Our patience has its limits, eventually the weight of their lie's breaks the dam and they will know true hatred again. Jews are not intellectual, they get us young and naïve, but when we grow up we see patterns, Jewish patterns of subversion at our expense.

Race Mixing Gross. Let them know.

Liberal gets confused when his Academic training on racial sensitivity and white Oppression classes dont work in the real world, gets a dose of race realism away from Starbucks coffee's and his Jewish Professor.

Rachel Fuckdoe should be criminally charged for being a dumb bitch.

The jew will tell you what happened to him ,but never why. The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

6 Million Lies, maybe the normies will digest facts if we give it to them with cool techno gamer messaging.

Danish Politicians banning vaccine actually collapses during the ban details to the media.

Jew Linda Rosenthal is the first Politician to put through FORCED MANDATORY COVID VACCINES............. lol, so every one of the 6 Vaccine companies are owned by Jews and the first Politician to put mandatory vaccines is Jewish and im supposed to say its not the Jews.

Covid cult is out of control. I hate Communism beyond imagine but Marx's quote about Capitalist's is a very good quote, they will sell you to the devil, Communists and Capitalist's are on the same side playing tether ball with your nations.

Jews are literally killing us. Danish Politician feints while banning Covid Vaccine.

60% of Australians who took the Vaccine experience major symptoms, show this to those on the fence.

Jews control Americans like dogs on a leash. McCain: Beheading video shows "unbelievable cruelty" when infact the entire thing was staged.

ISIS is Israeli Propaganda. Look at how they market this Propoganda to normies. https://www.azcentral.com/story/azdc/2014/08/19/mccain-journalist-james-wright-foley-beheading-obama/14315881/

Are you listening? Jewish President openly admits their TV shows are subversive, Americans have been watching these sitcoms full of vices and the nation has deteriorated into an unrecognizable third world country being invaded, turn the TV off, this is basically like having a Jew in your house telling you to let low wage scab come into the nation, to abort your babies, to become nihilistic, Jews are the masters of psychological war.

The enemy is on the run, David Irving - The Greatest Lie in History. Noone beleives a word coming out of Communist China, Communist's regimes rape murder and plunder their own citizenry for profits with slave labor, Communism is one of the largest Human rights violations the world has ever seen.

Yet Americans believe the Holocausts fantasy story, where 6 Million Jews were processed, they believe this story even though it is entirely given to them by the 85% Jewish run Soviet Union which had no free speech, no free press and all 6 death camps were in their Communist territories, not even one camp was on the side of the western allies who did have free speech and freedom of the press with journalists whom could speak truth to power,

You have to be the dumbest piece of shit to continue to believe this Hoax, this Jewish Hoax, wooden doors? chimneys not attached to the building, 45 thousand cubic meter's which is the size of SEVERAL FOOTBALL FIELDS................. where are these graves? this would be only 3 weeks worth of bodies................. and yet these camps allegedly ran for 4 years non stop?

You have to by physically and mentally ill to believe this. Fact is 250 thousand communist Jews died in these camps late war, 1945 when Soviets came up on the camps, they didnt feed them, cloth them, starved them out for a photo op, this Army had just killed 10 years ago 10 Million Christians in the Holodomor.

The same Army that starved 10 Million Christians to death in Ukraine liberated the death camps in Poland............. this army is where we get the holocaust narrative from, this Jewish lead army is where we get the official Holocaust narrative from. Give me a break.

Multiculturalism is a human rights violation, you throw the most diametrically apposed ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, linguistic groups on planet earth and throw them into a bag, you shake the bag up with laws to force them to live together.............. rapes occur, murders occur, racial tensions, riots, cities go on fire, Borders collapse as nations mass migrate into each other and all you do is call the people RACIST who appose this madness............................ multiculturalism is a human rights violation and soon it will have dire consequences for pushing it on groups.

Want even more proof the Holohoax isnt real? want more then wooden doors and chimneys not even attached to the building, well imagine getting off sexually to this so called MASSACRE. The most sold books from 1946 to 1960 was Stalags (Jewish Porn of the Holocaust) sex scenes between Jews and Germans, Guards and camps, these books sold millions of copies, Israeli Jews literally orgasmed to the Holocaust, these people are sick.

God is the Author of Identity but the modern day Conservative cares nothing of identity and only of ideology, well who do you think you are? GOD......... You think your ideology will be accepted by mass migration, third world populations who have yet to create a first world? These people will tear your idea apart because the only thing that matters is BLOOD, Gods creation, you wish to save America forget about ideology and embrace your identity, your race, that is a real weapon you can use to defend Western Civilization, your ideas are irrelevant.

Revolt against Jewry Aryan Goddesses, leave it all behind.

The Jews have warped your Mind into OBLIVION........... Everything you know of the Germans is a LIE! A Jewish LIE a Communist Soviet Lie a New York Times Lie................. My mother always told me those who treat animals well can be trusted, this is as true as the day Hitler said the Jews are the enemy of the entire world.

Tribute to those who fought Communism, we Salute you.

To the very end.

Remember Goys America is not a physical place its just an IDEA.................. but Israel is different, its real and for the Jews. I am your Conservative voice conserving absolutely NOTHING.

''By Deceit we wage war'' Mossad's motto, here is evidence of Israeli snipers killing Americans and uploading it to the internet to make it seem like Muslim Arabs are killing them and videoing it, this worked for a while until a team of Marines actually caught these snipers and arrested them.

Full Blown White Genocide is not a conspiracy theory, its projected in every single European Nation simultaneously, it is a coordinated strike at all European nations, there are some who reject it Poland, Hungary, but 95% of them are for it, diversity is European Genocide.

Tucker red-pilling Boomers.


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