Part 2 of today's ramble. The phone storage issue struck again, ending this video in midsentence. I'm just going to leave it like that. I'll pick up about where I left off in the next video

Continuing my story about life as a Mormon and falling away, or rather, purposefully running away from the faith. And in true Paul Brodie channel fashion, my phone cut the video on me claiming low storage space. So this became an inadvertant two parter like yesterday's videos. And the second video of today also cut out after a while, so thats just how its going to be.

The second half of my story after my video was interrupted by a phone call.

I start telling my story, disjointed and rambling as per usual, until a few minutes in when I got a phone call on my phone which i was using to record. I am an amateur. So it stopped the recording, and I made a second video to finish my thoughts. Part 2 will follow

I introduce the podcast i do with my friend Travis and then the topic for my next few videos: my apostasy from the Mormon faith

I could describe the video, but then what would be the point in watching it?

I used to blog, the blog was called "Ajax's Whimsical Revolution." This video isn't about that. But I do say "start the revolution."

I had this great commentary in my mind, but then I started saying it outloud and it came apart at the seams.

My friend Jason and I wrote this song, 2007 I think, here we are playing it, in 2007 (I know)

I tell a story, with more back story than necessary, and possibly not as much payoff as should be expected from a story of this overall length. Enjoy

I define the term Anarchy, declare myself an anarchist, and then amuse myself with very subtle antics. Like, so subtle you wouldn't think it was antics if I wasn't typing this. Still getting used to the camera thing

Wherein I share incoherent thoughts about "if you don't like it here then leave"-gate

I feel like some people think they have a RIGHT to not be offended. I don't believe that's true. I believe we have the POWER not to be offended. In this video I ramble on trying to make that point

I thought I had something to say about Matt Skins playing in Blink 182, but I didn't. I uploaded a video anyway

Wherein I suggest that freedom is free and tyranny costs lives

This is where I explain, in no certain terms, why I am uploading to BitChute


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