I cannot believe what I am seeing today. People lining up like sheep to let corporations brand and kill them. These autistic nerds have no empathy for people and think this is funny. They look at us like sheep, and I guarantee none of these Big Pharma executives take the experimental gene therapy drugs or let their families.

Don't think for a second they're only pushing this on the third world. Gates recently suggested the first world give up meat production due to "global warming", and that we all eat bugs and synthetic meats. He did after all create Windows Vista, so we really should listen to everything he says.

Yet this retard demands everyone get the jab for his safety.

I'm old enough to remember when Obama was running and how the media questioned Sarah Palin's fitness for presidency if McCain croaked. Well look what we have today.

This is a great local news story. There's nothing more annoying to me than loud talkers. This white woman did not let accusations of "racism" deter her from having standards in her new neighborhood and calling the police on her loud neighbor spewing her ghetto baby daddy nonsense loudly on the phone.

Corporations basically want to normalize and make trendy the damage they have done to our children and others with chemicals that mimic estrogen in our food supply (BPA), vaccines, etc. - likely done by the elite as a form of population control. This explains The Home Agenda.

A bit of a firery rant today. This video covers how lost this generation is, how desperate they are to be a victim, and the extent they will go to go viral on social media (such as recording their parents in their own homes). This generation worships fake scientists, politicians, and social media.

Season 8 Episode 23

MSM is now reporting the fact that Fauci was in charge of coronavirus gain of function at the Wuhan lab. Fauci had the means, the motive and the desire to aid his accomplices Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab in triggering the globalist take over known as the Great Reset.


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