When concrete is everywhere...

The latest adventure of Telekinetic Man by Jason Black.

Starring James Desira.

That's nasty!

Starring Jason Black & James Desira.

'The Adventures of Telekinetic Man' by Jason Black.

Starring James Desira.

The adventures of 'Telekinetic Man' start here.

There's a secret to this short film but it was poorly executed.

Ever had this happen to you?

Just some footage that we captured during our shoot of 'THE DIGGHEAD FILES: The Phylum of the Yellow Tricycle Riders' short film.
Thanks to Dean for the footage.

This one goes out to The Diggheads!

We started early in the morning that day and filmed all day.
We took a couple of trains to get there, carrying what we could (but also what we had available at the time) of filming equipment except for an external microphone, hence the bad audio in the video.
During the day, we ran out of battery at few times, taking time to charge it as we only had one battery at hand.
We kept forgetting our lines as we weren't as prepared as we thought we were about the dialogue (I thought I had it down, since I wrote it!).
When we were losing light, we knew we wouldn't finish shooting it.

It was an ambitious pursuit for a one day production but we knew we really wanted to produce something as we had the time to do something about it during that year. We gave it our best shot and were left with this particular video.


Written, Produced, Composed, and Directed by Hector David Sosa.

Written, Produced, Composed, and Directed by Hector David Sosa.

Another humorous piece.
Let us know what you think.

Humorous piece.

Altered states...

Just having some fun part 1.

Just having some fun part 2.

Drawing people throughout the years.

I explored these styles for a few years. I wanted to create something that no one has ever seen before. Did I achieve that? Let me know.

Copious amount of alien designs here.

I don't usually draw on my PC but I did make some art on it at some point. These are those works.

Cartoons throughout the years.


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