Memes are EVIL!
Ban the Goyim!

like most main-stream WW2 documentaries, it's full of half truths, still manages to blame Nazis, pretends the Holocaust happened, anti-Semitism is bad, the poor Jews, yadda yadda yadda

The only video YouTube banned from this Black Christian channel.
The first couple of minutes is the best part

Them Jews: Former Mossad Agent spills the bean about the control, treachery and manipulation of U.S. foreign policy by the Israel government.

kick out the jams, goy

Book advert for the companion to 'Secret Relationship', a collection of slave auction ads by Jewish slave merchants..

The Jew is Everyone's Misfortune


Modernization under the Shah Monarchy, the Shah abdicated after a Jew-manufactured 'student revolt', because the Shah was wise to the Jews and threat to their world domination through the power of his 'Oil Empire'.



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