Zog Bots literally prevent Adult men who could save their own children's from going into the school, the cops played Protect the mass shooter for 40 minutes from the mob, while the mobs children were slaughtered.

Multiculturism is a human rights violation.

America died along time ago, the trinity of L.A transport, Smoker, Loud Music and a fucking Meth Head. I mean look I know I am a propogandist, but this is to easy. If we not on the right side of History then who cares about the Future because there is none with these vile leftist brown Hoards, America is well headed towards a third world.

Based Greta finally figures it all out.

They are tormenting our Kids with Psychological warfare to hate their race, forcing them to either not have kids or race mix, this is war. There is no Political solution.


One day our eyes will gaze across this earth with nothing but the desire to reclaim it.

I also thought the Sun was Black but I will take white any day of the week.

Street fight

Ukrainians are Russian, they speak Russian and their language is Russian. Larping as Ukrainians is the ultimate larp in the history of Russians. Kiev is a Russian city for the last 1000 years. Jews Bless Brain washed Russians known as Ukrainians thanking them for killing their kin. Jews sow division between the races and even between the same ethnic groups, Ukrainians are the dumbest most retarded faggets on the planet, they fight side by side with Jews while larping as National Socialist's. THIS IS SPYCOLOGICAL WARFARE ON AN ENTIRE NEW LEVEL.

If you are not a National Socialist please understand you are my enemy, do not follow me, unsubscribe now. I want the world to know my hatred for all that stands in the way of European prosperity is not something I wish to talk to, we have no common ground. Politically we are already shooting bullets at each other, the word game is over.

Yes, nothing more to say.

Vax tards are so retarded.

Remove all Jewish lies from our world, all books with lies and deceit hide them, dump them.

Operation Trust is an old but gold Jewish Soviet psycological wargame on the minds of their enemies. The entire point is to tell Americas right wing that we have this under control the crime family will be arrested, ballots water marked, its over soon. This is all a LIE LIE LIE.............. its entire point is to make Americas right sit down and do nothing, its checkmate. Nothing will happen, the Jews control the nation and your minds, site down and TrUsT tHe PlAn aka Operation Trust.

Jewnited states of America. Ben O Keef Nails it, as he always does, most people are simply in a COMA.

Ben sheckel has met his Aryan match. Ben has no chance against the great awakening.

No sympathy, you either a full blown National Socialist or you are a traitor.

Ukrainian soldiers have been filmed selling their APCs and western supplied weapons to Donbas militia for rubles (and dollars) I always wondered how much is being sold to Russia, remember Ukrainians are Russians and they are extremely corrupt, like Skaven in Warhammer.

King of Heaven, simple as.

Incredible footage of the Ukrainian war. DPR forces strike at Ukrainian positions. Ukrainian infantry moves incredibly well and organized to minimize casualties, incredible squad leader. I counted three losses when it could of been the entire squad.

I am certain the IQ of the average person is so low you could make up anything and it will be so, absolute lemmings. I am so disappointed in the Europeans that currently inhabit this world its to a point any lie will be received with absolute obedience, oil comes from dinosaur boners, wear mask, vaccine kills covid, but not really.

Normies think the masks are OPTIONAL lol. Imagine thinking the masks are optional, they have always been optional you fucking slaves, your compliance is the reason you are oppressed, the only reason the masks are coming off is because of men like me, those who refuse to comply. The 80 Million who refused Jabs. I dont know how or why so many refused the Jab, perhaps our reach is greater then we think, God is with us.

Aussie Normies talking about Heart issues and Bals Palsy, Normies are spineless vermin. I am a National Socialist but part of me doesn't care about these useless pathetic race traitors which allow Jews, Niggers and Hoards of third worlders to destroy our way of life. Then still after all they do to destroy the West Men like me spend YEARS making awesome Propaganda to warn them, I try daily to implement the best memes to spread the truth in bite size capsules these imbeciles can digest and understand, we warn them TIME AND TIME AGAIN, and what do they do? they charge straight into needels, 2,3,4 of them............ its all so tiresome.

''Let the Communist Party Take me'' I promise you now and forever, those allied to any leftist organization or leftist leanings is my personal enemy, and one day you will know true fear when our righteous fury breaks free of our human form, when us right-wingers disband from normal human activity we will devour you with the ferocity of a lion over a carcass and we will show you no mercy.


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I am a National Socialist who is determined to expose Communist Jewish lies, I am the Joseph Goebbels of Bitchute. The right or Nationalism has no reason to lie, I never think of them or create them I only expose them. The left or Communist Jews who permeate Western Civilization rely on lies, its their only weapon, deceit is something they are masters in.

It is Rome vs Israel, it is the West vs the Brown Hoards, It is Nationalism vs Communism...................... we win in the end.