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Eagles have given Carson Wentz the best supporting cast in the NFL. My reaction to a ranking on Bleacher Report and my last report on Minicamp.

Bleacher Report Ranking:

Eagles Minicamp Day 3 Doug Pederson Press Conference:

Eagles Promote Andy Weidl:


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My thoughts on the Eagles Day 2 of Minicamp and the emergence of Marken Michel. I also give my rankings on the top QB, WR, RB, TE in the NFC East.

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Eagles minicamp highlights:


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Eagles may have another opportunity to aquire a top pass rusher in the NFL. Yannick Ngakoue is holding out with the Jacksonville Jaguars and it may not end soon

Jannick Ngakoue highlights:

Eagles Mini Camp practice Day 1:

Medical staff replaced:


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My thoughts on the Eagles next move to make. I also talk about which teams in the NFC I see as threats!!! I see Mark Holmes is still going off about Carson Wentz being better then Dak Prescott so I will have to respond later!!!


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Take away the Rookie year in stats and it’s not even close!!! Carson Wentz is better!!! Find out why I don’t put much stock in the Rookie year.

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My thoughts on why Carson Wentz is a better QB and why the Cowboys don't let Dak Prescott reach his full potential.

This is the Carson Wentz I expect:

Dak Prescott Highlights:


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My thoughts on the breaking news that Joe Douglas is hired by the Jets. Eagles will be just fine but I do have my concerns.

What Joe Douglas is like:

Jets Hire Joe Douglas as GM:


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Also Special Thanks and Shout Out to Mike Nixon for the great article. You can see it here...Eagles Offensive Line Rating:

My thoughts on the comments DeMarcus Lawrence said after Carson Wentz signed his extension. The answer is simple its on Lane Johnson who continues to shutdown DeMarcus Lawrence.

DeMarcus Lawrence running his mouth:


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Should the Eagles Trade Nelson Agholor due to JJ Arcega-Whiteside great play?

Nelson Agholor Article here:

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JJ Arcega-Whiteside highlights:

Nelson Agholor:


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Jordan Howard is showing lots of promise this offseason not just running but passing. Doug praised 6 players today, 3 of them could create assets for the Eagles to trade this preseason.

Doug Pederson Press Conference:

Jim Schwartz Press Conference:

Jordan Howard Press Conference:

Carson Wentz OTAs Week 3 Highlights:

Doug Pederson 6 standouts:

Boston Scott standing out?


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My thoughts on a possible trade scenario for the Eagles that would take care of two problems at once, making the Eagles Complete!!!

What Does Duke Johnson Bring?

Duke Johnson Cap and contract:

Eagles History Repeats!!! Eagles Trade In Preseason:

Sam Bradford Trade:

Ronald Darby Trade:

Who Is Andrew Berry?


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Who are my top 3 breakout candidates this year for the Eagles and Who are the 3 guys I most worry about? My top three guys that could disappoint.

Happy birthday To My daughter Bella who turns 12 today!!! Love ya baby!!!

Dallas Goeder Highglights:

Avonte Maddox Highlights:

Mack Hollins Highlights:


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Today I want to talk about if this roster is better than the 2017 roster that won the Super Bowl. I also will speak on why I think the NFL should leave Zeke Alone!!! I Want Dallas At Full Strength

Zeke Elliott/ Dallas Cowboys Talk starts @10:00

Eagles OTAs Highlights:

Zeke Elliott Latest Issues:


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My thoughts on the news that Carson Wentz and Desean Jackson are building chemistry together!!!! The New Dynamic Duo!!! OTAs continue

Carson Wentz and Desean Jackson OTAs Week 2 Highlights:

I got to the movies myself for the first time in my life!!! to see this movie Brightburn:


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Eagles Talk Starts @5:17

My thoughts on the Eagles Best and worst moves this off-season and why I believe this means the Eagles have a top 3 offense.

Desean Jackson 2018 Highlights:

Lets Face It the Trubisky Jersey is a jinx from day 1!!! I can't take it.

Josh Lost His Trubisky!!!

The Mitch Trubisky Jersey Arrives:


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My thoughts on why I think Miles Sanders will have a Huge Rookie season and become the Eagles Starter by week 10.

Miles Sanders Highlights:

Check Out the Roster Predictions here:


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My thoughts on Carson Wentz at OTAs and why I think its all a good sign.

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Carson Wentz and Eagles at OTAs

Eagles Sign OT Casey Tucker


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Carson Wentz Has been cleared for OTAs he is ready to go!!! The rest of the NFC East can start worrying because Carson Wentz is healthy. Sidney Jones is Ready for a big year in 2019. My thoughts.

Carson Wentz Cleared for OTAs

Get Ready For This:


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Eagles Breaking news Chris Long announces retirement from the NFL... My Thoughts

Derek Barnett Is Ready For A breakout year in his 3rd year.

Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz One more thing.


My thoughts on the reports that Carson Wentz and the Eagles are closing in on a new contract.

Dak Prescott vs Carson Wentz Starts @ 7:14

Who is better? Carson Wentz vs Dak Prescott? My thoughts

Dak Prescott Highlights:

Carson Wentz Highlights

Carson Wentz Contract Extension:

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My thoughts on the Eagles Signing Stefan Wisniewski. Eagles have one of the deepest rosters in the league


My day after thoughts on the 76ers heartbreaking loss to the Raptors. My thoughts on Joel Embiid crying and if Brett Brown gets fired.

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