It's been some years since my last video on my RX7 so today I made a little video montage along with an update on my RX7 ownership!

I shot this review in 2014 and it's just a look at Mazda's convertible that preceded the MX5. The 160 horsepower rotary engine revs to 8000 rpm and gets the 3000 pound car moving fast enough to have a lot of fun. If you have any questions I didn't answer feel free to ask in the comments.

Happy Halloween to everyone! It's not just a day to scare the crap out of others but also a day to increase your tolerance for being scared yourself! We also enjoy watching horror movies and playing horror video games.
This month I've been playing King of Demons a.k.a. "Majuuou" in Japan where it was made for the Super Famicom. The game uses lots of grotesque and demonic imagery which is why I'm guessing it never had an American release on the SNES. When I play it I'm reminded of an old anime called "Devilman" which was also very horrifying and violent. I highly recommend both to you if you are fascinated by the macabre!


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