A basic explanation of surface tension, given by Douglas Harkey and produced by Adam Abraham.

Part I of II.

Tests performed in 2015, demonstrates how the simple act of pouring water through a vortex generator reduces, among other things, surface tension.

These tests achieved a 20% reduction in surface tension using just the force of gravity as water was poured through the vortex generator. Higher levels can be achieved when the water is run through under pressure.

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Adam describes the scientific and ethical inconsistencies associated with the COVID-19 matter, and the societal, psychological, and spiritual implications of compliance.

Chlorine dioxide is a molecule with many uses and a reputation surrounded in controversy.

In this re-issue of a Talk For Food episode that was banned on YT, Adam talks with Howard Alliger, of Frontier Pharmaceutical, who produces a line of products that utilize chlorine dioxide for its main ingredient.

Adam offers some perspective in response to a recommendation made by a New York State Bar Association task force of Health Attorneys.

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Adam points out the standard instructions associated with the COVID-19 "pandemic" all have the effect of lowering immune system function while the public waits for a "savior" vaccine that will further lower immune system function.

There ARE reasons to be concerned, and to ACT, but in a very different way that is not being discussed in the pandemonium. That is to restore balance in our body, soils, water, and atmosphere. A person with a healthy immune system does NOT pose a threat to an unhealthy person, nor do they need to wear masks or take vaccines in order to be "safe".

Unless we understand and internalize this information, people will be needlessly hoodwinked into another round of sickness and tyranny.

The COVID-10 problem is open to other valid scientific explanations, which outline different courses of action, which DON'T require vaccines or other expensive and freedom-limiting measures. Yet, the public is expected to follow these proposed measures simply because the promoters say they're the only answer.


This is fiat science. Will you give up your freedom and health for a house of lies?

Nothing to sell; a lot to think about.

A biochar production facility in Western Washington. Now DEFUNCT.

A video presentation on the origins and potential of vortex-based mathematics.

A conversation with Jim Brackins, director of Creative Ag Products, makers of an Oceanic Hydrolysate product sold under the brand name of Pacific Gro.

The product has huge implications for conventional agriculture, restoring crucial microbiology back to soil.


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