her a crypto-jew. Now, with added evidence, there’s no reason to hold back.

Also in this s01e16 issue of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — jewTV “journalist” Dan Rather is still lying. Some of us remember him as the longtime anchor of the CBS Evening News. Furthermore, some remember — and the rest of us learned — that Rather played a part way back in November 1963 related to the infamous Zapruder film purported to be real, undoctored footage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Now, we know that the Zapruder film is a very doctored piece of disinformation.

Well, Rather, who I now call “RATner (explained in the video), has a new book out, with a giveaway contest and a co-writer, all of which deserve dishonorable mention.

Finally, there is a meme and a bit more on the virus that does not exist. Yes, I do mean the one dubbed “our invisible enemy” by our very visible enemies who have created and perpetrated this entire criminal hoax upon us.


Click to THE Source:

The current U.S. sElection controversy is Planned Chaos. Yes, planned by the jews. I hold firm to my prediction that Donald Trump, crypto-jew, will be re-sElected to continue pretending to be the “leader of the free world” — don’t you love that lie within a lie.

More importantly, this show refocuses on the jew pedophilia criminals, from jews Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell on up. Victim Maria Farmer, here in 10 minutes of audio, identifies the jews as jews — well done! And if you haven’t seen and heard scum Epstein speak, do it here, do it now.

Also in this s01e15 installment of MyWhiteSHOW — your White show:

* A reminder about “The Other Half of JFK”
* More exposure of crypto-jew Michigan governor G.E. Whitmer and other crypto-jews, plus
* jew radio WKLT out of Traverse City, Michigan, and a criminal part they play aiding and abetting the enemy of White America, and
* Memes.

ENJOY! And get angry. Consider, and prepare, for what we Whites must do for ourselves and our race in this country and on this planet.

Yes, days after Election Day, chaos reigns with the vote count — jews win! How so? See the bulleted items below. Also, no matter whether Trump or Biden in the end gets sElected — jews win! Why? Because both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are crypto-jews who will, of course, advance the jew agenda — their ANTI-WHITE agenda most of all.

Meanwhile, the chaos of the vote count — crimes and more crimes — serves jewry. How? Let’s list a few ways:

* Please click to The Source for the full article: .

The full article includes a list of other highlights in this show, and more powerful Free Speech that I put on my own website but not on the "public" platforms.

Click to The Source: for more!

Here is proof that BrandNewTube censors — deletes videos — in service of jewry. The self-described “senior founder” of the video platform BrandNewTube is Muhammed Butt, and I present to you his video statements and his comments in reply to my comments.

It would seem that Mr. Butt is an Arab. Arabs are supposed to know very well about jews. Right? But this one, if he is an Arab and not a crypto-jew, portrays himself as ignorant of any truth about jewry. He talks and writes like jewry is just another religion next to Islam, Christianity, etc.

But his first message to BNT account-holders on the subject of deleting videos said that the “Police” asked BNT to delete videos against “a certain religion” ….

Know this, my fellow Whites: BrandNewTube is deleting videos of the top truth against the Enemy Of Humanity — jewry — and the senior founder is “pleased” to do it, as he said he is pleased with how he and the Police have “worked together” in doing it.

One of my videos was deleted by BNT, thus far.

I sent BNT an email on 25 October 2020 asking them in what country these “Police” told BNT to delete videos, and by what authority, and if BNT was voluntarily exploding free speech. As of today, 2 November 2020, BNT has not replied.

Previous emails by me to BNT about service problems were always answered. But not this time.

Will BNT censor jews’ videos and blacks’ videos that call for killing Whites? Will BNT apply the same censorship practices against other races that BNT is committing against Whites?

A dozen years of experience in truthtelling websites tells me: NO, and NO.

The source:
Fellow Whites who are single, divorced, or widowed, join as have I!

And if you're single, give a try. I just joined. Glad I did.
* Hey, BITCHUTE: Why does it takes many hours, even a day or more, for my videos to pass your "processing" and be published for the public to view? WHY? And why did I have to delete this one and start over? WHY?

