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During a solar eclipse, if NASA can show us the Moon's shadow on Earth through the cameras onboard ISS, why can't they turn their cameras at the Sun and show us a solar eclipse from space?

According to NASA flight controller Matt Wilkinson, the ISS doesn't have many windows facing the Sun directly, and due to the lack of atmosphere, astronauts have to be careful and can't look directly at the Sun. 🤡

Raw dairy products specially Raw Milk is the best!

This video is really informative about how the pasteurization process is making milk becomes way less beneficial for our health. they did this on purpose so that people get sick and rush to swallowing bug pharma pills!!!

Liquid Gold or Poison: The Battle Over an Age-Old Beverage
Investigate the surprising resurgence of a once-banned drink. Uncover the arguments for and against its consumption, and the implications for public health and personal choice.
* In a December 2023 article, Claire Panosian Dunavan, a UCLA professor emeritus, questioned the appeal of raw milk, citing historical efforts to reduce infant mortality through pasteurization and expressing concerns over the risks of illness from pathogens in raw milk
* Sally Fallon Morell refutes claims about the heightened risk of illness from raw milk, pointing to data and analyses suggesting that the dangers are grossly overstated
* Historical declines in infant mortality were more due to sanitation and public health measures than the pasteurization of dairy
* Pasteurized milk has been shown to contribute to a range of health issues, including allergies and asthma
* Studies from Europe and anecdotal evidence have linked raw milk consumption to lower rates of asthma, allergies, and stronger bones, among other health advantages

Strange Events at CERN on April 8th During the Solar Eclipse | Solar Eclipse Prophecy
End Times Productions
CERN is being activated during the Solar Eclipse April 8 2024. Could it all be just one big coincidence?
Dr. Tom Horn shares his unique perspective on the CERN laboratory, where science and the supernatural collide.

Do eclipses cause earthquakes and tsunamis?

According to ancient Indian texts of Brihat-Samhita (Adhyay 5, S. 32-34) and Garg-Samhita floods and major earthquakes are caused by Rahu and Ketu and they mostly occur couple of weeks before and after the eclipses.

The USGS calculation estimates a 3x increased risk of an earthquake during new moon and full moon. And as we know eclipses happens on the new moon and full moon days, there is much evidence of large earthquakes occurring before or after an eclipse. Earthquakes in Gujarat India (2001), Turkey (2003), Alaska (2003), Japan (2004), Sumatra (2007), Peru (2007), Indonesia (2008), Nepal (2015), India (2022) happened within 2 weeks prior or after the eclipse. The mainstream media will, as usual, fact check this as false and declare it unscientific.

The Myth about Eclipse Predictions

It's generally believed (myth) that NASA predicts eclipses using advanced mathematics based on a heliocentric globe model.

In reality NASA predicts eclipses using the Saros cycles recorded by the ancient Babylonian and other astronomers for thousands of years. And it's not surprise that ancient astronomy was based on a geocentric flat earth model.

Total Eclipse of the Mind

Many people think that modern astronomy’s ability to accurately predict lunar and solar eclipses is a result and proof positive of the heliocentric theory of the universe. The fact of the matter however is that eclipses have been accurately predicted by cultures worldwide for thousands of years before the “heliocentric ball-Earth” was even a glimmer in Copernicus’ imagination. Ptolemy in the 1st century A.D. accurately predicted eclipses for six hundred years on the basis of a flat, stationary Earth with equal precision as anyone living today. All the way back in 600 B.C. Thales accurately predicted an eclipse which ended the war between the Medes and Lydians. Eclipses happen regularly with precision in 18 year cycles, so regardless of geocentric or heliocentric, flat or globe Earth cosmologies, eclipses can be accurately calculated independent of such factors.

Solar Eclipses Prove Flat Earth - Part 4

A real-life 3D scale model shows the impossibility of a solar eclipse in the heliocentric globe model.

Solar Eclipses Prove Flat Earth - Part 3

An eclipse of up to 6 hours duration is impossible in the heliocentric globe model.

Solar Eclipses Prove Flat Earth - Part 2

An eclipse shadow traveling from West to East contradicts the heliocentric globe model.

Solar Eclipses Prove Flat Earth - Part 1

A very small umbra/antumbra contradicts the heliocentric globe model.


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When traveling in a car we observe (in side view) that objects closer to us move faster compared to the objects away from us, that's called parallax. If we live on a spinning globe and the stars are spread millions of miles or "light years" away, we should see star parallax. But we don't see such phenomena in real life observations.

So it makes more sense for the stars to be close to us and fixed in their position relative to each other. Though no one knows what the stars really are, but the fact that we've been seeing exactly the same star constellations throughout our history without any parallax means that we're stationary and not moving through infinite space.