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The Digital Freedom Platform by London Real exclusively livestreamed what might be the most important documentary you will ever see: PLANDEMIC – INDOCTORNATION.

Created by the team behind the game-changing Plandemic video segment from Mikki Willis featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits that went viral and was banned on every major social media platform for exposing the truth about Covid-19, this new FEATURE LENGTH PIECE which is the most revelatory film on what is driving the vaccine agenda, the various roles of the WHO, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Anthony Fauci and more.

Going deep into what is really happening with mainstream media, Silicon Valley tech giants, big pharma and our health protection agencies, Mikki’s new film finally connects the dots…

… And we are excited to be able to share this with you…

We believe that this film will fundamentally shift the discourse around Coronavirus, the lockdown and the vested interests involved.

August 18, 2020

WE WERE WARNED! Forbidden Knowledge of the Illuminati & the CFR: HOW IS THIS STILL SECRET?! Ep 12

REMEMBER, IT ISN'T A CONSPIRACY THEORY IF IT'S TRUE! Who were the original Illuminati? Are the Illuminati real?

The End Of The Sino-Soviet Friendship | Mao's Cold War

The Sino-Soviet solidarity was once deemed eternal but from the beginning of their alliance, the Chinese were frustrated by an unequal relationship with the Soviets.

How Hitler Built The Nazi Party's Brand | Hitler's Propaganda Machine

Nazi Propaganda: Hitler saw propaganda emerge as a powerful tool of psychological warfare, one that he would use to build the Nazi movement.

When India And Communist China Became Enemies | Mao's Cold War

At the height of the Cold War, China's ally India would turn from friend to foe as the issue of Tibetan independence rips the Asian brotherhood apart.

Uncovering Communist China | Mao's Cold War (Chinese Communism Documentary)

The Cold War. In the decades following World War II, a new era of frosty relationship was ushered between the greatest superpowers of the time. We know much of the history of US/Russian tensions during this time. But what of the enigmatic third party?

The sick paedophile agenda at the heart of ‘sex education’.
Discretion advised. Deeply disturbing
Gemma O'Doherty
20,899 subscribers
Published on 19 Jun 2019
Subtitles available in the following languages:
Watch here:
The Agenda to Sexualize our Kids.
The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda - 10 min version
Help Stop The War on Children!
Please sign the petition calling upon teachers, school administrators and government bodies at the local, state, national, regional and international levels to immediately stop promoting and funding harmful comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

Its Just a Mask

They have you without a thought, without a fight
Just about everyone around you went along and gave in with the herd.

The NWO uses your fear and lie,
Governments have never lied to you, they can lie,
Institutions havenever lied to you, they can lie.


The D.S. spins through!

▪️ We knew it all the time. Trump was just waiting for the right moment to end the plan, or at least to end it, through hydroxychloroquine.

▪️ FOX News broadcast by Tucker Carlson at the best airtime in the middle of mainstream television in the United States, where the current censorship terror of the big tech companies Facebook and Twitter is fully exposed.

▪️Attention is drawn to the current case of Dr Stella, where the doctor clearly announces that the antimalarial drug is THE cure for Covid19 patients. Mr. Trump's son, too, is speaking out and is really not taking a leaf out of his mouth.

▪️The narrative of vaccination is collapsing!
Der D.S. dreht durch!

▪️ Wir wussten es schon die ganze Zeit. Trump wartete nur auf den richtigen Moment, durch Hydroxychloroquin die Plandemie zu beenden oder zumindest das Ende einzuleiten.

▪️ FOX News Sendung von Tucker Carlson zur besten Sendezeit mitten im Mainstream Fernsehen der USA, wo der aktuelle Zensurterror der großen Big Tech Unternehmen Facebook und Twitter voll entlarvt wird.

▪️Dabei wird die Aufmerksamkeit stark auf den aktuellen Fall Dr. Stella gelenkt, wo die Ärztin ganz klar verkündet, das das Anti Malaria Medikament DIE Heilung für Covid19 Patienten ist. Auch der Sohn von Trump kommt zu Wort und nimmt wahrhaftig kein Blatt vor den Mund.