UPDATE: During the recording of the video, I couldn’t recall the names of the particular jew-Jeffrey-Epstein victims I had in mind. Here are correct names: Virginia Roberts Giuffre, with “Giuffre” being her current married name (since 2002), she was a victim, claims to have been hooked up with Prince Andrew (I had guessed “Edward” in the video), and she is leading an effort against the Epstein-Maxwell jew crimes and for other victims. Maria Farmer and Annie Farmer, sisters, were victims. Maria Farmer made the great phone-call interview with Whitney Webb, which is available on the Internet and of which I have a copy. In it, Maria is fully credible and convincing in her exposure of the jews as jews. Ghislaine Maxwell jew is daughter of the late mogul scum Robert Maxwell jew. Also, whenever I say that the jews want their poison vaccines to be mandatory for everybody, I should add: everybody but jews, of course.

MyWhiteTV: Big video here for a big subject and a big conclusion!

It’s about Donald Trump. It’s about Joe Biden. And their families. And their allegiances. And their anti-White deeds.

Which one best fits the jew agenda against us? Thus, which one will be sElected.

Also in this special episode:

* Hunter Biden, son of Joe. His life of drug addiction, in-family sexual perversions, and worldwide corporate crimes have caught the public spotlight. He deliberately videoed himself, and now everybody can see his p*rn videos with Asians, allegedly with one or both of Barack Obama’s daughters, and allegedly with his own niece while she was underage. Jews do that, folks. Jews do that.

* Kamala Harris, candidate for vice president chosen by Joe Biden. Of course, she is a jew, too. See some evidence for that conclusion here.

* Michigan’s crypto-jew governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer, her newest crime atop her ongoing crimes, and two likely fake efforts to stop her.

More effusive, shall we say, than ever before in a video, I offer a lot of nuggests along the way about "covid," history, Israel, jewry, the great Henry Ford, and much more.

Last but not least, I repeat the truism that defense alone cannot win. Defense alone always loses — in any game and certainly in war.

We’re in a war. We were born into it. We didn’t start it. The only way to win it is to stop the defense-only losing strategy and go on the Offensive to White victory.

The source:
“The Old Man In A Chair” Vernon Coleman is a darling of the half-awake alt-media. He presents himself as the most intelligent man on the planet. But he doesn't identify any criminal jews as jews.

Ignorant or complicit? And —

The most important question on the planet to ask someone of dubious origin is: Are you a jew? And so, let’s weigh the evidence presented and render a verdict. Is Vernon Coleman a jew?

If you haven’t done any research on him yourself, you’re likely in for some surprises.


And for my fellow single, divorced, or widowed Whites: check out which I have joined.

Click to the source
for articles, music videos, the new Credentials page, and more.
You'll be glad you did.

The source:
Your White Show presents “Benefit Of Belief?” and cuts to the chase, as you would expect. Also in this s01e12 edition:

* The absurd “kidnap” plot vs. jew Whitmer, governor of Michigan, and

* Mean MEMEs

For the text I wrote and delivered for the main segment, "Benefit Of Belief?", go to the source:
YES, I am PATTON.45 and I promote

The latest music video by PATTON.45 is this historical “ANOTHER JEWLIE.” Actually, the full name of the song is “Another July/JewLie.” But the delay in its completion and the video production left “July” behind, and so it works better now to use the shortened title, “Another JewLie.”

Featured in the song and video are three of the historic jew crimes committed wholly or partly here in the USA:

* The 1787-89 CONstitution. It was an overthrow of the White USA under the Articles of Confederation. (Read, and download if you like, the pdf file of the historic article about this here: )

* The 1967 jew attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, murdering dozens and wounding more than 100 more. A full-out act of war. It failed in its purpose, and the jew U.S. president LBJ ordered a full coverup.

* The 1969 Apollo fraud of supposedly landing men on the Moon. It was a tv show, folks. And all jew tv shows are infested with lies or are total lies. NASA’s own photos prove it was a hoax. A monstrous criminal hoax.

Go To The SOURCE to get the lyrics along with advice on how to download this and other videos with your browser!

The source:
HALLOWEEN is “Hallowed Evening.” This is “hallowed” as in “revered.” Make Halloween White again instead of the jew-corrupted crap it has become. Get the full explanation and the inspiration right here in this show.

Also in this s01e11 installment, see a range of mugshots of Antifa scum who are jews NOT Whites. They are some of the many examples of the government jews’ deceitful catch-and-release program for their fellow jews and the jews’ blackfrican tools.

For the finale, I offer a trick I submitted to the jewsmedia, which is a treat for us — although I blew the date! Check it out.

NOTE: If you want to easily and freely download my videos or most others on the Internet with a tool you probably ALREADY HAVE — click to my “Another JewLie” music video and scroll to the bottom of the accompanying article:


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