THis is a look at a week of market activity to show how the indicators performed in real time.

This demonstrates the trend prediction tool that also predicts turning points in the market. This tool plots in advance and does not adjust itself. This is an astrological tool. It comes in an excel version and is also available for lease in Ninjatrader.

This is a live trade taken which shows the entry, the first exit, and a plant to exit the second contract based on our trend expectation.

Another example video showing a nice, easy to predict trade setup.

This video illustrates some of our daily bar swing trade reversal timing indications.


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The purpose of this channel is to highlight our intraday and swing trading market timing tools. We have a book which teaches all of these techniques. This book is available at and is titled "The Perfect Storm". See for the full description.

We provide the software tools that will do the calculations. We have also made the indicators available in Ninjatrader. These indicators will be available for lease from our website which is coming soon.

The videos here present the various tools and new videos will be updated to show the tools in action in the market.