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Wanna see if your dog happy or sad?

Owners all over the world want to know an answer to this question and I have good news for you.

There are specific signs that show your dog is happy and I have to say that sign number 2 will totally surprise you.

Okay, now let's see the top 10 signs your dog is happy with you:

10. Dog Laughs Often.

Although scientists believe that dogs learned to laugh by watching people, dogs associate this emotion with good things because people laugh when they feel good, right?

If the dog is happy with you it will laugh and look in your direction.

The real proof of a dog's happiness with you as the owner is even if you don't pay attention to your pet, it will laugh and look at you.

9. Everything You Do Is Exciting.

Is your dog very excited by following you to get some staff in a kitchen?

So no matter what activity you are in too, if your dog is happy with you then it will follow you with great enthusiasm.

8. Dog Sleep Although It Is Not Sleeping Time.

Dogs have their own routines and schedule.

If you have spent the day in physical activities like dog games... will give the last atom of his strength during physical activities because it is happy and enjoys it.

7. Dog Strive To Obey Your Commands.

There are many dog breeds that are not very obedient.

Yet sometimes even independent breeds will try hard to learn and follow your orders, why?

When dogs are happy with their leader, they show loyalty and obey the leader.

6. Dog Has Relaxed Body Appearance.

A happy dog is relaxed and loves to jump.

Opposite to a happy body appearance is the tense attitude that certainly does not indicate a dog is happy.

5. Dog Has Good Appetite.

Food is an indicator of many things including dog happiness.

A dog that is happy will have a good appetite with no changes in eating habits.

4. Dog Sleeps Well.

On average dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours per day.

Of course, this period can vary depending on characteristics like age and dog breed.

For humans, sleep is very important and dogs aren't an exception either.

3. No Destructive Behavior.

As you probably know a dog is destructive when it is bored, anxious, depressed, and of course unhappy.

A dog that is never destructive is happy and of course, pleased with you.

2. Dog Shows Signs That It Loves You.

Dogs love companionship but if they are really happy with the owner they will show love and affection with non-verbal signs, which ones?

Very noticeable signs that dog loves you are:
• brings you favorite toys,
• keeps eye contact with you,
• chewing your stuff,
• wants to sleep next to you.

Still, this is an incomplete list and there are many other signs.

1. Dog Is Overwhelmed When It Sees You.

Every good dog owner knows the feeling of excitement and happiness that a dog shows when you come home.

A dog is so happy that it:
• run around,
• jump,
• smell you.

Also, a sign that is impossible not to notice is the rapid tail wagging.

On YouTube, you can see many videos of dogs that cannot calm down when they see the owner after a long time.

This is truly a wonderful feeling of owning an incredibly loyal pet like a dog.

Every true animal lover will want to know if his best friend is happy and loves the life you provide,

don't you agree?
I hope your dog often shows the signs you see above, and that it is very happy with you and the life you provide.

If your dog shows other signs that it is happy, you have suggestions or additional information, feel free to leave a comment below the video.

Wanna see more? Then wait for it, please.


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