Doing some riffs for my friends from Contraband X

Always loved checking out what smaller businesses are doing. #Music #Guitar #Review

Just a quick tutorial of this lick I've been messing around with.

Guitarist on bass alert! Had too much fun tracking on this album.

#music #guitar #guitarsolo #recording

This is the tone result that I've gotten after using the signal chain I've explained in my previous video.

A short walk through of the signal chain I used a few years back. Just found this video in my laptop and thought I'd upload it as kind of a TBT thing. I'll do more on my current setup which is much more simpler these days. Enjoy!

Improvising over backing track found online. Ibanez K7 guitar is being used here.

A short clip of me recording a solo for my band Taine.

Thought to try out a technique known as double thumb. It's very widely used in modern progressive metal and other such generes

Ibanez JBM27 this time. Recording a solo for my band.

Trying out the now discontinued Ibanez K7, the old Korn model. Japanese made.

Did a playthrough of some parts of a song I've written years ago in a band called Illuimati

Original backing track. Trying out my new Ibanez RG guitar

Improvising over chorus section of one of my songs


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