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Eagles cut Zach Brown but Why? I think its a little more than what we all think.


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Eagles are a good team but are they a Super Bowl Contender? My Thoughts. Doug Pederson said what? Jason Garett on his way out?

Doug Pederson didn't guarantee victory:


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Eagles lose a tough one but the Cowboys Lose to a 0-4 Team?? How can this be? Simple This video Jinxed the Dallas Cowboys!!! HA HA HA HA!!!

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Lets Talk Birds and NFC East

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Sorry this is out a day late I had problems trying to upload on Friday Night.

Eagles (3-2) take on the Vikings (3-2) in Minnesota. I give my thoughts on the game

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This is my response to Mark Holmes and his video. My thoughts

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Could the rumor of Odell Beckham Jr being shopped around be true? If so could the rumor that the Eagles are interested be true as well? My thoughts.

Source Of Rumor:

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Eagles hardest part of the schedule is upon us and it starts with three road games. Eagles offense must find a way to get going. One trade I would consider that can help negate the secondary problems to consider.

Happy 13th Anniversary To my wife!!!!! Love You


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*No Game Footage Shown*


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Eagles take on the Jets week 5 and try to go 3-2 on the year as the Jets try to win for the first time all year. My thoughts and Prediction on this match up.


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The owner of the Jags has said he does not want to Trade Jalen Ramsey but this will either come back and haunt him or he will give in. Even if Ramsey isn't traded the Eagles still need a corner. I give you my other options.

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Trade Talk starts @12:23

In this video I take a look at the 1st Quarter of the season as well as the 2nd Quarter of the season. Good, the bad, and the Ugly.

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Eagles acquire Duke Riley from the Atlanta Falcons in exchange for Johnathan Cyprien. I think this is the first of a few trades.

Duke Riley Highlights:


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Cowboys get upset by the Breesless Saints and the Eagles are 1 game out of first!!! I think this week the Eagles need to make a move at Cornerback they have to many injuries. My thoughts on Week 4

Cowboys vs Saints Highlights:

Jalen Ramsey Top 100:


#PhiladelphiaEagles #FlyEaglesFly #JalenRamseyTrade

Jalen Ramsey Trade Request Still Stands:

Jalen Ramsey Is A Stud

In this video I want to make my case for why I believe the Eagles need to trade for Jalen Ramsey. Eagles Also Signed Orlando Scandrick back to the roster, I share my thoughts.

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Jalen Ramsey Talk @14:30

Breaking Bad Movie Talk starts @ 10:28

Eagles VS Packers Highlights:

Eagles with a huge win!!! We Are Back!!! hang out with me celebrating the Eagles Victory I Discuss all things Eagles as well as getting a trade done for Jalen Ramsey after he says he still wants out!!! Plus Im excited about Breaking Bad Movie!!!! Are You guys?

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*No GameFootage Shown*


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Jalen Ramsey Talk @11:11

Eagles (1-2) have a Big game this week vs the Packers (3-0) on Thursday Night Football!!! What is with the Jalen Ramsey for Zach Ertz Rumors?

Dont Forget I will be streaming this game live right here on this channel!!!


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Check Out The Drops for yourself on Baldy's Breakdown:

Eagles are in a must win game vs the Packers!!! Its scary to think this team could go 1-3.


#AntonioBrown #Patriots #FlyEaglesFly

My thoughts on the Antonio Brown situation


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Eagles have a ton of injuries but still must find a way to go 2-1 on the season. The Eagles need this victory vs the Lions.


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Desean Jackson's injury could be worse then we thought and if it is then I believe it may push the Eagles to trade for Jalen Ramsey.

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Desean Jackson's Injury:


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Jalen Ramsey Talk Begins @9:52

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-0 and the fans are crowning them champs after just two weeks!!! No Eagles Fans is scared of them because we know that dallas aint tough enough to beat us when it counts.

Jalen Ramsey trade could go down on friday and latest rumor is the Jags want two first round picks. Do You do it?


#PhiladelphiaEagles #JalenRamsey #FlyEaglesFly

So as you know Jalen Ramsey has requested a Trade, multiple reports have come out saying the Eagles are interested and looking into trading for him. This does not mean they will and even though I want them to its hard to imagine they would.


Eagles looking into trading for Jalen Ramsey?

Two Teams Made Offers:

Potential Landing Spots:


#PhiladelphiaEagles #FlyEaglesFly #EaglesVSFalcons

Congrats to all the Falcons fans on this hard fought victory you guys deserve it.

While having a 103 degree fever I had to cam up and speak my mind about this loss and why I think the Eagles and Carson Wentz are better for it. We have a lot to build on.

Eagles vs Falcons highlights:



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