▪️Das Narrativ Impfung fällt gerade in sich zusammen!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota — The Hennepin County judge Peter Cahill overseeing the George Floyd case has made the body worn cameras from ex-officers Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng available. The video, taken from the body worn cameras shows Kueng and Lane responding to a convenience store on May 25 on a report that Floyd had allegedly used a fake $20 bill. Their former colleagues, Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin, later showed up to assist. The footage follows Lane and Kueng as they apprehend Floyd and two acquaintances. Lane holds Floyd at gunpoint and handcuffs him, and the officers briefly question the visibly panicked man before attempting to get him into their patrol SUV.

After struggling to get him into the police squad, Floyd is eventually held down by officers on the ground. Floyd is heard calling to his mother, repeatedly saying he can’t breathe and that everything hurts. After a few minutes, Senior officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao arrive and help wrestle him to the ground. Chauvin then places his knee on Floyd’s neck, where it stays for over nine minutes. Lane and Kueng hold down Floyd’s back and knees as Thao keeps increasingly agitated bystanders at bay. Chauvin gets up after paramedics arrive and load Floyd into an ambulance. Lane accompanies them and administers CPR as they take Floyd to an out-of-the-way street corner, while Kueng goes back into Cup Foods interviewing an employee about the alleged counterfeit $20 bill and collecting evidence.

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Published on 10 Aug 2020

From the Editor’s Desk, Michael Matt takes a look at some good news regarding the Covid recovery rate before exploring what’s really going on with the global pandemic.

To understand this, he takes us to Switzerland—to the World Economic Forum—where the movers and shakers of the world have been meeting on a regular basis, especially since January 2020, to plan ‘The Great Reset’ at the Davos 2021 Summit in January.

Using multiple video clips, Michael shows how everyone from Soros, to Gates, to Schwab, to Al Gore and the Secretary-General of the United Nations are only too eager to admit that Covid offers them a rare opportunity to reset the world economy, population control, global commerce, climate change regulation, education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in order to “reorder,” “reimagine” and fundamentally transform every aspect of life as we know it.

Is this the rest of the story behind the Russia hoax, Ukraine, the phony impeachment and all the other deep state attempts to cripple Trump’s efforts to ‘make America great again"?

The folks at Davos want a new world order, and the only thing standing in their way at the moment is US. And if they get their New Normal, nothing will be the same ever again...unless, perhaps, if Donald Trump wins in November.

Premiered Aug 6, 2020

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In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children’s health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

12 May 2020

Italy Blows the Lid Off Vaccine Scam. Will No Longer Poison Citizens with Globalist Eugenics. Vaccinegate: Priorix Tetra analysis – 2nd step update And now we know who is behind the vaccine agenda:!!!

12 May 2020
Vickie Hogue
5.33K subscribers

this video from Chaca Tribe via facebook
reports here -
Vaxxed from cover up catastrophe (movie)

Pinned by Vickie Hogue
Ade O'Maolain

I went and found the site - used google translate, just paste the website name into the google translate on the left and choose English or your favourite language on the right. This should then give you an icon to click at right hand side where it will open the web site in your language - imperfect but better than nothing. This link goes to their collected papers : and in there I found countless documentation. This link is to Vaccine Reports :

I must say I got a little out of this video but it lacks a lot of detail despite the emotive assertions. I AM a vaccine sceptic and I valued the warnings about foetal tissue and genetically modified material but would like and value more coherent connection to facts. I did not find the exact document she was reading from. In future ot would be valuable to put the links IN the video so that when well intended people share, the links are not lost. Cheers.

@aussieskeptic August 14, 2020
The real reason they want you to hate Donald Trump

DAVOS World Economic Forum
The Globalist hate Trump for he is standing up to the Beast and this beast is powerful they have took over everything our institutions people are in place that impede the peoples wishes polices are passed that contradict the people's wishes all pushing forward of the GLOBALIST AGENDA.

(New York City) — Project Veritas has released a new report on Google which includes undercover video of a Senior Google Executive, leaked documents, and testimony from a Google insider.

BIG UPDATE: YouTube has REMOVED the video from their platform. The video is still available on this website page.

