This video was made early in the year right when started to surge while A Voice for Men was still languishing a little. Since the making of this video A Voice for Men has now OFFICIALLY become the largest website in the Manosphere and has also surpassed The Good Men Project.

Not to mention that RooshV backed away from Return of Kings overall it's been as expected the groups in the Manosphere are all headed in an upward direction. The opposition is headed gradually down. The concept of political viability for the Manosphere by 2020 is entirely viable still in my opinion

Time will tell though

Red Pill Nation Hangout #30

1. All Masculinity is Toxic
2. Chris Hardwick Not Guilty
3. Whoopi Goldberg Freakout
4. Toronto Shooter
5. Twitter Shadowbanning
6. UK to Prevent online activists from Holding Office

All Masculinity Is Toxic

"Feminist writer and activist John Stoltenberg believes we need to give up manhood for good if we want to live morally sound and love-filled lives."

"Stoltenberg was married to Andrea Dworkin, the deceased radical feminist whose polemic writing on patriarchy advanced incendiary and thought-provoking ideas that forced people to see oppression in places they often ignore."

Red Pill Nation Hangout #40

1. Kavanaugh Accusation Circus
2. Breitbart Leaked Google Video
3. Google Dragonfly
4. Startups Leaving Silicon Valley
5. Project Veritas Deep State
6. Norm MacDonald #metoo
7. 2018 Emmys Cringe

Christine Blasey Ford Reaches Deal to Testify at Kavanaugh Hearing

Protesters Pressure Senators For Decision On Brett Kavanaugh, Fair Ford Hearing | NBC News

Republicans Reject Kavanaugh Accuser's Request To Delay Hearing For FBI Investigation

Democrats want to postpone Kavanaugh hearing

Kavanaugh vote will happen before midterms: Tom Coburn

Ronan Farrow on breaking story of 2nd Kavanaugh accuser

Avenatti promises new Kavanaugh accuser to come forward in next 48 hours


LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

Google's Leftism Revealed In Leaked Video

"LEAKED" Google Project DRAGONFLY Plans For Censorship In China... This Will Go GLOBAL!

Google, Project Dragonfly & The Communist Chinese! Why CEO Sundar Pichai is a COMPLETE Hypocrite!

Google’s censored search engine for China is sparking a moral crisis within the company

Google Ceo Sudar Pichai will reportedly meet with Republican Lawmakers this Week

China has a 'chilling' system to control everyone

Why startups are leaving Silicon Valley

Why startups are leaving Silicon Valley | The Economist

#DeepStateUnmasked: IRS Officials "You Should Give Increased Scrutiny" to Conservatives

BREAKING: Deep State Unmasked, IRS Officials – “You Should Give Increased Scrutiny” to Conservative Groups, “… I don’t give a s**t if that is a crime”

Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"

Deep State Unmasked: Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists "From Inside" and "Can't Get Fired"

‘The Tonight Show’ Cancels Norm Macdonald Appearance After Comedian’s #MeToo Comment

Tonight Show Cancels Norm Macdonald

Emmy Awards Message Shows It’s Not About Truth, Just Stopping Kavanaugh

I Can't Take It Anymore

Red Pill Nation Hangout #39
A Takedown of the Data and Society Report

Broadcasting the
Reactionary Righton YouTube

The Desperate Left | Data & Society Study


Are We Part of a Far Right Radicalization Factory on YouTube?

The Guardian Hit Piece on Political YouTubers (Alternative Influence Network)

The Real Reason MSM Continues To Disparage Youtubers (Alternative Influence)

The Women Behind The Alternative Influence Network Report

How I Know We’re Winning

The Progressive Attack on the YouTube Political Sphere

Media Is Smearing Me And People Like Joe Rogan as Far-Right

UPDATE and Response to the Data Society Smear Campaign

Red Pill Nation Hangout #38
Tonights Topics
1. Article 11 & 13 pass in EP
2. Serena Williams stupidity
3. Yet another pedo gets hired in Hollywood
4. Kathleen Kennedy votes herself an Oscar
5. Leaving the Left Facebook Group Shut Down
6. Classical Liberals getting attacked

EU Copyright Directive Passed: Is This How It Ends?

Article 11 and article 13 have passed #SaveYourInternet has failed

YouTubers React To The End Of YouTube?(End Of Memes, Article 13, #SaveYourInternet)

How Article 13 Could Ruin The Internet And Why You Should Care About The EUCD...

Why Are They Saying The Serena Williams Caricature Racist?

Why Serena Williams’ US Open Meltdown Matters!!!

Meet Serena Williams - Feminist, Liar, Conartist

Shut Up Serena Williams

Did Serena Williams really expect to get away with calling Carlos Ramos a 'liar and a thief'?

