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War has raged in Myanmar for over 70 years, with the Buddhist military junta violently persecuting all minorities in the country. However, the last two years has seen an even more brutal assault by the military rulers.

Laos has seen a dramatic increase in anti-Christian violence in the last year and jumped ten spots on the Open Doors World Watch List as a result. The most intense persecution comes in rural areas where village leaders ignore the laws protecting freedom of religion.

Conversion from Islam to Christianity is illegal in Iran, and anyone caught as a convert can be arrested and imprisoned. Some believe a centuries old prophecy made by Jeremiah may be nearing its fulfillment.

Togo, the birthplace of voodoo, is one of the few African countries where traditional religious groups are still dominant in most parts of the country. Believers are persecuted and pressured by voodoo adherents to syncretize their Christian faith with the practices of witchcraft.

Jewish believers, Palestinian believers, and others all suffer from the unspeakable trauma occurring in the Holy Land. Pray for the people of the Holy Land in this time of crisis.

Violent acts of persecution directed against Christians have increased dramatically in the last year. In many areas Christians are now being brutalized with impunity. Stand in prayer with your brothers and sisters around the globe who are suffering ever more intense persecution.

93 percent of Kyrgyz are Sunni Muslims--Christians are persecuted mostly by family members and their communities, including Muslim religious leaders.

Thousands of Christians taken in slave raids two decades ago remain in slavery today. Christian organizations are working to free every brother and sister still held in bondage in Sudan.

This video is about the testimony and ministry of Nadalla Alrajo, son of a prominent Syrian sheik and businessman. Nadalla has survived 22 attempts on his life since becoming a Christian.

Being discovered to be a Christian in North Korea is effectively a death sentence--believers will either be deported to labor camps or killed on the spot. But despite the brutal suppression of Christianity, God continues to draw North Koreans to Himself. This video tells one such story.

Being informed about worldwide Christian persecution reminds us of the cost of discipleship and the reality of suffering for Christ, encouraging a deeper commitment in our own faith and a willingness to endure hardship for the sake of the Gospel.

Islamic extremists from neighboring countries are flooding into Pakistan and slaughtering Christians and other innocent people. Christians are repeatedly falsely accused of blasphemy and can be imprisoned for years without a trial. However an indomitable core of believers continue to be bold witnesses for Christ.

Recently Haiti has descended into complete anarchy, yet the evangelical church continues to minister in the midst of the upheaval.

A Wycliffe Bible Translators representative has said: “As the time draws nearer for a language community to finally receive the translated Word, a pattern of increasing spiritual opposition toward getting the work finished often emerges.”

An Israeli Christian interviews an Iranian Christian in Jerusalem: “The Iranian regime… are brainwashing and indoctrinating our kids that Israelis are enemies of all Muslims and Palestinians and they have no right to exist, they need to be annihilated…[the children must chant every day] death to America, death to Israel.’”

While church attendance has doubled since the Iron Curtain fell, persecution is on the rise again. Under a package of anti-terrorism laws, Putin signed an order banning Christians from preaching or sharing the Gospel outside the four walls of a registered church building. Evangelism in homes or online is prohibited.

Vulnerable individuals, commonly Christians from impoverished backgrounds, are lured or coerced into working at brick kilns. Workers are trapped in a cycle of debt that they can never fully repay, keeping them in a state of virtual slavery.

Buddhists are the primary persecutors, sometimes led by Buddhist monks who openly stir up communities against the Christians who live among them. Hindus also oppose evangelism and conversion to Christianity.

Evangelical Christian persecution in Iraq, particularly during the ISIS occupation in 2014, resulted in murder, violence, displacement, and destruction of churches and treasured Christian historical sites. Even after the defeat of ISIS, ongoing discrimination, insecurity, and a crippled government infrastructure continue to challenge the well-being of evangelical Christians.

Children in many Muslim communities and cultures are subjected to multiple forms of child abuse and neglect which are institutionalized in the Islamic religious system. Child abuse is mostly ignored or even tolerated as a form of discipline.

David Curry, President and CEO of Global Christian Relief: “The situation for followers of Jesus [in Colombia] is deteriorating very rapidly, especially in the countryside. For example, Christian farmers in Colombia who refuse to grow coca leaf face some of the most intense persecution in the world—death by drug cartel."

How can we find strength and motivation to continue in prayer in 2024 when things are so bad in the world? This video gives encouragement to persevere.

Clandestine Bible printing and smuggling feed a hunger for God’s Word in closed countries around the world. Members of the underground church in the Middle East live among over 300 million Muslims who don’t know Jesus Christ, but the Christian community is actively engaging their Muslim neighbors using smuggled Bibles.

December 24, 2023, nearly 200 Christians were massacred by Islamic militants in Plateau State, Nigeria. Simultaneous multiple attacks were well coordinated and specifically targeted dozens of Christian villages.

The latest in a line of repressive North Korean dictators, Kim Jong Un is bent
on furthering a system designed to suppress religion, eliminate dissent, and
elevate Juche, the country’s official ideology.


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Pray for the persecuted church worldwide.