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The Eagles Roster is loaded and as we get closer to the regular season it becomes more clear the Eagles can't keep everyone!!! Plenty of players are stepping up which is creating more assets for the Eagles to trade. You can't let talent just Walk.

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Eagles vs Jaguars Highlights:

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Eagles got a steal in LB L.J. Fort who has flashed so far in camp. The Eagles sign LB Chris Worley and started joint practices with the Ravens.

Jerry Jones says "Zeke Who"

eagles vs jaguars highlights


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Eagles sign QB Josh McCown, my thoughts as well as my thoughts on Howie Roseman always being a step ahead of the Dallas Cowboys

Josh McCown Highlights:

Eagles vs Jaguars:


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My thoughts on the Eagles vs Jaguars game.

Eagles vs Jags Highlights:


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Rumors are out that the Texans are shopping Jadeveon Clowney and part of what they want is a Left Tackle in return. I give my opinion on why i believe the Texans are shopping Clowney and why I think the Eagles would be a player for him. I my maximum trade idea for Clowney.

Eagles have Cap Space: $20,539,031 according to

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Jadeveon Clowney 2019 Top 100

Jadeveon Clowney 2018 Top 100

Jadeveon Clowney 2017 Top 100

Jadeveon Clowney Trade rumors:

Top Teams Interested In Jadeveon Clowney:


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The Eagles are a day away from taking on the Jaguars in week 2 of the preseason. I give my thoughts on Day 15 of practice and what I want to see from the Eagles this week

Brent Toth Highlights:


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Today was a interesting day at camp as Andre Dillard and Derek Barnett got into a fight. Andre Dillard has a nasty streak and I Love it!!! I must respond to two video in less then 24 hours made by my man Mark Holmes!!! I think its obvious Cowboys fans are nervous.

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Eagles today waived Shelton Gibson and picked up Sojourn Shelton. Eagles also worked out WR Bruce Ellington. We have a real battle for the 4th DE spot and so far I got to say that Daeshon Hall won round 1. Thoughts on practice.

Titans vs Eagles Highlights:

Sojourn Shelton Highlights:


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Eagles completed Day 12 of training camp today with the announcement that Dallas Goedert and Lane Johnson will miss the rest of Preseason!!! Good!!! Derek Barnett took one more step to getting back on the field. All That plus my thoughts on the Wide Receiver position.

Doug Pederson's Press Conference:

Practice Day 12:


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Eagles trade OT Ryan Bates to Buffalo for DE Eli Harold!!! My thoughts...

Eli Harold Highlights

Eagles Trade for Eli Harold:


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In this video I will talk about the Eagles loss to the Titans. It's not the loss that is an issue in Preseason but rather if we have injuries or how guys perform. I will discuss all of that this video!!! My thoughts on all of it including the Nate Sudfeld injury.


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Eagles Talk starts @3:54

I give my opinions on who I would like to see most in the First Preseason game among other things.


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Eagles finished the last practice before the first preseason game and Carson let everyone know how good Desean Jackson is and how he is so much more then a Deep Threat.

Eagles also signed two guys after Joe Ostman injury was revealed to be an Torn ACL. They picked up Ajene Harris a slot corner and waived Caey Tucker while also picking up Kasim Edebali. My thoughts on all of it including the latest on Zeke Elliott

Doug and Carson press conference:


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Eagles had a light practice today after an intense practice last night. Corey Clement took part in practice today, looking healthy and ready to go. Eagles will be contenders for years to come because when you look at the past few drafts it has been very very good.

Mike Groh Press Conference:


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Eagles had open practice today for fans as well as Military Appreciation. Shout out to all the Troops thank you for all that you do.
Today was another day where Miles Sanders Wow's the fans. Joe Ostman is injured which is so frustrating. Desean Jackson is given a great ovation by the fan. Great day with over 40,000 fans in attendance.

Desean Jackson Returns to The Linc!!!

Eagles Press conference:

Eagles Practice:

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UPDATE: Kamu Grugier-Hill has a Grade 3 MCL Sprain he will miss some time in the regular season but should be back fairly early. I see this as a major break it could of been a lot worse.

Eagles Returned to Day 8 of Practice after having the day off. We all are holding are breath as Kamu Grugieri-Hill left early after being injured. On a positive note Miles Sanders was good to go and practiced, As Jonathan Cyprien Impressed wearing his new number 41.

Doug Pederson And Carson Wentz Press Conference:

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My thoughts on why the Eagles are bringing in another TE, and the Report that Cre'Veon LeBlanc's injury is a Lisfranc Sprain

Update: Eagles have Released Godwin Igwebuike to make room for Jonathan Cyprien!!! I Love it


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Eagles sign Safety Jonathan Cyprien to add depth to the position. My Thoughts.

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Today was the most intense practice for the Eagles. Sidney Jones continues to show how good he can be. Eagles WR situation is very interesting as many of the Wideout are showing flashes at camp.
Can Carlton Agudosi make the Eagles?

Doug Pederson Press Conference:

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I believe Alshon Jeffery Will Have a career year, I give my projections as well as discussing how Andre Dillard has impressed everyone at camp. I also talk about the not so good and my biggest fear for this team going into preseason.

Mike Groh's Press conference:

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Today was Day 5 of Training Camp and the Eagles went live!!! Full contact and Carson Wentz and the offense shown through. One thing that stood out was the play of Miles Sanders!!! He in my opinion is the best running back on the Eagles already. Sidney Jones with a great camp as well. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside makes Play of the Day!!!

Eagles talking about Huge Play By J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

Training Camp Today:

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Day 4 of camp got underway after a day off Sunday!!! The Carson Wentz to Desean Jackson connection continues to get better and better everyday!!!

Dallas Goedert is so good the Eagles can't afford to keep him off the field which is why they are running so many 12-man personnel. Who has been the best corner in camp so far? My thoughts.


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Day 3 of Camp came and went with the Eagles in Pads. Carson struggled but made up for it, The Eagles sign Orlando Scandrick to a one year deal and waive Anthony Rush. My thoughts as well as Cre'veon Leblanc's injury

Eagles Day 3

Mike Groh Press conference:


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Eagles were back at practice for Day 2 of camp. The day started with Carson Wentz looking Great, followed by Leblanc trade rumors and ending with Zeke Elliott holding out and the Eagles claiming Alex Brown from the 49ers.

Eagles Claim Cornerback:

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