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My thoughts on the Cowboys season


My thoughts on why the Eagles should trade for him

Dallas Goedert Huge Night in debut!!!

Alvin Kamara says he thinks that the Saints would of beat the Sh#@ out of the Eagles if they played them. My thoughts!!!

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The search for the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Rings is on, After being up 28-3 they must of won Super Bowl 51!!! The search continues.


The difference between the two Quarterbacks and my first Uploaded video to Bitchute!!!



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Welcome to Philly.500 also known as King Dingbat Bitchute Channel!!! I'm a HUGE Philly Sports Fan!!! I Love the Eagles, Sixers, Phillies, Flyers!!! I Love Sports in general, Love to talk and give my opinion about it as well as non sports related stuff. I Love to hate the Dallas cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins and have fun with it. Im passionate about my teams and respect all views and all fans of other teams. I also like to talk about Conspiracy theories, Politics, and Other general stuff.
As a BIG Believer of free speech, I'm against the censorship going on at other platforms, My channel here on Bitchute will contain Exclusive videos not related to Sports as here I don't have to worry about censorship. I'm very excited to be here on Bitchute!!!