...and You Tube captured it for us.

Wanna know if peanut butter is real?
Go to any grocery store and buy a jar of peanut butter.
Proof that peanut butter is real.

How soon they forget.

Women complain when THEY have to pay.

The Soy People strike again.

It was coming and now it is here, mini ice age.
This guy is a shill.
He first goes through all of the scientific facts and then he denies the science and begins blaming us for the results.
He is working for the Left. This is what the Great Reset is all about.
See my other video posting please.

Deep Grand Solar Minimum Cycle-->Worldwide Government Control/NWO-->25 Year Mini Ice Age-->Virus released-->Depopulation-->Less People-->Less Starvation

Nefarious activities with children.

A man needs to work.

Morality DID NOT come from the bible or any of the
three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

...and there is no evidence.

...or aircrete...or something.


Big and...?

If you starve to death you'll die.

The world is all messed up but not every human is messed up.
We all need to lighten up a little bit and not allow the current situation to mess up our enjoyment of life.
You only get to be here this one time so make the best of it.


It's coming...just wait for it.

always faithful we are as one

America is in distress.
Calling all PATRIOTS to attention!

Because they aren't.

I made this using large chunks of concrete washout.

One of these little guys is 100% blind. It's hard to tell which one until the end of the video.

Destroyers of soy.

Intellectual drugs.


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