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Just a quick message from an Average Woman™ giving her opinion on what she REALLY thinks of men.


I apologise for the shitty video quality. I have a really intense schedule at the moment.
Appreciate Patronage beyond belief. I also have a Streamlabs. It would super help me out at the moment if you have a couple of bucks to spare.

Gorgeous art by the even more gorgeous Mae Dominguez:

I am a crybaby.

Johnathan does awesome art and shares some on Twitter - military art, historical art, just some really cool shit. I am SO sorry for misspelling his name in the video! I dumb.
His Twitter:
His website:

Patreon family, you are everything.

Something I forgot to mention was that the reason I took up embroidery in particular was because my mum used to embroider, and we even did some simple embroidery together when I was very young. So after she died it became a way for me to feel close to her and inspired by her. If you have any craft or hobby that gives you some connection to a loved one, that’s really a bonus. Even better if they’re still around for you to enjoy together. Have fun, guys!

Support is greatly appreciated:

Mae Dominguez does gorgeous art here:

Since I demonetised my channel, Youtube no longer recommends me and many of my subscribers never see my videos in their feeds, even if they hit the bell.
If you want to follow me on social media to find out when new videos are coming out, try Twitter or Minds.

Videos I used:
Brazilian embroidery:

Article about the ridiculous backlash to the gym:

Support is greatly appreciated:

Thank you so, so much to all current and future Patrons and supporters. You make my life.

Mae Dominguez does gorgeous art here:

AMA I talked about in the beginning:

*This is not an anti-medication video. By absolutely no means am I trying to encourage people to stop their meds, or mistrust doctors. I sincerely apologise for coming off that way.*

This was recorded in April, a couple of days before my birthday and I had intended to get it out on the 21st, but ... shit happened.
To all of my loyal friends who have waited so long for me, I love you and I'm so grateful for your support.

Art by Mae Dominguez, you can find her here
and follow her here
or here

You guys are the best. The. Best.

Hey guys! Me again. I brought some stuff to make us all feel all warm and fuzzy (if that's what floats your boat).

Lung Cancer Immunotherapy paper -

Social Support for Dementia paper -

NASA Cassini Team book -

Mae Dominguez (artist and all-around beautiful lady)

My Patreon (if you please ^.^)


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