I had some frustrating recording issues with this video.
If you find it I hope you'll still like this video.

The music in this video can be found in the YouTube Libary.
Song: The Hardest Part by Jeremy Blake

I'm not so proud of this one, but for the sake of documentation, I've decided to upload it anyways.
Maybe I used a bad reference image or I overdid it at some point.
Let me know what you think of what went wrong.
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The Music used can be found in the YouTube library
Title: Inception - Aakash Gandhi

I love how this one turned out at the end.
I did try to use some new techniques which I picked during the past week watching YouTube. Some of them worked out great and some of them not so much.
Using The Grid Technique helped out greatly figuring out the perspective and the position of the face parts. I wish I did that on my PewDiePie drawing, it would have turned out so much better.
I also tried using indenting for the tiny hairs and highlights. This didn't go so well as I hoped, I guess a little bit more practice is needed.
The Background I did with Graphite Powder that I made myself with some Sandpaper and an old woodless pencil. Man, what a mess I did! My wife was furious...heheh. Because I tried to get rid of the excess powder In our bathtub...DON'T EVER DO THAT!

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Reference Image:

All The Music in this video is from
Musi Tracks:
Epic Orchestral - AShamaluevMusic
Mission - AShamaluevMusic
Resistance - AShamaluevMusic

This one turned out quite nice in the end.
I did some mistakes which made me wanna quit this project, I'm happy that I didn't.
Sometimes you just need to be stubborn. Otherwise, you'll waste your time.

Music used in this Video

MNMTH - Vehemence
Rival & Cadmium X Rogers & Dean - I Gave It All (ft. Harley Bird) - Dance & EDM
Scandinavianz - Roadtrip
Toze & Davium - Waves

A failed attempt to draw a photorealistic #pewdiepie portrait.
Hope you like it. The next one will be better, I promise.

Music in the video;
Adrian van Sin - Deal With It
Yris - Les oies sauvages

This my first drawing after many years. Now I want to make a Videography going from Zero to Pro.
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