Those pesky things we ALL have...Feelings, Who Needs Them? Analogue collage based on an image by Vivian Maier, Street Photographer. Music from Maroon 5, Feelings. #inspiration #art #collage #movie #stopmotion #abstractart #nyc #photography

A time lapse video of the making if obe of my favorite multidimensional collage. Based on a Vivian Maier inage from the book, Street Photographer. Enjoy!

Moving collage based on an original image from Vivian Maier with a little music from Kelly Clarkson #walkaway #collage #art #photography #abstractart # paulantonioszabo

Mixed media moving collage based on an image by Vivian Maier. Enjoy!!

Collage and mixed media #art. This is one of my favorite recent pieces, inspired by the photographs of Vivian Maier. #collage #mixedmedia

A short compilation of my artwork and me.

This is based on an Ansel Adams image. One of my favorites. Enjoy!

This is the last video in a series of three videos. I am still working resolution kinks, but I hope you enjoy them.

A stop motion video I created around the 4th of July. There are three in this series, Enjoy!!!

American Flag Stop Motion Animation.


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Sharing a little of my mixed media art and stop motion and other videos I create with you.