I demonstrate how to test parts per million of Chlorine dioxide with a test kit that I got online. I am doing this with 1 and 3 drops to see if water, cranberry juice and apple juice give the same ppm readings. According to my tests, there are about 8ppm of MMS in each 4oz of mixed liquid. The juices seem to not affect the ppm much so I am happy about that. Thank you "Simply Juice" brand.

Although MMS (Activated Sodium Chlorite...also referred to as MMS 1) has become well known amongst alternative medicine users, there are other chemical compounds that have very beneficial qualities to the body. That is because they are actually made in the body to help fight infection, pathogens and other things that are trying to hurt it. MMS 2 is just one of those compounds. Scientifically, it is referred to as "Hypochlorous Acid", a powerful biocide that is made by the human white blood cells. It can ALSO be made from water, vinegar, salt and electricity. It can ALSOOOO me made by adding water to Calcium Hypochlorite. Either way you have it made, it is an awesome help to the health of the body.

If you were to calculate how much a single person would need of Chlorine Dioxide for a full year, this would give you an idea of the number of ounces and actual cost (making vs. buying) MMS. I also show how these numbers vary by age and weight for adults. If you are figuring for children, there is a basic table for that too. I did not include amounts for the "Bath" treatment, or any other soaking washing treatments so that I could keep it simple. However, you would need to decide what and how much you would actually use.
Spreadsheet Link:

If you are going to learn about the Protocol 2000, it is important to understand what MMS 2 is and how it is a completely different chemical compound from MMS 1. MMS 2 is made when you take Calcium Hypochlorite and add water to it (which activates it). When activated, it reacts and turns to Hypochlorous Acid, another one of natures strongest and best disinfectant. It is actually produced by your body's white blood cells and it plays a big part in helping your body fight infection and cancers. When taking MMS 1 and 2 in sequence, you give your body a very strong defense against pathogens and you body will be better able to heal from ailments. Always remember to do a Startup Procedure for 1-5 days before getting to these so that your body aclamates to the treatments.
Spreadsheet LINK:

Details on the "Maintenance Schedule", "Protocol 1000" and the "Protocol 1000+". Always remember to do a Startup Procedure for 1-5 days before getting to these so that your body aclamates to the treatments. Link for the Spreasheet is below:

I found this on youtube but only in Spanish. They interviewed some of the people that were treated for coronavirus and showed its success rate. Subtitles are in english but it isn't a very good translation.

Hopefully you all have a stash of basic medicines, medications and other suppliments in storage in case of emergency situations. We all have seen what can happen when you can't get toilet paper or diapers from the supermarket. However, having medicine in that group should be essential. This video helps to explain what you can include (in terms of Chlorine Dioxide and other alternative medicine) for yourself and your family if such things were to get more serious than what we've seen so far. All of the items that I show can be purchased for under $200. The key would be undertanding how to use them. Remember, 1 quart of Sodium Chlorite can give you about 10-years of Maintenance-level drops of MMS. (Yes, that math is correct) I have a link to m spreadsheet here that shows about dosage amounts that can be made and different protocols that can be followed. I'll have another video soon that goes thorugh specific Protocols on using these items. LINK:

Here I review the standard side effects of Chlorine Dioxide that are published in the media and FDA to the public and compare them to the side effects of my perscription Keppra and Oxcarbazepine. Both my meds and ClO2 are proported to help prevent future seizures but Keppra and Oxcarbazepine are each have about 5 times as many side effects including "suicide attempts", "Depression", "Feelings of Hostility", "cataracts, "paradoxical convulsion" and even full on Seizures. (Seizures from anti-seizure meds...I actually had one while taking these meds). On top of all of this, most of the side effects listed from ClO2 are actually found within the side effect list of Keppra and Oxcarbazepine.

See how to take dry Sodium Nitrate Flakes at 80% potency and dilute it down to 22.4% with distilled water. The diluted liquid can then be used to purify water or to make "MMS" Chlorine Dioxide with the help of an acidic atcivator like Citric Acid (50%) or Hydrochloric Acid (4%).