Read more

Phosphate Fluorides Toxic Torts - Gary Pittman
Gary Pittman and his co-workers were systematically exposed to toxic substances while working for Occidental Chemical Corporation's north Florida phosphoric acid plants and mines. "Phosphate - Fluorides - Toxic Torts" is a personal narrative by Pittman describing his seven-year battle with Occidental while suffering with chemical poisoning, and the obstacles he had to overcome in the pursuit of compensation. Occidental Chemical Corporation was no stranger to Toxic Tort litigation. They were the company named in the 1979 landmark case, “United States v. Occidental,” about the "Love Canal" public health disaster in the late 1970s. In 1995, the “Love Canal” case was still in the courts when Pittman, a co-worker, and attorney, Dorothy Clay Sims took on the mammoth Occidental machine with their legions of law firms. Did Pittman win? Yes and no. When you have your health, you can always make more money, but when you are poisoned and debilitated, there's not enough money in the world to buy back your health.

Good Read view book

Dr Hamilton comments on kids schools that their is no reason to to allow them to go back.
Dr Stella Manuel comments on the effectiveness HCQ Covid-19 and the results that it works.


Controlled social media giants block and remove this content of Dr Hamilton and Dr Stella Manuel explaining the truth about lurgy-19.

This goes against DS narrative.
Full Tucker Carlson report 7/28/20

The Ottoman penetration into Europe in the 1350s and their capture of Constantinople later in 1453 opened new floodgates for slave-trade from the European front. In their last attempt to overrun Europe in 1683, the Ottoman army, although defeated, returned from the Gates of Vienna with 80,000 captives.874 An immense number of slaves flowed from the Crimea, the Balkans and the steppes of West Asia to Islamic markets. BD Davis laments that the ‘‘Tartars and other Black Sea peoples had sold millions of Ukrainians, Georgians, Circassians, Greeks, Armenians, Bulgarians, Slavs and Turks,’’ which received little notice.875 Crimean Tatars enslaved and sold some 1,750,000 Ukrainians, Poles and Russian between 1468 and 1694. 876 According to another estimate, between 1450 and 1700, the Crimean Tatars exported some 10,000 slaves, including some Circassians, annually—that is, some 2,500,000 slaves in all, to the Ottoman Empire.877 The Tatar slave-raiding Khans returned with 18,000 slaves from Poland (1463), 100,000 from Lvov (1498), 60,000 from South Russia (1515), 50,000–100,000 from Galicia (1516), during the ‘harvesting of the steppe.’ Numbers from Moscow (1521), 800,000 were taken and from Valynia (1676), 400,000 were taken. 800,000 from Moscow (1521), 200,000 from South Russia (1555), 100,000 from Moscow (1571), 50,000 from Poland (1612), 60,000 from South Russia (1646), 100,000 from Poland (1648), 300,000 from Ukraine (1654), 400,000 from Valynia (1676) and thousands from Poland (1694). Besides these major catches, they made countless more Jihad raids during the same period, which yielded a few to tens of thousands of slaves.878 These figures of enslavement must be considered in the context that the population of the Tatar Khanate was only about 400,000 at the time. (1463-1694) while sources are incomplete, conservative tabulation of the slave raids against the Eastern European population indicate that at least 7 Million European people-men, women, children were enslaved by Muslims.

Sources suggest that in the few years between 1436-1442, some 500,000 people were seized in the Balkans. Many of the captives died in forced marches towards Anatolia (Turkey). Contemporary chronicles note that the Ottomans reduced masses of the inhabitants of Greece, Romania, and the Balkans to slavery eg from Moree (1460)-70,000 and Transylvania (1438) - 60,000-70,000 and 300,000-600,000 from Hungary and 10,000 from Mytilene/Mitilini on Lesbos island (1462) (Bulgaru p 567) and so it continued.

