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Do you have the strength, which you most likely do, and the proper nutrients to go along with maintaining that strength? Are you strong like the Hulk when fighting off hunger and fatigue? This will help!
Enjoy this Coffee Lounge Discussion with me on this pocbooks update moment.

There are times when you feel alone just as well there are times you need to be alone. During such times you can still mature your mind and understand why you feel the way that you do about life’s growing pains. Also find me on Rumble!

William Shakespeare, what did poetry mean for him? A writer’s soul often hopes to touch another’s life in a way that reveals we indeed are all connected by L.O.V.E. and not just DNA.
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Social Media Engagements for the Business, Entrepreneur, Professional, and craftsmen(woman) is currency. We explore why along with the good, bad, and quirky we are dealing with in this age at times. Social Media Users acting like Social Distancing?

We do some more than the usual consideration on these magnificent creatures and the human side of everything
References: The Horse Whisperer is a 1998 American Western drama film

Graduation with a Poetry Flare. Poetry for a special a Journey
You waited close to 2 decades for its completion. The GWPF will keep the memory of it for generations.

Perceptive Readers, this discussion is on my latest book and audio book project! Have you heard of ? Well you will; so let's talk about it in this pocbooks update moment!

Worlds Baby a Product of Culture Creative Expression
FYI, if you want to know the inspirational idea for this creative expresions, read or listen to these articles:
A) 4 Days of Sweet Surrender
B) Against The Current Memory Legends Journal

Do you appreciate such actions as kindness, mercy and sympathy? In other words your humanity? Guess what other attributes comes along with it and why. You most likely have thoughts of your own on this pocbooks update moment topic.

The Lion The Leader and The Sage Part 4

Story telling with a purpose
Story telling with meaning
Story telling for your heart
Enjoy the conclusion to this series. You can listen to all parts on the website. You can also see the videos for this series.

Dignity Quantum Source
Collaboration: Raven Poetry and Sages Poetry Collection
Read the Words/Lyrics Here

Greetings Perceptive Readers, we take excerpts from Dorthy Carnegie revision of “Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business” By Dale Carnegie. This episode is on confidence, perfect preparation, and memorization.

Winning Over A Group of Skeptics Here is some help. Welcome to this Pocbooks Update Moment.
Greetings Perceptive Readers, we take excerpts from Dorthy Carnegie revision of “Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business” By Dale Carnegie

Greetings Perceptive Readers,
You will realize the importance of this article right away starting with why Bitchute has become more than option for Professionals using the Internet (IRL as well) and people in different walks of life who have seen their God given dignity ignored, stripped and outright usurped. It is a clear understanding there are some instructions from the Grand Creator that are not up someone else’s whims based on whether they like you or not. Let’s discuss this further with comments.

Along with the Bitchute Perceptive Readers Topic

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See Twitter Yes I Publicly Believe This

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#Trust, Position of Trust, Truth is also Kind and Honest, Qualifications and Administrators

The Lion Leader and Sage Part 2 - Your Touchstone
Story telling with a purpose
Story telling with meaning
Story telling for your heart

Story telling with a purpose
Story telling with meaning
Story telling for your heart
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"Dance Like Everyone is Watching" By Raven Poetry Tree
You will find this poem and others exclusively at the Product of Culture website aka

Perceptive Readers realize the many talents highlighted at the website has more than a 4 fold purpose; here are some of the reasons stated in this review for a couple of articles written about Chrissy Costanza, the lead singer of ATC Against The Current.

What is your policy for protecting your Internet wages?

Dear Perceptive Readers, I hope this post finds you all well; if not better than good! For professional and legal reasons, you state at times your policy and mission statements when are in an organization or business. When you are the sole proprietor, you at times do not need a lot of bureaucracy in place to make decisions. You deal with your customers and clientele in an honorable way. When you make a deal to trade this service for that service, etc; you can often say “good trade.”

There have been times when entrepreneurs and professionals decided to limit some of the services they provided due to not receiving income for the valued product of services they were providing to the public. The reasons for the deficit was not due to contractual customers no longer fulfilling their end of the bargain; it at times is what was happening in the beginning, middle of the transaction, and at the end.

People were siphoning the professional or entrepreneurs resources. In this technological age; these are items that are stolen; the same way a thief can steal a loaf of bread, money, and material:

Examples: Website traffic, social media followers and likes. Sells. Contacts, intellectual property.

I’m sure you get the point. Does it matter to you if the above currency is censored, siphoned, and laundered to another entity or person?

Just know, in one scenario, the following happened to a professional:

It doesn’t matter if someone says to you “it doesn’t matter.” It is not their place to withhold wages from you period; being a judge over you in that way. Side thought: Some of these very persons who keep saying that, may be the very person’s complicit and actively participating in taking your (internet currency) wages ** Book of James**

People at times will even try to cause you to think your time and resources are not even worth anything. When really, just because a person does not value what is being brought to the table; it must be worth something, for them to think up elborate means to take your wages and intellectual property.

So Perceptive Readers here are my questions for you:

Have you ever experienced the above?
What policy and actions do you have in place to resolve the above problem?

"Krispy Kreme Me and My Coffee Best Friend"

My crispy, Krispy Kreme, how many days have I dined with thee?

Breakfast through dinner is not what you claim
Being a tasty dessert is your claim to fame

Never would you state something you are not intended for, because your milk chocolatey glaze has people salivating for more.

Coffee with you in the morning is my cup of tea.
I’m pretty sure the Peace Officers agree with me.

Though you have many many flavors in custard and fruit, your original glaze has always been all I need.

Even when I am slender or picked up the love handles in the light.

Hey if loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

However, anytime of day or evening with you is one of life’s pleasures, so I anticipate another modest cup of coffee and creme

With you and my love for Krispy Kreme

By James Lynch Writer, Poet, and Podcaster at

Jasmine Thompson The Smile of Wonder. The Product of Culture monthly digest featured Jasmine Thompson as a Musician’s topic. Part 2

This popular video article promo on Star Trek, Science Fiction, and Ethical contemplation is here for you once more!
#Startrek #GeneRoddenberry
A couple of times a year, I write one of those blog articles that could be placed in a personal journal (for the gentlemen) or diary (for the ladies). So why is the title featuring Star Trek? ‘Is it because you are a die-hard Trekkie?’ You ask.

#CaptainKirk #CaptainPicard

Well, I wouldn’t say all of that; however, for a number of years in my life, some of the Science Fiction stories, Star Trek, in particular, struck a chord with me.
Read or listen to it Here:

Science on Prolonged Wearing of Mask-A Report
You will appreciate the quote below:

You will appreciate the quote below:

“When you do a study, not only do you need to identify the adverse effects, but you need to determine the exposure to these conditions. If a person works a 40 hrs week and he commutes by public transport we can say that this person will wear a mask on average for 45 hrs per week. This doesn’t take into account all the other public places the person needs to wear a mask, such as the groceries or restaurants. So let’s assume the average North American is forced to wear a mask for 50 hrs per week. How do we evaluate the health hazards of a 30% oxygen impairment for 50 hrs per week over a 4 to 6 months period or more?” – G. V.

Poetry Sages Instrument of Wealth
Infinite Love Conversation with the One‘Did you understand the gift?’“It is too marvelous to express I still need a million years at best” ‘Try in this moment; this day’ Finish reading the rest of this poetry at the Product of Culture website.
Sages Poetry is a Inspiration and Motivation Creation


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