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Afshin Rattansi goes underground on when WikiLeaks met Google. Julian Assange discusses the meeting he had in 2017 with Eric Schmidt, then a top executive and now chairman of Google, and 3.

Julian ASSANGE Orwellian horror of GOOGLE Glass, vesves in bed with state dept.

ian Assange - Orwellian horror of GOOGLE Glass, vesves in bed with state DEPT SUBSCRIBE for Latest on FINANCIAL CRISIS / OIL PRICE / GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE / AGENDA 21 / DOLLAR COLLAPSE /.

Julian Assange talk about his book When Google met Wikileaks.

They tried hard to cover it up, but someone leaked the documents on a memory stick to a unsuspecting customer.

𝐀-𝐂𝐇𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐄 𝐈𝐒 𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋 & 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐒𝐄 𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐓𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐊 They tried hard to cover it up, but someone leaked the documents on a memory stick to a unsuspecting customer.



What We Just Discovered In Antarctica Is Hidden From You Until Now! Did Google Earth try to Hide a Space Ship in Antarctica?


This video provides some homework for those wanting to get to know more..

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There are 9 PDFs available, you are free to download any one of them or all if you wish.

Some of the PDFs have a cover letter in German, you can highlight and copy the German content and past it to a translator like DeepL Translator ( - and NO, you DON'T want to be using ANY Google product.

There are no images, just copies of original source documents - data, LOTS of data.

What most people don't get - this is only ONE offshoot of trafficking...

Public domain video

Brief dialog of what he is seeing happening, time to wake up.
Event 201

Dr. Lee Merritt, MD, recently was interviewed by Alex Newman of The New America. Dr. Merritt began her medical career at the age of four, carrying her father's "black bag" on house calls, along the back This is the section of her interview with Alex Newman where she discusses the mRNA injections.

Ancient Civilization Season 3: Free World Premiere Screening - Watch Now!!! - Follow this link​

Could recently melted snow caps reveal an alternative history of Earth? Explore forgotten ruins and new scientific research that may indicate the presence of a pre-Adamite civilization with advanced architecture, hidden beneath the ice. Plus, see how the mathematical codes revealed by these findings may unlock the mysterious origins of elongated skulls found in sacred resting places across the world.

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Mike Lindell "Absolute Proof 2021" a documentary alleging that voting machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems had conspired with foreign powers to rig voting machines to steal the election from Trump. In January 2021, Dominion warned Lindell that they planned to sue him, stating in their letter: "You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign." (The two companies sent similar letters to others as well.) Lindell told The New York Times, "I would really welcome them to sue me because I have all the evidence against them. Mike Lindell's purchased three hours of airtime on One America News Network, which had also been sued by the Dominion executive, to broadcast Absolute Proof, a documentary making his fraud claims. OANN broadcast a lengthy disclaimer before the program, which aired on February 5, 2021, to assert that the claims were Lindell's alone. YouTube, by contrast, removed the documentary from its platform that same day for violating its policy against false claims about election integrity. Viewers are allowed to download and share this video everywhere.

Because the Gnostics of the 2nd and 3rd centuries regarded the material world as outright evil or as the product of error, Archons were viewed as maleficent forces. They numbered 7 or 12 and were identified with the seven planets of antiquity or with the signs of the zodiac. For some, these entities are known as beings of power, to others... they represent a reptilian race of overlords. David Icke provides a detailed account of these beings that seemingly affect the outcome of events.

Bill Gates Never finished school. Not an engineer. Not a doctor. Not a virologist. Not elected. Owns virus patents. Owns vaccine companies. Visited Epstein Island and Peter Nygard's house dozens of times. It is his desire to kill billions around the world.

Dr. T. explains science, prostitution, and everything in between!

A video where a woman unravels the fibre from several Covid-19 dry swabs and claims that the material is “alive” and made of “Morgellons”, a filament associated with an unproven medical condition, has garnered tens of thousands of views on both Facebook and YouTube since early January. These claims are false – the synthetic fibre of the dry swabs is not “alive” and has no connection with Morgellons disease.

“Nanoparticles”, “morgellons”… what are the claims made in this video?

Join a team of marine scientists as they embark on an unprecedented journey across the Great Southern Ocean and beyond to Antarctica.

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From Expedition Antarctica

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Invading Antarctica: Secret South Pole Colony

The Punk Singer

The key to empowering women is to tell'em men are into empowered woman.
Or, you could do as this documentary denotes and front a punk band.
From her humble beginnings as a spoken-word poet, Kathleen Hanna has confronted audiences with feminist issues.
However, it wasn't until she learned that she could reach a wider audience through music that Hanna's unique voice was finally heard.
Through her bands Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, The Julie Ruin, and her outspoken contributions to 'zines, Hanna pioneered the Riot Grrl movement.
Entrenched in the '90s music scene, she also influenced Kurt Cobain and Sonic Youth.
But in 2005 her successful singing career ended under a cloud of secrecy.
Insightful and engaging, The Punk Singer is a rousing portrait of an activist and artist few know, but many should respect.
Furthermore, feminism and punk rock have a lot in common: piercings, hair dye and no mainstream acceptance.

