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Having issues germinating your rare, wild capsicum seeds? Try setting the germination chambers outdoors.


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Traveling the World in Search of Peppers. Join us as we head back to Peru for round two. Our region of focus will be Peru's Sacred Valley. Our target is Capsicum geminifolium but any fiery fruits we stumble upon along the way will be warmly welcomed! This time, the boy tags along. Let's see how we fare!


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As most of you know by now, I host the annual Growdown Throwdown over at and this year we have chosen Peppa Peach Stripey.

After catching one of Chilli Chump's recent live streams with Pepper Geek and learning that him and Calvin were also doing a Dorset Naga Growdown, I couldn't help but email Shaun to see if I could join in on the competition. Shaun, a very nice dude with some excellent sauces, obliged and here we are!
Best of luck to Shaun @ChilliChump Calvin @PepperGeek and the contestants over at @TheHotPepper
If you haven't already done so, head over to their Youtube channels and show them some support!

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We're at it again! On this episode, Hoyt teaches us how to eat the hottest peppers in the world and many other valuable life lessons at his favorite local bar, Smokin Cues in Stockbridge, Ga.

The mailbox is PACKED and its time to see what the good people in the pepper community are up to!

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Mail call time! Let's open up some pepper boxes we received from our good friends Matt Layton and Ben Surdenik.
The loot:
Tony Sherwood Tangerine
Niamey, Niger C chinense
Niamey seasoning
Chilhuacle Negro
Chicotillo Grueso
Fisheye Brazil
Farm Locoto Mystery F1

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One of the best peppers in the world. Aribibi Gusano aka "Caterpillar" is a white C. chinense from Aribibi, Santa Cruz Bolivia.

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Carbonero is reported to be Carbon Bhut 7 Pot x Orange Habanero, hybridized by Tony Sherwood.

Massively structured plants that just drip incredibly, fruity flavored peppers. A must try.

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How To Pick Peppers Fast #shorts #howto #peppers #harvest #fast #shorts

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Rooster Spur "Jack Patton" is a clustering Capsicum annuum. Perfect for stir-fry, sandwiches, soups, you name it. One of our top 5 favorites peppers.
Highly stable family heirloom from Stockbridge, Ga. Made popular by Jack Patton of Jack's Juice.

"Chile Aji" is a Capsicum baccatum, most likely related to Aji Amarillo. We field collected these during our time in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, a town just below Arenal Volcano.

Hoyt Saxton teaches us how to eat the hottest pepper in the world...and other valuable life lessons.

Working name, "Barry" is Big Black Mama x Black Panther, hybridized by Michael Zillgitt out of Killwaukee, WI.


From our Traveling The World In Search Of Peppers collection, enjoy Giant Red Rocoto Iquitos Peru.

Working name "Barry" F3 is Big Black Mama x Black Panther by capsicum hybridizer Michael Zillgitt.


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Giant Red Rocoto x Locopica B1 F3

The easiest emasculation method. Pinch and Pull. Anthers and Corolla release as one mass, leaving only the pistil and stigma.

15 Days of Capsicum Germination #Shorts


A visual handbook for the cultivation of capsicum during the first 30 days. From seed to plant out. Enjoy.


One of the very few known capsicum species that exhibits glandular, pilate trichomes. A few moments spent with the plant will leave the fingers quite sticky. Wonderful, umami funk aroma as well. More on that later.

Will moldy seeds or seeds with black centered spots germinate?

Let's find out!


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It all started with a pepper by the name of Hoyt Saxton's "Pumpkin Habanero".

As a young boy, I enjoyed gardening and learning about soil biology with specific regard to it's role in growing the healthiest plants possible. The handle "Pepper-Guru" started as a nick name that developed into a forum member name registered at thehotpepper

Since 2003 I've been feeding the soil and sharing my grow logs via the internet. I've spent the last 15 years developing my knowledge on soil biology and its direct role in the nutrient uptake of plants, specifically pepper plant varieties.

I now travel the world to retrieve my favorite varieties from their region of origin. I continue to share my experiences on social media outlets while faithfully keeping an updated glog on forums like pepperfriends, Thehotpepper, and Guru Cultivators Collective.

Follow along as we continue learning about gardening, hunting wild peppers, soil biology, genetics, harvesting/production and seed storing!