Courtesy of Nikon P900 from 200 feet elevation
Two thirds of the island shouldn’t be visible according to the Earth Curve Calculator

Circumnavigation on the flat earth is very simple, you can also see the direction is very simple to understand as well. The globe model is the asamath equidistant map turned into a ball.

According to the Earth Curve Calculator from 100 feet elevation the Island should be 630 feet below the horizon while Santa Barbara is 634 tall

Atom bombs has no evidence, just fake cartoons just like NASA globe models

The truth is coming out no matter what they do. The truth always comes out, more and more people are waking up to the flat earth even when it's censored.

An easy example of perspective representing how we view the sun on the flat earth. The sun does not go down the curve, but rather shrinks do to how our eyes see things going further into the distance.

This phenomenon collaborates with the 21-hour time difference - despite being less than five kilometres apart.

Lmao, NASA's space pictures are nothing but cgi art and they admit it ūüėā


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