In this episode of the Peak Politics Podcast we talk about Hilary Clinton being a figment of our imagination, mail-in ballots still being illegit, More of Joe "The Thing" Biden, Trumps Executive Orders, the Beirut explosion/protests, and much much more.

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New York Times forgets about Hillary Clinton -

More 80,000 mail-in ballots disqualified from the NYC Primaries -

More Biden stuff -

Trump halts payroll tax/other executive orders -

DC shooting -

TikTok ban -

Beirut explosion -

Beirut protest -

Democrat politician thanks Trump on hydroxychloroquine -

Shocking info on McCloskeys case -

Polls -!

In this episode of the Peak Politics Podcast we cover More AOC, More Biden, More Media Gas lighting, More Epstein, More Democrat Stupidity, More Ted Cruz being great, More dumb Trump Tweets, and several other topics from this week.

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Gun of the month - L.C. Smith 20 Gauge Shotgun

Links -

More of AOC-

Bill Barr goes full honey badger -

Big Tech CEOs Testifies to Congress -

Netflix goes full Anti-Science in “Baby-Sitters Club” -

Mail-in Ballots -

Joe Biden -

The NFL keeps caving to the Left -

Ted Cruz doing awesome shit -

Trump flirts with delaying the election -

Trump takes out old Obama-Biden Housing Rule

New Stimulus Bill -

More Epstein Files Unsealed & Bill Clinton’s name is everywhere -

Deaths of John Lewis and Herman Cain politicized by the left -

SpaceX Crew Returning -

Rioters leave decapitated pig head in front of portland courthouse -

In this episode of the Peak Politics we talk about the Covington Catholic Kids winning lawsuit vs Washington Post, more De Blasio Stupidity, Biden Claims Trump is our first "Racist" President, More Chicago Violence, Andrew wants a Alex Jones 2024 Presidential run, along with much much more.

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Covington Catholic Kids -

More insanity from De Blasio -

Biden Says Trump is the first Racist President -
Rand Paul Criticizes GOP for increasing the countries debt -

Chicago Funeral home shooting -

Wicked Witch of the windy city (Mayor of Chicago) -

Federal Troops being sent to stop violence at Portland federal court -
Watch starting at 3:19-4:36

In this bonus episode our hosts break down the racist chart put out by the National Museum of African American History and Culture that could've easily have been written by someone from the KKK.
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National Museum of African American History and Culture -

In this episode we go over racist comments and tons of Joe Biden failures. We also hit on covid-19 and New York being "safer and better" than ever before. Andrew contemplates how he would deal with a Joe Biden home invasion.

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Nick Cannon’s Racist Comments:

Twitter Hack:

Trumps Executive order :

Crime Increase in Democratic cities:

Covid Developments:

Biden Campaign:
Stafer comments-

Defunding Police-

Truth over Facts -

Dementia -
Photograph -

Kanye Still in Race:
Kanye Platform-

Fake News (media saying that a bald eagle is a nazi symbol):


2020 Presidential Race:

In this episode Andrew flirts with the idea of dead cats while we give uneducated commentary on the weeks events.

Also, we kept saying St Louis couple was arrested, they weren't. Just had the AR seized.

Gun of the month: AR-15

St Louis couple:

Gun stuff:

Trump’s Speech/media coverage:

Dead cat ballot/mail-in ballots:

Covid Numbers:

Omar: money stuff stupid comments

Economy Numbers:

Kanye 2020:

Tucker Carlson/Senator Duckworth:


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