It is the obligation of every citizen to question the activities of our government officials. Dont just suck up what you are being told. Dig Deeper...Share what you learn...Where We Go One We Go All.

LMAO the House hearing to condemn President Tumps twitter comments was a riot! There were so many funny moments. I may do a compilation.

I love doing this to strangers. They dont know what to say when you turn it on their Evil Queen...Evergreen....Hillary.

This is a great example of authoritarian news. Block all reporting papers and allow the one that let it happen go unchecked. NZ blocking Zero Hedge but not Facebook? WTF? #WakeUpAmerica #WWG1WGA #TheMoreYouKnow #Qanon

LOL. Just venting. Sigh. Why are they alowed to talk about politics but I cant. F#[email protected]@$ THAT! The one and only time I keep my mouth shut....I always try something once :-P

I'm putting together a video that I can just share with my friends who know nothing about the dangerous 4th branch of our government, comprised of unelected individuals, that is unregulated, unmonitored, and unchecked. Should be posted within a week or two.

Still nothing but chirping crickets...Where is the media coverage in the USA? Corporate Media loves dissension but now, with this....silence....somewhere in the distance a dog barks. Guess its not the type of dissension they want or control.

Only democrats can censor the press, only they can use the DOJ and IRS against their political enemies...Obama prosecuted more journalists and whistle blowers than all presidents before him combined but no one cared then.... I know the sound I'll replace my broken mic.
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Don Lemon demonizes white men, Lies about the caravan, and creates a Muslim Ban out of thin air. It is time to call out the Corporate Media BS when you see it.
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Just as fake as, but less dangerous than, the mailed ricin at the beginning of the month...We barely heard about that. Why is this fake bombing getting so much attention you might ask.....the ricin attacks didn't fit the Corporate Media narrative....Republicans Bad Democrats Good. Republicans Aggressors Democrats Victims.
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