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This is the same Rabbi who says Christianity & the New Testament is "anti-Semitic".
Shame on Zionist-Christian scum Mike Huckabee, what an asshole.

A Jew who made a multi-million dollar career out making fun of races and religions says people who criticize Jews and Israel should be censored, arrested and imprisoned.

Jonathan Greenblatt:
“It is long overdue for Google and Facebook and Twitter to once and for all, take the people spewing anti-Semitism and Racism and Hate and Throw-Them-Out”.
…(and everybody clapped)

news report

introduction by Ernst Zündel and Paul Fromm

3000 years of "we don't understand why Goyim don't like us exploiting them"

short compilation someone put together, not my work.

Compilation someone put together, not my work.

White Nationalists are not the problem, It's those who turn people into White Nationalists that's the problem.


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