With the new year we should be looking to do more personal computing on a Linux operating system. Here are some tips from Switched To Linux on YT.

Short tutorial about building your Gnome desktop minimal ArcoLinuxB ISO. Done by Erik D. from

Ukraine and west playing dangerous games in our name?

By Graham Ph. on YT.

report by Graham Phillips on YT.

Thanks for watching, leave a comment if you will! G.Phillips on YT.

Let's talk about the big changes happening in the Linux world.

MS Open Source 60,000 Patents:

IBM buys Red Hat:

Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth posts about IBM, Red Hat deal:

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by Bro Nathaniel

Make SURE you don't miss this video! This video demonstrates the current decentralization capabilities of SubstratumNode that are available RIGHT NOW.

Watch as Dan Wiebe demos a network of Substratum Nodes all talking to each other and passing data through the network. You will see the latency is near nothing as Dan shows you Google Maps, Github, and even YOUTUBE VIDEOS playing through this network.


A tutorial created for this article
Erik D.

#arcolinux #linux

A tutorial created for this article at

The War Has Begun on 10/10... FBIBook Purges Hundreds of Alternative Media Pages

TDV's Free Email List:

Here is a short list of peaceful and truth-loving people who were purged from FBIBook today:

The Free Thought Project - 3.1 m
The Anti Media - 2.1m
Police the Police - 1.9m
Cop Block - 1.7m
Filming Cops - 1.4m
Choice & Truth - 2.9m
Punk Rock Libertarians - 125k
End The Drug War - 460k
Mass Report - 500k
Skeptic Society
No Victim, No Crime
Modern Slavery Hilarious Vines
I Only Owe You Non Aggression - 13k
Bay Area Police The Police - 7k
V is For Voluntary - 160k
Conspiracy Facts - 120k
The Free Thought (back up page) - 23k
You Won't See This On TV
Fucked Up Shit You Should Know About
Unlimited Liberty
Citizens For A Bleaker America
Rachel Blevins - 69k
Police the Police NY
Gun Laws Don't Work
The Liberty Principle: No Consent From The Governed
Policing The Police
Legalize Cannabis
Get Involved, You Live Here: 360k
Fuck The Government - 154k
New School Raphael 1
Voluntaryist Veterans
Anonymous News
Matt Agorist - 5.4k
DIY Revival
We The Individuals
Press For Truth - 350k
Anti GMO Foods and Fluoridated Water
North Texas Cop Block
Black Markets Are Beautiful - 3k
Political Junkie News Media
Free Your Mind Conference
Psychologic - Anarchist

The collapse of the financial markets began as planned on October 10th. 10/10… as was prediction programmed on the 1988 cover of the Rothschild owned, Economist Magazine.

A tutorial created for this article

A tutorial created for this article

Information :
Website for Arcolinux iso :
Website for ArcolinuxD iso :
Website for ArcolinuxB iso :
Forum :

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange could be seen in his final video before Internet and communications were cut off at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London last March.

In the video, Assange can be seen giving an interview and discussing a range of topics, including the future of cyber security, the current threat to nation-states and how he is portrayed in the media.
Julian Assange has been residing in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012.

Courtesy: World Ethical Data Forum

Feed via Ruptly.

Gerald Celente

Witnesses of the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma say - in video released by Russia's Defence Ministry - that those brought to hospital were not showing symptoms consistent with exposure to a chemical agent.

Slide show with anti-war messages and Tucker C. rant against wars.

word gun banned by google. insane policy.


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