Aussie artist attacked on Twitter for racist cartoon depicting Serena Williams at the US Open says the 'world's gone crazy' after he was slammed by stars including Nicki Minaj and J.K. Rowling

Dr. Disrespect Drive By, Olivia Munn, Serena Williams Hypocrisy Crunchyroll Fraud & More

Olivia Munn Talks 'The Predator' Controversy: "I Don't Know How to Lie About It" | TIFF 2018

The Predator Shane Black Casting Controversy EXPLAINED

Olivia Munn Says Fox Didn’t Return Her Call Initially After Reporting ‘Predator’ Sex Offender (EXCLUSIVE)

SJW Moments in The Predator (2018)

Kathleen Kennedy will be Awarded an Honorary Oscar!!!

The Truth About Kathleen Kennedy's "Academy Award"

Star Wars Boss Kathleen Kennedy Is Getting an Honorary Oscar

#WalkAway Movement BANNED by Facebook

#WalkAway Movement Gains Steam As Free-thinkers Reject The Left


#WalkAway’s threat to Democrats’ base: A movement launched just weeks ago is crippling the Left

#WalkAway founder Brandon Straka denied service at Adorama camera store

I got called a Nazi at Goldsmiths for being a classical liberal

HuffPo implies that Bari Weiss and Dave Rubin are “fancy racists”

Hated by the Right. Mocked by the Left. Who Wants to Be ‘Liberal’ Anymore?

Red Pill Nation Hangout #36
1. Chemnitz Protests
2. Mollie Tibbets (Don't call me an illegal alien)
4. Colin Kaepernick Nike Deal
5. Love Doll Brothel in Ontario

The Chemnitz Protests & the Lying Media

Support for German Right Surges as Chemnitz Protests Continue!!!

Pressure grows on German spy chief over Chemnitz protests

Jewish restaurant attacked during Chemnitz protests

What Happened At The Chemnitz Protest

Mollie Tibbetts murdered: Timeline of events

Missing Iowa Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead, Undocumented Immigrant Confesses | TODAY

Immigration enforcement agents swarm Republican donor's Iowa farm where Mollie Tibbetts' murderer lived and worked under the name 'John Budd' for four years

Why do we keep calling illegal immigrants 'undocumented' in Mollie Tibbetts murder and other crimes?

Mollie Tibbetts' father: Don't use her death to promote 'racist' views

Justin Trudeau reacts after Trump reportedly says Canada-NAFTA negotiations 'totally on our terms'

The Trudeau government really blew it on NAFTA: MP Erin O'Toole

A NAFTA without Canada?

US & Canada Resume NAFTA Talks

Colin Kaepernick Nike Commercial | FULL VIDEO

Conservative Boycott of NIKE May Already be Working

The Colin Kaepernick and Nike Controversy

Nike Loses Billions Over Colin Kaepernick Controversy

Colin Kaepernick The New Face Of Nike's 'Just Do It' Campaign

Conservatives Win? Nike's Kaepernick Campaign Is Backfiring

Ben Shapiro on NIKE'S Latest Campaign: "COLIN KAEPERNICK Sacrificed Nothing"

North America’s first sex-doll brothel opening in Toronto

City says proposed sex-doll brothel not licensed

Sex doll 'brothel' sparks opposition in North York

Why Toronto’s sex doll brothel is bad for women

Red Pill Nation Hangout #37
Tonights Topics
1. Jack Dorsey and Congress Testimony
2. Alex Jones Capital Hill and Twitter Banning
3. Leaving Twitter
4. Brett Kavanaugh Hearing
5. Swedish Election
6. Gender Diversity on Publicly Traded Companies in California
7. Brie Larson Captain Marvel SJW warning signs

Confirmed: Conservatives get Shadowbanned, Democrats Do not

Twitter Silently Lifts Shadowbans Right Before CEO Is Interviewed Before Senate and House

Twitter CEO: 'We are not' discriminating against any political viewpoint

Twitter CEO Forced to Testify About Censoring Conservatives!

Media Giants at the Hill: Judging Day?

'Don't touch me': Marco Rubio and Alex Jones clash

Alex Jones Crashes Free Speech Hearing on Capitol Hill

Twitter permanently bans Alex Jones and Infowars

BREAKING: Alex Jones and Infowars Banned From Twitter

Delete Your Twitter Today

Twitter May Not Recover From This

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing in three minutes

Fireworks erupt at beginning of Brett Kavanaugh hearing

Tom Fitton: Questions Asked at Kavanaugh Hearings were "Insane, Corrupt"

Brett Kavanaugh Protesters Caught Being Paid At Hearing?!