I would like to introduce myself. I am just an average guy who decided a few years back to really start to study and learn about taking care of my health. I am truly grateful for every doctor and medical worker that I have been treate with. They are good and nice people. However, I've sensed for years tha that there was something really broken with the medical system that they work for. My study of MMS has changed my paradigm of how our health works and how it can be treated. My missinon is to find out all I can about MMS for health and then to teach the truth to the public. It is technically not a cure for anything. It just prepares and helps the body to heal itself by removing toxins and pathogens. If anyone is looking for an alternative and less expensive way to address their own health issues and diseases, I invite you to learn more from my playlist of videos.

I show how to mix the two parts (NaClO2 and an activating acid) to make Chlorine Dioxide, AKA MMS.

Short explanation of how to do a spray bottle mix. This is great for skin care and infected wounds. Wounds and infections on the skin heal very fast. I don't sell this stuff and have no monetary interest in the product but I know from experience that this facilitates the bodys ability to heal itself. I have also read that you can put up to 20 drops in 2 oz of water (10 drops per oz) for a more potent mix. You will need to see what how your skin responds to the spray.

This demo shows how to mix and then dilute a 3-drop chlorine dioxide mix (MMS) into water. It must be done in a dry cup first, and then mixed in with water. This dosage amount can be used to purify a gallon of semi clean water (like from a river or captured from rain) into drinkable water. I have read that you can use between 8-12 drops for a gallon if the water is more questionable.
Either way, be sure to wait about an hour after mixing before drinking it. It also can be used as a single dosage amount in the Protocol 1000, 2000 or 3000 for health purposes. (You drink it instead of pouring it into a gallon of water). It is one of the best killers of Parasites, Bacteria (bad bacteria), Viruses and Fungus in the body. Water that is being purified should be run through a fabric, paper towel or coffee filter to remove all solids.

This video is for those who have never taken MMS and want to know how to mix and take smaller dosages than 1 drop. (1/2 drop, 1/4 drop or smaller). I also explain why it is helpful to start with smaller doses and work your way up to the Protocol amounts. Ideally, you'll want to dilute the mixed drops with distilled water, bottled water, homemade non-citrus juice or a brand of non-citrus juice that doesn't have vitamin C, asorbic acid and is not from concentrate. Simply Cranberry or Simply Apple are juices that I have found that work from my local grocery store.

This is my long-version of what I experienced while taking MMS (aka Chlorine Dioxide) for the first time and through 28 days. I kept a daily journal of my experience and read the experience here. The main benefits that I experienced were...
1. Clearer and sharper brain function (no more brain fog)
2. Most aches and pains in the body went away.
3. Increased physical energy.
4. Faster recovery of muscles after working or working out.
6. Cardio exercise seemed easier.
7. Sugar cravings decreased down to almost nothing.
8. I crave healthier and more natural foods. (Not processed)
9. Prostate function increased - don't need to get up to urinate during the night like before
10. Trigger finger issue with both thumbs disappeared.
11. Anxiety and chest tightness/heaviness disappeared.
12. Sinus issue dried up and almost disappeared. (I hope to fully correct this with another round of the Protocol 1000 with some extra things like adding dmso and bentonite clay).
13. Didn't feel sore muscles after doing extensive workouts with yardwork and biking.
14. I lost 5+ lbs (maybe more but I wasn't tracking this).
15. People telling me that I look younger...facial skin. (I definately feel younger).

Negative Results of Chlorine Dioxide:
1. Slight nausea during about 4-5 of the days. Only a few minutes each.
2. Slight diahreah during the P1000 period during about 5 days and 1 day during start up week. (These can't even be calld the "runs" because it was at a smaller scale.
3. I lost $150 because I eneded up buying the materials and equipment to make a 10-year supply of more Chlorine Dioxide. I am sold on this suppliment and will continue to take it :)
4. I keep giving my 10-year supply bottles away to friends and family because I know it helps with all of the above.