Barbary Slavery
Ohio State University history Professor Robert Davis describes the White Slave Trade as minimized by most modern historians in his book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500–1800 (Palgrave Macmillan). Davis estimates that 1 million to 1.25 million white Christian Europeans were enslaved in North Africa, from the beginning of the 16th century to the middle of the 18th, by slave traders from Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli alone (these numbers do not include the European people which were enslaved by Morocco and by other raiders and traders of the Mediterranean Sea coast), 16th- and 17th-century customs statistics suggest that Istanbul's additional slave import from the Black Sea may have totaled around 2.5 million from 1450 to 1700. The markets declined after the loss of the Barbary Wars and finally ended in the 1830s, when the region was conquered by France.

In 1544, the island of Ischia off Naples was ransacked, taking 4,000 inhabitants prisoners, while some 9,000 inhabitants of Lipari Island off the north coast of Sicily were enslaved.870 Turgut Reis, a Turkish pirate chief, ransacked the coastal settlements of Granada (Spain) in 1663 and carried away 4,000 people as slaves.

The barbaric slave-raiding activities of the Muslim pirates had a telling effect on Europe. France, England, and Spain lost thousands of ships, devastating to their sea-borne trade. Long stretches of the coast in Spain and Italy were almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants until the nineteenth century. The finishing industry was virtually devastated.

Paul Baepler’s White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives lists a collection of essays by nine American captives held in North Africa. According to his book, there were more than 20,000 white Christian slaves by 1620 in Algiers alone; their number swelled to more than 30,000 men and 2,000 women by the 1630s. There were a minimum of 25,000 white slaves at any time in Sultan Moulay Ismail’s palace, records Ahmed ez-Zayyani; Algiers maintained a population of 25,000 white slaves between 1550 and 1730, and their numbers could double at certain times. During the same period, Tunis and Tripoli each maintained a white slave population of about 7,500. The Barbary pirates enslaved some 5,000 Europeans annually over a period of nearly three centuries.

The George Floyd murder was DELIBERATE to set off RACE RIOTS
It was all deliberately engineered to unleash mass chaos in America.

Health Ranger Report
More articles on

News Target links are banned from Facebook

After reviewing the videos surrounding the arrest and killing of George Floyd, it’s clear to me that he was deliberately murdered. I understand there are different interpretations of what happened, and new evidence may emerge that will alter my view, but based on what I’ve seen so far, it seems abundantly clear that Mr. Floyd was deliberately murdered in broad daylight.

As I know very well due to my many years of training alongside law enforcement and military veterans, police officers are specifically trained to avoid pushing their body weight, through their knee, onto a suspect’s throat or neck for the simple reason that doing so causes severe injury or death. Any police officer that deliberately places their knee (and hence, their body weight) on the neck of a suspect who is pinned against the ground is doing so out of a premeditated desire to cause death.

The question isn’t whether George Floyd was murdered — he clearly was — the real question is why he was murdered.

Put another way, who benefits from the death of George Floyd?
Read more

We have now confirmed that the Obama Foundation was tweeting about George Floyd on May 17th, more than a week before the day Floyd was reportedly killed by police in an act of violence that sparked the worldwide riots we’re all witnessing.

George Floyd was killed on May 25th. So what was the Obama Foundation doing tweeting about Floyd on May 17th, when nobody knew who he was?

The answer, of course, is that the whole thing was planned in advance. Just like on 9/11 when the media was reporting that the WTC 7 building had collapsed even while it was still standing in the frame directly behind them, it looks like the Obama Foundation got its wires crossed and accidentally started tweeting about George Floyd a week in advance.

Once the first tweet accidentally went out, they couldn’t delete it without raising suspicion about it, so they just left it up and are relying on Big Tech’s censorship to make sure nobody learns the truth that this was all planned in advanced and rigged as public theater.

In fact, there is growing evidence that George Floyd isn’t even dead. We’ll cover more on that later. We’ve already documented the fact that actors are now posing as cops as part of a rioting psyop (psychological operation) that’s being used to brainwash more people into supporting the communist uprising.

YouTube is now banning all videos that discuss the Obama Foundation tweet about George Floyd on May 17th, and Facebook has made sure that no one can share any link from as a further suppression of truthful, independent reporting.

Watch these two videos to confirm this news for yourself:
Read More

What’s the Problem with Socialism?

