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My 1st attempt at DnB! Made on laptop with Orion 8, Drum Racks, Iblit, Fearkiller X2 and Nitreous PM VSTi and samples from

1st attempt at DnB! Created in Orion 8 using Iblit, Fearkiller X2, Nitreous PM, Meanbeat drum samples and vocal samples from

"What do you think of my new pattern, on my synth? Oh yeah. The Roland JDXi. Oh yeah."
Too good to be true? Yes! I could not record the vocoder over the new pattern while it was playing, it's a limitation of the synth, it cripples 2 of the parts while the vocoder is being used. I had to record the pattern, then dub the vocoder part over it in Sonar X3. Still a great synth, though. Love that pattern sequencer!

Created using Energy XT 2.7, Novakill NitreousPM, Noslagan Phobia Station, Aquit Music Hitxx 3000.1 and various freeware VST FX from TAL, Kjarhus, Buzzroom, Variety of Sound, and others.

Created in Energy XT 2.7 using the TB-Unknown VSTi by Odo, Dimension Pro for drums and my guitar.

Made in LMMS using homemade samples as well as sounds from the Meanbeat collection and the included LMMS sounds. Images are original bumper stickers from my Zazzle store

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