Must-See Protest Photos from Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings

Tom Fitton Reacts to Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed--"Proof that Deep State is REAL"

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration


Who wrote the 'New York Times' op-ed?

Swedish general election, 2018,_2018

Swedish election: Main blocs neck and neck as nationalists gain

The Swedish Election Results May Be Catastrophic to The Future of Sweden

Anti-immigration party gain 17.6% of the vote in Swedish election

Sweden Elections: Nationalist Right Surge Forces Political Realignment!!!


Captain Marvel Media Goes Full SJW

Box Office: Marvel's 'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Can Afford To 'Fail'

Marvel Adopts Divisive Feminist Slogan to Promote Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is everything wrong with SJW Marvel

Sad Step-Mom™/Block Of Wood/CAPTAIN MARVEL Star Brie Larson Fails To "Break The Internet"

California to mandate gender diversity in companies at board level

Tonights Topics
1. Jack Dorsey to testify in Congress
2. Maxime Bernier leaves Conservative Party
3. Kelly Marie Tran responds to online 'harassment'
4. Feminized Terminator
5. Battlefield 5 Outrage
6. Tinder Trap

Twitter CEO: 'We are not' discriminating against any political viewpoint

(8/23/2018) Mark Dice Exposes How Brian Stelter Is The Most Unpopular Newsperson On Twitter

Twitter CEO to testify before House committee

I was a Reform MP, and I supported Maxime Bernier for leader. Here’s why he’ll fail.

Maxime Bernier quits the Conservative Party — and wants to start his own

Bernier quits 'morally corrupt' Conservative party | Power & Politics

Bernier quits — Scheer should have taken this advice: Ezra Levant

Kelly Marie Tran Calls Out Star Wars & Hollywood

Left needs Kelly Marie Tran to believe “white-dominated world” lie | Ben Davies

Kelly Marie Tran: I Won’t Be Marginalized by Online Harassment#

Terminator 6 - LGBT-1000

Terminator Goes All Female Despite Ghostbusters & Ocean's 8 Failing

What New 'Terminator' Image Gets Right About the Franchise

WHY is Everybody HATING on Battlefield V? (Battlefield 5 Controversy)

EA Suffers Hilarious Battlefield 5 Backfire Get Woke Go Broke!

Angry Joe: The Final Battle

Anti SJW backlash may be hurting Battlefield 5

The Tinder Trap

Tinder Trap Model Makes Fools Out Of Men & Now Playing Victim (Obviously)

The ‘Tinder Trap’ stunt will be a boon for MGTOW

Who’s Really Behind Natasha Aponte’s Viral TINDER SCAM?

You're not a victim, Natasha Aponte. You're just a cunt. And so is Rob Bliss.

Red Pill Nation Hangout #31Topics
1. Tommy Robinson Freed
2. Anne Hathaway All Blacks Live in Fear for their lives
3. Jeremy from the Quartering Assaulted
4. Sarah Jeong Vile Racist Hired by New York Times
5. Portland Antifa Protest Patriot Prayer
6. Stephan Molyneux and Lauren Southern in Australia

Tommy Robinson Is Free & The MSM Are Pissed

UK activist Tommy Robinson speaks out after prison release

Tommy Robinson FREED in a Victory for Nationalist Populism!!!

Why was Tommy Robinson jailed? The real reason EDL founder was sent to prison

Tommy Robinson freed on bail as court orders retrial

Tommy Robinson Freed: Contempt Finding Tossed Out

The Enemy of the British State

ALL Black People Fear For Their Lives DAILY ft Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Virtue Signals Over Nia Wilson, Says ALL Blacks Live in Fear! (REACTION)

SJW Anne Hathaway's Absurd Comments About White Folks

ELDER: Anne Hathaway is making 'race relations' worse

My Official Response To The Gencon Incident

Matt Fantastic (Loter) & The Public's Safety

The Quartering gets assaulted by SJW at GenCon

Gen Con Trying to Cover Up Unprovoked Bar Attack By Crazy SJW Booth Exhibitor

New York Times writer's anti-white tweets cause outrage

The New York Times Hired A Racist Troll And Defended Her

How The New York Times Defense of Racism Fuels The Alt-Right

LIVE: Patriot Prayer And Antifa In Portland

LIVE: Patriot Prayer / Proud Boys In Portland, Antifa


The Narrative Was Wrong, Conservatives Were Not Violent

Antifa & Patriots clashed on August 4th in Portland: Victory?!

Portland Civil Disturbance: Antifa VS Police


What We Learned from Lauren & Stefan’s Australia / NZ Tour

Event Canceled: New Zealand Is Hostile To Free Speech

Lauren Southern Stefan Molyneux Live Australia & New Zealand Tour + Caolan Robertson

The Truth About Lakemba

'Does Race Influence IQ??' - Stefan Molyneux & Lauren Southern Debate Leftist Host Live On TV

Thrown Out Of Sydney No Go Zone

Lauren & Stefan Destroy New Zealand TV Host.

