Red Pill Nation Hangout #70
Tonights Topics

1. Alberta Election
2. Edmonton Gay Pride Parade shut down because of SJW's
3. New show on CBS The Good Fight is Blatantly PC
4. Senate Judiciary Constitution Subcommittee held a hearing on "Stifling Free Speech: Technological Censorship and the Public Discourse.
5. SJW Gaming Magazine Game Informer closes up shop
6. Marzgurl please help me dox Yellow Flash so I can continue to ruin some careers #kickvic

Red Pill Nation Hangout #78
Tonights Topics
1. Continuing coverage of Google Censorship
2. Straight Pride Parade in Boston
3. Female Brazillian Gamer fired for Misandry
4. Woke casting for The Little Mermaid
5. Senator Josh Hawley introduces Tech Bill in Senate
6.Portland Antifa assaults Andy Ngo

Change of work location, there will be a change in sound because I'm now doing the hangout in a larger room, just an FYI

We started out with several topics for RPN#81 Jeffrey Epstein ended up dominating the start of the discussion and we had to break it into two parts

Where to go and where not to go when looking for resources and information about MGTOW. This is a list of sites to check out. Keep in mind that this list is far from definitive

Red Pill Nation Hangout #76
Tonights Topics
1. Trump's visit to London
2. Mueller response to Trump calling for the investigation of Russiagate
3. Carlos Maza YouTube AdPocalypse followup
4. Project Veritas uncovers Pintrist Bias YouTube Censors
5. YouTube changes the algorithm to downplay critics
6 New York Times Caleb Cain article

For the record YES I was in a large empty room when this hangout was done

This is the intro of another series of videos to my channel. This one is exclusively MGTOW below you'll find the links that I've recommended that you go to for information about MGTOW

Included in this video will also be recommendations of places to not get your information about MGTOW

Red Pill Nation Hangout #77
Tonights Topics
1. Feminist Frequency Gets Woke, Goes Broke
2. Spanish Feminist calls for Castration of Boys
3. Jussie Smollett Investigation Restarted
4. Baker wins Lawsuit against Oberlin College
5. Summer Movie Box Office Crashing
6 Black Pigeon Removed then Restored to YouTube
7. Pinterest and Google Censor Videos on YouTube

Change of work location, there will be a change in sound because I'm now doing the hangout in a larger room, just an FYI

Red Pill Nation Hangout #67
Tonights Topics

1. Feminists would Ban Ben Shapiro
2. Article 11 and 13 passed in European Parliament
3. Regressives not giving up on Mueller Report
4. Jussie Smollett Charges Dropped
5. New Zealand Draconian Censorship
6. JK Rowling gets called out for being woke

Red Pill Nation Hangout #65
Tonights Topics

1. Celebrities caught in College cheating scam
2. UCP Headquarters in Edmonton subject to terrorist attack
3. Mammoth Cells Woken Up
4. Possible Cure for AIDS/HIV discovered
5. Teresa May's BREXIT Deal Rejected
6. The New Zealand Shooter

Red Pill Nation Hangout #62
Tonights Topics

1. Tommy Robinson defunded on YouTube
2. Project Veritas blows cover on Facebook
3. Rotten Tomatoes nukes the Want to See rating on Captain Marvel page
4. Gillette’s new ad is totally and blatantly pandering to men
5. GAB Dissenter extension on Google is making waves
6. Donald Trump redefines terms for Domestic Assault
7. SNC Lavalin Update Cabinet Members Resign

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Red Pill Nation Hangout #61
Tonights Topics

1. Jussi Smollet Arrested
2. Bernie Sanders is running for President
3. Alita movie controversy/Captain Marvel S**tstorm
4. Female MGTOW channels
5. Instagram blocks Trump followers
6. NCFM wins Government Lawsuit Women Lose Draft Exemption

Jussie Smollett arrested and faces a felony charge

Jussie Smollett Arrested For Allegedly Making Up Chicago Attack | TODAY

Terrence Howard 'had a "meltdown" on Empire set after Jussie Smollett's arrest and had been quizzing him about his story because it didn't add up' days BEFORE posting supportive Instagram video

Jussie Smollett freed on US$100K bond after charge laid in ‘hoax’ attack

Why Bernie Sanders Is Running for President in 2020 | NowThis

Bernie Sanders announces 2020 presidential run

Bernie Sanders 'Medicare for All' Town Hall LIVESTREAM | NowThis

Bernie Sanders is running for president — and his policies would have a huge impact on business


“Alita: Battle Angel” warns against left-wing utopias | Ben Davies

A Strong Woman In A Film. WHAT?!

ALITA: Battle Angel Accused of WHITEWASHING by CBR!

Alita: Battle Angel Underscores Hollywood's Whitewashing Problem

50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women

The Rise of Female MGTOW Channels

MGTOW Its The Safest Choice

MGTOW Its The Safest Choice Part 2

MGTOW as a Response to Feminism

Why men are going their own way🚶‍♂️

Initial reaction to discovering MGTOW group

Red Pill Nation Hangout #60
Tonights Topics

1. Jussigate attack hoax
2. Brie Larson singlehandedly devalues Captain Marvel
3. Fat Activist Dies of Heart Attack
4. Maxime Bernier Interview
5. SNC Lavalin
6. Senate Investigation Clears Trump
7. Trump National Emergency over Wall

Jussie Smollett Faces Prison, Career Ruin if He Lied About Attack

Chicago police want to talk to Jussie Smollett, but they don't know when that'll happen

Jussie Smollett Was Involved In Creating Racist Letter, Which Later Led To Attack, Sources Say

Did the Media Jump the Gun on the Jussie Smollett Story?