This video shows how to take some 20% Hydrochloric Acid (aka HCL or muratic acid) and bring it down to a 4% level with distilled water. I also go through some of the math used to figure the quantities of water and acid to mix. Safety is very imporrtant whan working with such chemicals like this so be careful if you try this. Use hand and eye protection. The 4% HCL can be mixed with sodium chlorite (about 22.4% or sometimes higher) to make Chlorine Dioxide "MMS". The HCL can be purchased at a hardware store for about $10-15. When making Chlorine Dioxide, I call this mix the "A" mix. A is for "Acid" and "Activator".

So, Bolivian Ministry of Health officials and media are saying that ClO2 is not authorized for medical purposes, yet at the same time, it is being widely produced and sold in their local pharmacies and on the street. Either the Bolivian people (government program officials included) are being tricked by a false treatment/cure OR they actually know that it works against COVID-19. I share Andreas Kalcker's explanation of what is happening in Bolivia and in Ecuador because he is the one who has taught those in South America about how to produce and use ClO2 for health treatments.

There are a lot of videos and other sites online that either try to debunk, villify or spread false messages about ClO2/MMS. I was going to make a video analyzing one site to defend the truths but I found that the every-day people leaving comments did a great enough job at it. I think that Latinoamerica gets it when it comes to MMS. They are also getting tired of the biases and lies that affect their ability to choose their own health medicine.

This video shows how to mix 24 drops of MMS into 32 oz of water. This amount is to be taken internally in 4-oz increments every hour for 8 hours during this protocol. This means that you are drinking 3 drops (diluted, of course) each hour as you are able to. The protocol 1000 usually goes like this for 21 days or shorter depending on the issues that you are trying to treat. Note: This is the exact method for mixing the Protocol 2000 or 3000 except you would want to add 30 drops in 40 oz of water. (Of course, you could still use a 32 oz container with 30 drops...just drink about 3.2 oz per hour instead of 4. This can be done by marking your container with 10 evenly spaced lines with a sharpie so you know how much to drink at each hour). Other notes to keep the potency high: Try to use a container that is as air tight as possible. Keep the container out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.

In case you have never heard of Chlorine Dioxide as a health suppliment or have only heard negative things about it (because you only looked at youtube or the mainstream media outlets), this is my bullet point summary of what it is and how it works towards personal health. Millions of peple have been taking this for years and their responses to how it has helped them are diametrically different to what the main outlets have said. I have spent over 180 hours of learning, study and testing with this and I want to share what I have learned. I will also continue to learn and share about this. Here are several links to people who share about how it has helped them.

This is a record of an elderly woman doing the Startup Procedure for a few days and then moving on to the Protocol 1000 for 21 days.

Copy each of the links below and paste them onto your browser address bar for Volumes 1, 2 and 3. Over a thousand pages of medicinal information on Chlorine Dioxide and testimonials from people that have used it for their health issues. PDF format.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

These 4 individuals have helped me so much in learning about what Chlorine Dioxide is and how it can help with someones health if taken in the proper dosages. They are Jim Humble, Adam Abraham, Mark Grenon and Adreas Kalcker. Each of them have had their share of ridicule for their work. However, the simple fact is that thousands of others have chimed in to verify that Chlorine Dioxide really is helping them with their health diseases and issues. There are a few more that have contributed greatly,
but I haven't had time yet to study their writings and websites.
More to come.

When a single industry makes about 1/4 of the total amount that the federal government spends in a year, it is bound to have a lot of power in influencing how the medical industry is run.

When taking MMS you may have some basic side effects like nausea and diahreah. However, after finishing the "Startup Period", you may experience some other strange effects that actually seem worse than you were feeling before you started. Things like fatigue, Aches and soreness, Headaches, Anxiety, Brain Fog (malaise), ect. Keep in mind that this is normal and considered a part of what is commonly called a Healing Crisis, Herxeimer Reaction or a Homeopathic Reaction. Not everyone has this experience. However, if you do, it is typical and should pass after a few days of taking the dosages. (Be sure you are taking the correct dosage amounts and not too much during the startup and the protocol amounts). Following a period of these simptoms, things get much better and you should feel the great results of taking Chlorine Dioxide.


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