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Have Speaking Event Cancelled in New Zealand

Tonights Topics

1. Trump calls out the Social Media Purge
2. Omarosa Manigault
3. New Star Wars TV Show
4. Asia Argento Meetoo'd
5. Men Who Don't Have Children are Irresponsible (Ben Shapiro)
6. Blake Griffin Child Support Settlement

Trump Finally Addresses Social Media Censorship of Conservatives

Donald Trump Condemns Social Media Companies for Biased Censorship

There's very little coverage being done by MS Media

Omarosa Manigault: This Is The Beginning Of The End For President Donald Trump | Hardball | MSNBC

Omarosa's White House recordings fuel Trump woes

Trump and Omarosa exchange barbs over bombshell book

New 'Resistance' Trailer Reveals Dave Filoni's Next 'Star Wars' Toon


The HATE for Star Wars Resistance is Real

Photo of Asia Argento with 17-year-old actor surfaces

Asia Argento has been MeToo'd

Jimmy Bennett speaks out after Asia Argento denies accusations of assault

Rose McGowan facing backlash for urging 'be gentle' with Argento

The Most VILE Women Alive! Asia Argento

Asia Argento Says Anthony Bourdain Paid Accuser! | TMZ Live

Ben Shapiro: "Choosing to Have NO CHILDREN is INHERENTLY SELFISH"

Ben Shapiro Says Those Who Don't Have Kids Are Selfish - The Amazing Atheist vs. Ben Shapiro

They Didn’t Have Children and, Most Said, They Don’t Have Regrets

News: The Feminist Slave Trade (TFM 42O)

Blake Griffin Detroit Pistons

Blake Griffin Has a Massive Child Support Bill

Blake Griffin Reportedly Reaches Child Support Settlement with Brynn Cameron

Red Pill Nation Hangout #22
1. Article 13
2. Han Soylo failure
3. Final analysis of Black Panther
4. Roseanne Cancelled
5. Samantha Bee/Ivanka Trump

Update on EU’s Copyright Reform Proposal #DeleteArt13

The EU is About to Destroy The Internet #DeleteArt13

The EU is About to Destroy The Internet #DeleteArt13

Star Wars: Why Solo FAILED At The Box Office

The Failure of Solo is the Fault of White Men

Did SOLO flop because it starred a White Guy?

SJW Moments in Solo: A Story Wars Story

ABC cancels 'Roseanne' after racist tweets

The Real Reason ABC Canceled Roseanne

Roseanne’s ex-husband speaks on racist tweet

Comedian Samantha Bee's Crude Joke About Ivanka Trump Just Ruined Her Career...

The Truth About Roseanne Being Canceled

Tucker REACTS to Samantha Bee's Attack on Ivanka

Red Pill Nation Hangout #23

1. Anita Sarkeesian gets invited to Gencon
2. Zoey Quinn gets her own comic book
3. Star Wars (Consumer Revolt)
4. Fat Acceptance
5. Miss America No Swimsuits
6. Ontario Election
7. Let’s Abolish Prison, Not Reform It (Good Men Project)

Famous Fraud Anita Sarkeesian To Appear As Guest of Honor At Gen Con - Coffee Corner


Zoe Quinn writing garbage for DC Vertigo

DC Comics Hires GamerGate's Own ZOE QUINN To Take Out ComicsGate Once And For All!


Star Wars Fans Are Dead: Rise Of A Consumer Revolt

Star Wars fandom isn't worth defending

Worst 'Star Wars' Fans Are Biggest Threat To 'Star Wars'

SJW's Use Kelly Marie Tran Story To Be Fake Outraged

Star Wars SJWs Use Kelly Tran Drama To Cover Up Solo's Flop

Kathleen Kennedy Says She Doesn't Care About Male Star Wars Fans


Fat shaming-friday


SJW DEBATES #17-Fat Acceptance Vs Common Sense

fat acceptance cringe 2018

Steven Crowder on Twitter

James Woods on Twitter

Miss America No Longer To Be Judged On Attractiveness


Miss America Ends Swimsuit Contest

Miss America no swimsuit

Canada’s Doug Ford Wins in Populist Revolt!!!

Ontario Votes 2018 Results

Doug Ford calls Progressive Conservative majority 'a new day' in Ontario

These are all the places Ontario Liberals were beaten on election night

Ontario 2018 Election: What’s Next?

Three years later, what became of the men photographed with Rob Ford?

Let’s Abolish Prison, Not Reform It


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