The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun

The Lessons of Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett's Anti-Trump Story Falls Apart


Captain Marvel: The Brie Larson Controversies affecting the Boxoffice?

Brie Larson Totally Doesn't Hate "White Men" Captain Marvel Isn't For "Whites" Though

Captain Marvel Excuses Begin - The Misogynist Alt-right Troll Narrative Is Underway


Catherine Oakeson, who advocated plus-size positivity, dies at 49

Fat Activist Dies of a Heart Attack at 49.

Maxime Bernier: The Next Prime Minister of Canada? (Full Interview)

SNC-Lavalin Lobbying Scandal Has Put Justin Trudeau In a Corner

Charges against SNC-Lavalin explained — and how the PMO allegedly got involved

'Flippant attitude' on SNC-Lavalin scandal may hurt Trudeau

Tonights Topics

1. Academy Award Nominations SJW Grandstanding
2. Review of the movie "The Mule"
3. Red Hat MAGA Rage
4. Teresa May Brexit Deal Fails
5. Norway Elections
6. Roger Stone Arrested
7. The Rebel is suing the NDP

Oscar nominations 2019: the full list of nominees

All the major 2019 Oscar controversies (so far)

Oscar Nominations 2019 | Snubs and Surprises

Eastwood Crushes De Niro, Spike Lee & Christian Bale In Movie Hollywood H..ates

Liberal Hollywood Snubs Clint Eastwood Despite Hit Movie That Made Over $100 Million

The Truth About The Mule

The Mule: Ending Explained & The Real Life Inspiration Behind The Movie

‘The Mule’ Review: Clint Eastwood’s Best Movie in More than 25 Years

Alyssa Milano: Red MAGA Hats Are the New White Hoods – Let’s Take a Stand (Commentary)

Why Trump's MAGA hats have become a potent symbol of racism

In Defense of the MAGA Hat

Tucker: MAGA hat-wearing students smeared by media

MAGA hat, aka ‘new KKK hood’, becomes trigger for hate & bullying

Leftist Alyssa Milano Rebrands MAGA Hats With SICK New Name Then Attacks Covington Catholic Students

Theresa May's Brexit deal rejected by Parliament

Brexit: parliament rejects Theresa May's deal

What happens next now Parliament rejected PM Theresa May’s deal?

Norway's right-wing government wins re-election fought on oil, tax

Red Pill Nation Hangout #59
Tonights Topics

1. Mercedes Carerra Arrested
2. UK Thought Police
3. MensLib Subreddit Feminist Shill Site
4. New Green Deal
5. State of Union
6. Ilhan Omar discredited


Mercedes Carrera Issues Statement About 'False Allegations'

Mercedes Carrera, Daemon Cins Booked for Assault of Minor
Couple pleads not guilty

UK Wokeforce is obsessed with your tweets

Man investigated by police for retweeting transgender limerick

Man Investigated for Thought Crime?

The Intersectional Police Arrest a TERF

Mother, 38, is arrested in front of her children and locked in a cell for seven HOURS after calling a transgender woman a man on Twitter

Mens Lib SubReddit Feminist Shill Site

This is a pro-feminist community.
General feminist concepts are integral to our discussion. Our approach is intersectional and recognizes privilege as relative to the individual.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveils Green New Deal plan

Ocasio Cortez Mocked Over INSANE Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez retracts erroneous information about Green New Deal backed by 2020 Democratic candidates

Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal Is SOCIALIST Trojan Horse

Ocasio-Cortez Staff In DAMAGE Control Over False Statements

Tonights Topics

1. Jussie Smollett assaulted attempts to pin MAGA to the incident
2. Reporters lose jobs #learntocode
3. Bethesda Backlash Fallout 76 disaster
4. Insanity at the Women's March
5. Joe Rogan softballs Jack Dorsey
6. Nearly Every Mass Killer Is a Man.

Jussie Smollett, Star of ‘Empire,’ Attacked in What Police Call a Possible Hate Crime

Uh oh: Chicago police review extensive video, can’t find any evidence Jussie Smollett’s attack story is true

Chicago Police Deny Claim That Jussie Smollett Identified Attackers as White, Can't Get Their Story Straight About Whether He Heard Them Say 'MAGA'

Shifting Stories Cloud Claims of Alleged Hate Crime Attack Targeting 'Empire' Actor Jussie Smollett

Something just ain't right about this Jussie Smollett attack.

The Suspicious Attack On “Empire” Star Jussie Smollett (Jim and Sam Show 1-30-19)

Why "Learn to Code" Meme ENRAGES the Media

Telling Fired Journalists "Learn To Code" Is Now "Abusive Behavior" On Twitter

Journalists Meltdown After Being Told ‘Learn To Code’ In Wake Of Mass Layoffs At HuffPo, Buzzfeed

Internet Tells Laid Off Journalists To "Learn To Code"

Bethesda Has DESTROYED Themselves

Bethesda Deleting Backlash From Fallout 76 Update

Bethesda FINALLY Breaks Silence On Fallout 76 Disaster

Will the Fallout 76 DISASTER Hurt Bethesda?


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