This video goes over all my knowledge of Guinea pig care.
Things I left out include
Nail clipping
Cage cleaning
And teeth issues

Sorry guys I made this video short due to me having to study for class. I forgot to say that in general male mice smell more than females and that in general they are produce for of an oder than hamsters and other rodents

I hope you guys enjoy the video.

Alex jones and the whole Infowars crew are all frauds from there lack of criticism of Israel to them covering up for the Israeli influence in 911 etc

This video goes over the basic care and tank sets up for a beta fish


This is an overview of my tanks outside

American flag

This is my first pet vlog let’s see us get 10 views


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This channel is petvlogztv,run by me H. On this channel I will discuss political events as well as upload new pet updates.