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Alanna Tonge-Jelley, Leicester, United Kingdom.
These are her words:
Before I start this post I am in no way feeding into conspiracies, lies etc this is from true experience and i am currently having to write this with one hand. Today I went in for my pfizer covid 19 vaccination because i work in a care home and thought it would be in best interest of my residents to have it i was offered a choice! before i had the jab i was asked if i had any allergies which i stated a mild egg allergy so after my jab i was told to stay for a 30 minute observation to see if the vaccine caused a anaphylactic reaction. I was fine apart from a mild headache i put that down to not eating properly when i got home i decided to go for a nap which lasted an hour little did i know everything was going to get worse. When i woke up i could barely feel my right side (i was vaccinated in my right arm) and could barely string a sentence together i had slurred speech and little energy. as time went on i lost complete sensation in my right arm and leg and my headache became an excruciating pain in my neck aswell, my mum suspected something was wrong and called 111 for some advice as we weren’t sure if these are normal side effects. When speaking to 111 they sent an ambulance which came in 10 minutes, i was assessed and sent to the royal hospital i was then sent for a CT scan and admitted as a potential stroke bearing in mind i am 19 years old. the CT scan was clear but there was no explanation for the loss of feeling in my body I am now on a stroke ward despite no sign of a stroke to monitor if my feeling comes back and to see if i can walk again.

So please unless you need this vaccination refrain from getting it because we all know what is the reason i am in this state right now but they refuse to say it!
UPDATE. i put this post for awareness not to be trolled and called a liar when i am currently unable to even go to the toilet without full assistance today i managed to take a step using the whole strength in my body. i would never lie about something so serious.
I’d like to add another update and progress video as no i don’t think i have to prove myself but just show the seriousness of my situation. This video was during my therapy session on trying to get my arm moving again i used all the strength i have to try and move a fork to my mouth. I have not once said anti vaccine etc i decided to take it i simply just shared what has happened to me.

⁣RFK jr And Dr. Andrew Kaufmann C Vaccine!

In March 2015, Bill Gates showed an image of the coronavirus during a TED Talk and told the audience that it was what the greatest catastrophe of our time would look like. The real threat to life, he said, is ‘not missiles, but microbes.’ When the coronavirus pandemic swept over the earth like a tsunami five years later, he revived the war language, describing the pandemic as ‘a world war’.

‘The coronavirus pandemic pits all of humanity against the virus,’ he said.

In fact, the pandemic is not a war. The pandemic is a consequence of war. A war against life. The mechanical mind connected to the money machine of extraction has created the illusion of humans as separate from nature, and nature as dead, inert raw material to be exploited. But, in fact, we are part of the biome. And we are part of the virome. The biome and the virome are us. When we wage war on the biodiversity of our forests, our farms, and in our guts, we wage war on ourselves.

The health emergency of the coronavirus is inseparable from the health emergency of extinction, the health emergency of biodiversity loss, and the health emergency of the climate crisis. All of these emergencies are rooted in a mechanistic, militaristic, anthropocentric worldview that considers humans separate from–and superior to–other beings. Beings we can own, manipulate, and control. All of these emergencies are rooted in an economic model based on the illusion of limitless growth and limitless greed, which violate planetary boundaries, and destroy the integrity of ecosystems and individual species.

New diseases arise because a globalized, industrialized, inefficient agriculture invades habitats, destroys ecosystems, and manipulates animals, plants, and other organisms with no respect for their integrity or their health. We are linked worldwide through the spread of diseases like the coronavirus because we have invaded the homes of other species, manipulated plants and animals for commercial profits and greed, and cultivated monocultures. As we clear-cut forests, as we turn farms into industrial monocultures that produce toxic, nutritionally empty commodities, as our diets become degraded through industrial processing with synthetic chemicals and genetic engineering, and as we perpetuate the illusion that earth and life are raw materials to be exploited for profits, we are indeed connecting. But instead of connecting on a continuum of health by protecting biodiversity, integrity, and self-organization of all living beings, including humans, we are connected through disease.

According to the International Labour Organization, ‘1.6 billion informal economy workers (representing the most vulnerable in the labour market), out of a worldwide total of two billion and a global workforce of 3.3 billion, have suffered massive damage to their capacity to earn a living. This is due to lockdown measures and/or because they work in the hardest-hit sectors.’ According to the World Food Programme, a quarter of a billion additional people will be pushed to hunger and 300,000 could die every day. These, too, are pandemics that are killing people. Killing cannot be a prescription for saving lives.