“What you see in the film is the tip of the iceberg” says producer Gabe Hoffman on An Open Secret, the documentary from Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg about child sex abuse in Hollywood

A revealing new documentary about the sexual abuse of children within Hollywood is hoping to lift the lid off an alleged network that implicates major industry figures.

An Open Secret, which was shown this week in an out-of-festival screening in Cannes, is a damning new film from Oscar-nominated director Amy Berg, who previously explored paedophilia within the Catholic church in Deliver Us From Evil.
First-hand accounts from young actors who suffered at the hands of managers, publicists and directors, while underage, are used alongside input from investigative journalists and psychologists who present a damaging collection of evidence

This documentary by Jamie Johnson (heir to the Johnson vesves Johnson pharmaceutical fortune) captures the rituals, worries and social customs of the current .

A documentary on children of the insanely rich. Directed by one of their own, Johnson vesves Johnson heir, Jamie Johnson.

This 80-minute documentary focuses on the growing wealth gap in America, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Jamie Johnson, a 27-year-old heir to the .

Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson and johnson fortunes award winning documentary about kids who are born filthy rich,Interviews heirs .

The State of California may be the current cradle of crazy, but it wasn't always that way. Dramatic demographic & culture changes, along with a corrupt government, have destroyed the Golden State before our very eyes. Now some of their biggest political leaders are set to run the country. Is California the crystal ball for the future of America?

This presentation will highlight some of the most exciting and shocking methods by which my team and I routinely let ourselves in on physical jobs.

Many organizations are accustomed to being scared at the results of their network scans and digital penetration tests, but seldom do these tests yield outright "surprise" across an entire enterprise. Some servers are unpatched, some software is vulnerable, and networks are often not properly segmented. No huge shocks there. As head of a Physical Penetration team, however, my deliverable day tends to be quite different. With faces agog, executives routinely watch me describe (or show video) of their doors and cabinets popping open in seconds.

Presenter: Deviant Ollam -
Event: Wild West Hackin' Fest 2017

Special thanks to Wild West Hackin' Fest for letting us share their talks.

The We the People will not be Chipped - No Verichip Inside Movement, is based on the irrefutable fact, that we believe in mankind's inalienable human rights that are absolute and can not be debased, nor perverted. Human life can not be degraded to a 16 digit RFID chip number embedded under you skin under any circumstance. By uniting on this common ground, we can send a strong message to the IBM funded Verichip that we the people will not be chipped!

If you or your company/organization would like to get involved with the We the People will not be Chipped - No Verichip Inside Movement , we encourage you to get in contact with us. We are looking for contributors , web designers, artists in all fields , printers, multimedia experts, mailing houses, civil libertarians, financial contributors, and freedom fighters to help us take this message to the masses. We will only be treated like inventory when complacency becomes our drug of choice.

As history has a funny habit of repeating itself. Study World War II closely on how IBM backed the Nazi Regime utilizing the Hollerith Machine . The Hollerith Machine was a punch card system that aided in cataloguing the population. This IBM technology gave the fascist, totalitarian state the much needed technology boost to increase it's rate of human data processing . The goal was simple, extreme nationalism which called for the unification of all German-speaking peoples and eradicating the enemies of the state namely the Jews and other non-compliant races.

Fast forward to the year 2006 , we have IBM funding the parent company of the Verichip namely Applied Digital Solutions [ADSX] . The VeriChip Corporation is both FDA approved and patented with the owner of patent (#6,400,338) granted recently to VeriChip's manufacturer, Digital Angel Corporation, with worldwide patents pending.

In the re-active world's state of affairs, we are seeing world governments tightening measures in regard to identity protection, trumpeting our need to be protected from the forces of evil. As we move into the age of paranoia and fear these ideologies, supported by propaganda campaigns, demand total conformity on the part of the people.

“SEVEN” is a documentary about the extraordinary conclusions of the University of Alaska Fairbanks study on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 and the epic failure of our institutions to tell the truth.

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Why Beauty Matters is a 2009 British documentary film directed by Louise Lockwood and written and presented by the philosopher Roger Scruton. Scruton argues for the importance and transcendental nature of beauty.

The film was a part of BBC's project Modern Beauty Season, which consisted of a number of programmes on the topic of beauty and modernity, broadcast during November and December 2009. Why Beauty Matters premiered on BBC Two on 28 November 2009

World Business Council for Sustainable Development
WBCSD & Rabobank hosted session with WEF's Bold Actions for Food as a Force for Good, explore more:


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