Let’s start with...everything. So says bestselling author and professor of economics Thomas J. DiLorenzo, who sets the record straight in this concise and lively primer on an economic theory that’s gaining popularity—with help from Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders—despite its universal failure as an economic model and its truly horrific record on human rights.

In sixteen eye-opening chapters, DiLorenzo reveals how socialism inevitably makes inequality
worse, why socialism was behind the worst government-sponsored mass murders in history, the
myth of “successful” Scandinavian socialism; how socialism is worse—far worse—for the environment than capitalism, and more.

As DiLorenzo shows, and history proves, socialism is the answer only if you want increasing unemployment and poverty, stifling bureaucracy if not outright political tyranny, catastrophic environmental pollution, rotten schools, and so many social ills that it takes a book like this to cover just the big ones.

Provocative, timely, essential reading, Thomas J. DiLorenzo’s The Problem with Socialism is an instant classic comparable to Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson.

About the Author
Thomas J. DiLorenzo is the author of over a dozen books, including Organized Crime: The Unvarnished Truth About Government and How Capitalism Saved America. A professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland and a senior fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, he has written for the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Washington Post, Reader's Digest, Barron's, among many other publications. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Chapter 1: The Problem with Socialism
Chapter 2: Why Socialism Is Always and Everywhere an Economic Disaster
Chapter 3: Egalitarianism versus Human Reality
Chapter 4: Islands of Socialism: The Follies of Government Enterprise
Chapter 5: Why “The Worst” Rise to the Top Under Socialism
Chapter 6: The Socialist Roots of Fascism
Chapter 7: The Myth of Succesful Scandinavian Socialism
Chapter 8: How Welfare Harms the Poor
Chapter 9: How Socialized Medicine Kills the Patient and Robs the Taxpayer
Chapter 10: How Socialism Causes Pollution
Chapter 11: Karl Marx’s “Progressive” Income Tax
Chapter 12: Minimum Wage, Maximum Folly
Chapter 13: How Socialist Regulation Makes Monopolies
Chapter 14: Destroying Capitalism by Socializing Capital
Chapter 15: Is Socialism Really The Best Way to Organize Schools
Chapter 16: Socialist Myths and Superstitions About Capitalism

18+ Easy Meat: Inside Britain's Grooming Gang Scandal, Read by Alexander Sangmoore.

Peter McLoughlin spent years believing the Leftist narrative, namely it was 'a racist myth' that organised Muslim groups in Britain and the Netherlands ('grooming gangs') were luring white schoolgirls into a life of prostitution. But in 2009 he first encountered people who said their children had been groomed like this. These informants had non-white people in their immediate and extended family, and were thus unlikely to be racists. So McLoughlin dug deeper and what he found shocked him: there were mounds of evidence that social workers, police officers, Muslim organisations, journalists and even some Members of Parliament must have known about these grooming gangs for decades, and they had turned a blind-eye to these crimes. He also came across references to incidents where any proof had since vanished.

McLoughlin spent several years uncovering everything he could and documenting this scandal before the evidence disappeared. He demonstrates that the true nature of this grooming phenomenon was known about more than 20 years ago. While he was writing this book, Parliament was forced by rising anger in Britain to conduct its own low-key investigation. The eventual report concluded the grooming problem was basically in one town: Rotherham. Official reports finally admitted there were more than 1400 victims in this otherwise unremarkable town.

McLoughlin argues the authorities will continue their cover-up of this scandal, with many thousands of new victims across the country every year. The criminal indicators in Rotherham are to be found in scores of towns across Britain. McLoughlin's book is an attempt to get the public to wake up, for them to demand civilised solutions, because if the social contract breaks down, people may turn to vigilante justice as the prostituting of schoolgirls continues unabated.

The book documents the hidden abuse of Sikh victims by grooming gangs, and how Sikhs in Britain have already resorted to vigilante justice. The book exposes how political correctness was used to silence potential whistle-blowers, and how this grooming phenomenon demonstrates that multiculturalism does not work. Every layer of authority in the British state comes under detailed examination to expose their part in the scandal. McLoughlin leaves no stone unturned, and at 130,000 words in length, it is likely to be the most detailed critique of this scandal for years to come.


Streamed live on 14 Jan 2020 checkout their comments
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