Health is about life and living systems. There is no ‘life’ in the paradigm of health that Bill Gates and his ilk are promoting and imposing on the entire world. Gates has created global alliances to impose top-down analysis and prescriptions for health problems. He gives money to define the problems, and then he uses his influence and money to impose the solutions. And in the process, he gets richer. His ‘funding’ results in an erasure of democracy and biodiversity, of nature and culture. His ‘philanthropy’ is not just philanthrocapitalism. It is philanthroimperialism.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have revealed even more clearly how we are being reduced to objects to be controlled, with our bodies and minds as the new colonies to be invaded. Empires create colonies, colonies enclose the commons of the indigenous living communities and turn them into sources of raw material to be extracted for profits. This linear, extractive logic is unable to see the intimate relations that sustain life in the natural world. It is blind to diversity, cycles of renewal, values of giving and sharing, and the power and potential of self-organising and mutuality. It is blind to the waste it creates and to the violence it unleashes. The extended coronavirus lockdown has been a lab experiment for a future without humanity.

Boris Johnsons Nano Technology Warning, The warning that went out over 16 months ago by Boris Johnson. ⁣Nanotechnology is the use of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. Welcome to the great awakening https://brandnewtube.com/watch/boris-johnsons-warning-everyone-missed-5g-and-nano-technology_qekTCi5Hy8z6fFK.html

Nurses - We Celebrate You During These Tremendously Difficult Times.
Mirrored From Life In The Labyrinth, ⁣https://lbry.tv/@LifeInTheLaby....rinth:a/nurses-we-ce


Alex Jones breaks down the medical tyranny taking hold around the world as he covers covid headlines.

NEWS FLASH FOR ALL THE NEWBIES!!! FAST TRACK TO WHATS GOING ON -- ITS TIME TO WAKE UP THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A CONSPIRACY - ITS HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OFF YOU NOW OPEN YOUR EYES YOU CANT DENY THIS https://brandnewtube.com/watch/news-flash-for-the-newbies-fast-track-to-whats-going-on-in-your-world_QvqEqkOhf2p7aGq.html

How Rockefeller Founded Modern Medicine & Killed Natural Cures.
Mirrored From Chaka, https://brandnewtube.com/watch/fVaz8CFewzwZFXP&cl=167582

The Pandemic Fraud Runs Deep

DR. STEFAN LANKA - VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST. Regio TV interview in 2014. The brilliant and renowned German virologist and biologist Stefan Lanka showed before the German Supreme Court that viruses do not exist, Previously Stefan had offered in 2011 a reward of 100,000 euros to anyone who demonstrated the existence of the measles virus. In 2012 a medical student came forward saying he had the virus test and claimed the prize. When in 2015 the District Court of Ravensburg sentenced Stefan Lanka to pay the 100,000 euros and legal costs, this fact was announced in the world press and Stefan Lanka was attacked, accused and discredited (see WIKIMIERDA). Nevertheless, Stefan appealed and in 2017 (and on this occasion the world press kept silent)
DR. STEFAN LANKA – LOS VIRUS NO EXISTEN. Entrevista de Regio Tv en 2014. El genial y reconocido virólogo y biólogo alemán Stefan Lanka demostró ante la Corte Suprema alemana que los virus no existen, Previamente Stefan había ofrecido en 2011 una recompensa de 100.000 euros a quien demostrase la existencia del virus del sarampión. En 2012 un estudiante de medicina apareció diciendo que tenía la prueba del virus y reclamó el premio. Cuando en 2015 el Tribunal de Distrito de Ravensburg condenó a Stefan Lanka a pagar los 100.000 euros y las costas judiciales, este hecho fue anunciado en la prensa mundial y Stefan Lanka fue atacado, acusado y desprestigiado (ver WIKIMIERDA). No obstante, Stefan recurrió y en 2017 (y en esta ocasión la prensa mundial guardó silencio) el Tribunal Supremo Federal de Alemania sentenció que el virus no había sido demostrado y por tanto sigue manteniéndose la afirmación de Lanka de que los virus no existen. La prueba de que esta afirmación es cierta está en que ha sido catalogada como bulo por uno de los inquisidores (maldita.es) del MINISTERIO DE LA VERDAD (órgano de la DICTADURA encargada de propagar la MENTIRA). Ver artículo https://www.dsalud.com/reportaje/la-existencia-del-virus-del-sarampion-nunca-se-ha-demostrado/

Stefan Lanka Why HIV has never been isolated


Dr. Tom Cowan: How Science is Being Weaponized Against Us; The Real Science Around the COVID Story
How science is being weaponized against us and why we must understand real science.
What do virologists actually do?
Where do they get the genome?
The creation of an imaginary genome of a make-believe virus.
Looking into the science of the so-called COVID vaccine -- an injectable product that is nothing like any vaccine ever made.
Genetic engineering
The theory of vaccines
mRNA drug development meant to act as an operating system in our bodies
Dr. Tom Cowen's strategies for keeping himself and his family well

As a service to protect and share the truth, this video is mirrored here from Dr. Tom Cowan youtube channel.

