Visit the channel: He is labeled as a terrorist by the FBI because of his ability to unite races. Apparently that is a threat to our current masters. I look forward to seeing more content!

- Is Bitchute Censoring This Video?
Bitchute is still blocking some of my videos. When I complain, they play for a few days then stop again. If you do not like them doing this, email [email protected] and reference this video.

Do what you want, but it must remain a choice.

Remember that the choices you don't make will be made for you. The world must stand together as one. Many plan to stand together in their local, state, or national capitals. Be peaceful...Be smart.

How does this happen? Were some down-votes invalidated much like many of our votes last November? LOL

I fear we are too late.

Still waiting for America to finally say ENOUGH!

Oh, finally, an administration that is based on science...You know, where you talk about facts and not opinions LMAO....

9/5/20 Update:
To:[email protected],
Sat, Sep 5 at 1:38 PM
Please advise what happened during Marquise "keese" Love's arraignment scheduled for September 2nd 2020. I see no updates and need to know what is happening with this case. Please advise. I will not allow this issue to drop. Respond and let me know where this case is currently within the legal system of Oregon. Thank you, in advance, for your prompt reply.
Original Post:
I doubt that anything will happen. They were waiting until today to make any pleas or try to bargain down....I'm guessing to wait until the Goldfish had forgotten about it. I will not forget, Adam Hunter....He must pay for what he has done!

I am very grateful sir! Even if I couldn't get the needed signatures to try to change the law, even if my elected officials didn't care, even if it seems AZ just doesn't care that this law is out there, maybe someone saw this who has a much larger online voice than I do.

Arizona ARS 36-787 Forced Vaccines - Everyone thinks someone else will do something. No one can be bothered to turn off Netflix and actually do something. The apathy of the masses is going to be the downfall of our entire country. The reliance on our representatives doing what is right rather than what is optically or politically needed for reelection is going to be our downfall. Thinking someone else will take care of things will be our downfall. I am soon going to be living a peaceful simple life. Someone else can try to change AZ law.

BLM actually stands for Black Lies Matter lol.....just listen to that slut's statistic. I can't find anything even close to that. She must be one of those Meme Scholars I keep hearing about LMAO.
The Citizen Watchdog Group never took off because I was taking care of my mom after surgery and it never got off the ground. The purpose of showing that is that there has been a police problem for a long isn't just abuse against blacks. Saying so is just causing more division. We should be joining together to fight government abuse.
BLM members are tools of the international banks who are using them to cause destruction and allow the takeover of that property for the inability to make the needed payments due to the destruction. BLM members are tools of the New World Order. I will never support Black Lives Matter. They are a communist organization with one goal - destroy the US and remove the concept of personal property. It has nothing to do with black lives.

We need to start demanding our State House and State Senate to declare the State of Emergency closed. Lord knows our Governor will never do it with all the extra power he currently possesses. We need to protest and make our voices heard. We need to organize and stop this before it is too late. Stopping the State Of Emergency is only the first step to mitigate the threat of forced vaccines. We need to get the law changed but first need to stop this madness.

Lets see if this even goes to trial. If not, will there be riots in the street? Will we all stand as one and say enough? Will we take our city, state, and federal government back? I'm not hopeful because there are 2 different legal systems in the US. One for the left (lenient) and one for the right (swift and harsh). It is time to fight back!

The public meetings are a good forum to make your voice heard. It won't be long before they close the meetings to the public and force us to call into the meetings instead. Get out there while you can and be heard instead of waiting to be herded.

Super easy but tedious. Taking a break from packing up the house where I found some cordage I made in 2012. It is still extremely durable. Making cordage is a quick skill to learn. It's a slow process but takes you one step closer to being self sufficient.

Andy's Story Telling along with School House Rock

Some of my friends asked what I was talking about when I keep mentioning the bald chick ruled by emotion who creeps me out lol...I cant find the original but this is a nice short clip of it.

***I'm not sure if @FogCityMidge is the originator of the video or not

I just found this video was still processing after 4 months lol...good job bitchute! Probably wouldn't have noticed if I didn't read that article today and look back to find the video where I talked about checkpoints. Anyway, enjoy my spitting mad rant.

I was going to break down the doctors speeches and splice in some articles from what they were discussing but bitchute is acting up and not processing my videos afer 2 days. Deleting them all and posting the one whole press conference as is.

Bitchute prevents certain videos I post from playing. When I complain it will be viewable for about a week and then they turn it off again. If you do not like what they are doing, send them an email [email protected]
Clip from the press conference the day after America's Frontline Doctors was censored

This poor man really needs help. He is the personification of Trump Derangement Syndrome...He kind of reminds me of "God" from Nurse Jackie.

Consider carefully before you allow an untested product be injected into you.

Why dont they want to talk about treatments and cures for Covid-19? Follow the money...Question everything...I keep forgetting to turn off comments and dont want to censor people who already spoke. If I find someone who bitchute censored, I will post it and turn off comments.

The Globalists write about their crimes openly because they know that most people are too lazy to read what they are actually doing. When we tell people what they are planning, we are called conspiracy theorists. I'm beginning to think we all deserve what we get if we don't stop it now.
This was a chilling book. I also recommend The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe.
Side note....I want to be his boyfriend.

You wouldn't believe some of the comments that have been held and blocked. Fuck you Bitchute.
Sorry...I will turn the comments off of all videos now. I wont have some external entity dictate who can and cannot comment on my videos.


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