Are you suffering? These are some things that God wants you to know
May this message encourage you and be a reminder for so many of us that badly need to hear these kind of messages!

Not the color of our skin makes us who we are, but our character, our dedication to God! Our love for God, those we love and people!

This is one of the most beautiful videos on the internet! This is what we need to do! To be color blind, to love eachother and help eachother, regardless of our color, our nationality, and whatever superficial "differences" that might be between us.Remember that politicians wants us divided!
Lets show them that we are smarter than this!
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I greatly admire Tim Ballard and i support him! I knew that he will be attacked, besmirched, hated.
Its not shocking that LDS Church instead of supporting him, is condemning him and cuts ties with him,
But i pray that this will help Tim to see the truth about this LDS organisation anc come and discover Jesus for who HE really is.
Romans 8:28 upon the life of Tim Ballard.
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Это видео объяснит Святую Троицу, важную христианскую доктрину, и, надеюсь, даст вам знания, необходимые для защиты этой доктрины от тех, кто ее отрицает.
Не только атеисты отрицают Святую Троицу, но и некоторые так называемые христианские конфессии! Итак, сядьте и послушайте это сообщение. Да благословит вас всех Бог.

Мои любимые друзья, которые говорят по-русски, я представляю вам это красивое видео со стихами из Библии, красивыми улыбающимися русскими девушками (конечно, русские девушки самые красивые в мире) и русской христианской музыкой!
В трудные минуты давайте никогда не забывать, что у Бога есть великий план с Россией и русским народом!
Никогда не бойся!

Не забудьте подписаться!
Я сделаю все возможное, чтобы делать больше контента на русском языке!
Я вас всех очень люблю!

The "cop" is dancing around like a fool, look at him, this is so pathetic, it's beyond my comprehension.

peckham london- a ghetto and a s..hole..

Their hit piece on Russell Brand does not hold water! Already cracks in the narrative starts to appear.The Main Stream Media stubbornly cling to relevance and fail miserably as people dont trust them anymore!
This video will show the first crack in the narrative of the Channel 4 and The Times.You will see the testimony of a woman that confirms that actually Russell Brand is not what these lying outlets claims he is..

this is soo sad,,,

God sees you as valuable! You are so valuable that God sent what He has more precious, His Son, Jesus, to die for you on the cross!
Nobody laid down his life for you, for me, for us, but Jesus!
This kind of love needs to be HONORED and SHARED!
Be blessed now and every single day of your life, my friend!

I dont know what was in their head when they jumped on the article of the far left publication "Vice" that was claiming that Tim Ballard used his church association for personal gains, but, we, those that saw what Tim did and how he sacrificed his career to save innocent kids, we stand by him.
We dont stand by this super mega rich religious organisation that has nothing to do with Jesus, despite their claims that they believe in the Jesus that Scriptures speaks clearly about!
Latter Day Saints "church" chose to besmirch Tim Ballard and that will only damage them, not Tim Ballard.
Tim Ballard is a hero that put his life and career on line to save children.Who and what is LDS church?
God bless guys and support Tim Ballard! When he started doing the work of saving children, ofcourse lies about him was a certain thing to pop up from everywhere,
LDS Church as i see chose their friends really well..and their friends are NOT those that defend the innocent!!!

Guys, from our awesome "Peter" aka Shahar Isaac, a good "vibes", good feelings video with so much talent displayed for all to see..
Shahar Isaac knows how to play at the guitar..
And he does it so well..more video footage to show how awesome he is in doing it..
Lets listen together!
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The footage shows the officers entering via a broken window. Inside, a woman is in obvious distress with a dog chain wrapped around her neck and bolted to the floor.
An officer is seen trying to break the chain with a hatchet.After the chain is severed but still wrapped around her, the distraught female is removed from the house. Louisville Metro EMS and Fire Department arrive and remove the chain using cutters.

The female victim suffered “indentations in the skin from the chain” and “scratches from busting out the window,” an affidavit provided by the LMPD states.

I love this always relaxes me..i hope it will relax you too

Now, they (America, the Western world) are worried because Russia and North Korea are closer to eachother than ever.
And, i think its safe to say that they are entitled to be worried! Lets see what will come out of all this!
Putin loves Kim Jong-Un and he receives the same kind of love from the leader of North Korea,
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Ну, я могу его понять! Предательство – это очень трудная пилюля! Вы доверяете кому-то, а кто-то предает вас… это разрывает сердце.

i doubt this is sport

Are the two corpses of so called aliens really aliens? Is this a hoax or not?
What is the truth?
Two alleged “non-human alien corpses” were presented before the Mexican Congress this Wednesday during its first hearing on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).
The event was led by Mexican journalist and self-claimed ufologist Jaime Maussan, who has been a controversial figure in the past.
Two small, mummified specimens were displayed in glass cases, each possessing three fingers on their hands. According to Maussan, researchers at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) have conducted Carbon 14 analysis, indicating that the corpses are approximately 1,000 years old.
The alleged bodies were said to have been discovered in mines in Cusco, Peru, fossilized in a layer of “diatomaceous earth or ancient phytoplankton algae,” according to FOX News.

Jaime Maussan made some claims in the past about aliens that were debunked so thats why this should be seen with a healthy dose of skepticism!

70,000 KIA plus another 7000 in the last 7 days

She speaks the truth! Her name is Natalie Jean Beisner,Check her out on twitter

This is sad...


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