All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Find and support their work here: drtomcowan.com

Original title: Year End Review and Thoughts on the Future
Has COVID19 Been Isolated? with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan
..There's nothing unique about this. They're simply testing for
pieces of genetic material, having no idea the origin of this genetic

So, as far as I know, and I know this, I think, as well as anybody
could know it. There is not one study out there -- there has never been
with this virus or many other viruses -- that has properly isolated the
virus, properly sequenced the virus. And if you can't properly isolate
it, you cannot say that a sequence of it comes only from that virus.

And, if you've never isolated it... you could never prove that the virus is the cause of this disease.

Isolation is the key. And no matter how many people say they've
isolated, no matter how many people criticize me and us for saying it, I
still contend that there is simply no evidence that this kind of
isolation has ever happened with this or many other of the viruses that
we are told cause disease."

https://vforve.weebly.com/unavoidably-unsafe.html ------- https://vaccineimpact.com/
Brant Griner of Lake Charles, Louisiana has posted a video of his mother on his Facebook account convulsing uncontrollably after receiving the experimental Pfizer COVID shot. "This is what the Pfizer covid19 vaccine has done to my Mom. Everyone please pray for her. She was admitted to the hospital. And be cautious about taking the vaccine. I'm sure it is good for some people but you need to think about is this vaccine worth taking? It's not for me. Please share this post we need help finding answers. Update 1-12-21: Mom Is getting even worse today and still don't have any answers from doctors as to how to fix this. Please pray for her I can't stand to see my mom this way it makes me want to cry knowing I can't do anything to help her. Please don't take the covid19 vaccine."

Dr Andrew Moulden: Silenced by Big Pharma? https://brandnewtube.com/watch/vaccine-used-in-children-causing-brain-damage_JYBJczgtsVIn3Kd.html

Dr Andrew Moulden https://www.vaccine-injury.info/dr-andrew-moulden-vaccines-cause-strokes the clear link between vaccines and a wide variety of serious health conditions including autism, which he shows is caused by cranial mini-strokes, as evidenced by abnormal facial features clearly visible after vaccination. The best source of info on the web about his research is the 11 part video, one part of which is below. He had collected over 5000 photographs from parents in preparation for a class action lawsuit against vaccine makers. He died on Nov 14, 2013, before the lawsuit could move forward.
Dr. Andrew Moulden recognized that every dose of vaccine given to a child produces neurological damage and often the damage is obvious if we know what to look for. Before his death, he was working with Bright Steps Forward in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Dr Louise explains RNA and DNA and the dangers of the CV19 Vaccine https://brandnewtube.com/watch/yRhBkrruZfCOWqn

Kary Mullis - Fauci Doesn't Know Anything About Anything!!! http://www.karymullis.com/
If anyone says listen to the experts just show them this.
Kary received a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993, for his invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The process, which Kary Mullis conceptualized in 1983, is hailed as one of the monumental scientific techniques of the twentieth century.

As I covered in COVID-19 Umbrella Term to Operate a Fake Pandemic: Not 1 Disease, Not 1 Cause, today’s mainstream scientists are skipping the all important 2nd step of Koch’s postulates: the isolation and purification of the virus. This isn’t something you can just gloss over or forget to do, like accidentally forgetting your umbrella on a rainy day and getting a bit wet. This is the absolutely quintessential part of determining if there is a new virus and if it causing causing disease. It’s the sine qua non. If you can’t isolate it, you have FAILED to prove anything, because the budding offshoot you think is an invading virus could easily be a exosome or particle being produced by the body itself. This is why all the COVID propaganda has conveniently glossed over the fact that there are no electron microscope images of SARS-CoV-2, since the electron microscope is an extremely important tool in the 1st step of Koch’s postulates, the identification. Lanka continues:

Registered Nurse out of Nashville, Tennessee, Khalilah Mitchell, administered a warning to the public against the COVID-19 vaccine after developing Bell’s Palsy 3 days after injection. She can no longer smile, and is suffering from irregularities on the left side of her face. This was only weeks after Tiffany Dover went missing after fainting on television after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, later reported to have died according to official death records and Ancestry web searches. It should leave people to wonder #WhereIsTiffanyDover and what will become of Khalilah Mitchell ?


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