[Chapter 2: The Twin Shrine Maidens Playthrough]
At long last, Fatal Frame II returns with Chapter 2..
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Fatal Frame 2 continues as the Monotone Mio and Mayu explore the
Osaka house, use the Camera Obscura, and fight their way to freedom;
the Lost Village awaits... ► Sub here: https://bit.ly/36xEjzQ

Well, I think we did it folks; an indie game legitimately scared me.. yay -_-
Shoutout to Zach, cause I never would have heard of this game otherwise :P
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Minakami Village ("All God's Village") is an abandoned town
that earned the dubious title of 'The Lost Village', will twins
Mio and Mayu be able to uncover the truth? Let's find out..
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thanks for watching episode 1, more coming very soon..

Kuon (九怨) is a survival horror video game for the PlayStation 2,
developed by FromSoftware. PigMan decides to take on this cult
ps2 classic in its native language to see if it lives up to its name..

In Kuon's Yin Phase (Chapter of Shadow), Utsuki and Kureha
arrive at the Fujiwara mansion to find their father, but things
take a turn for the worse in no time at all... #Episode01

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Have no fear, non-existent citizens, the investigators are here :)
Thanks for watching, we'll see you in December! -PigMan & Zach

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A montage for my let's play of Silent Hill, episodes 1-13.
Warning: audio levels fluctuate a LOT. You've been warned!

I'm not really too sure how we got here, I just know we're all fucked.

A very basic re-edit of my original Clock Tower let's play for
the Super Famicom version, hopefully this can become the
most watchable version of the let's play, enjoy! (part 1)

If anything can be learned from this game, its that
strange homes with obscure foods rarely lead to
something good...

Welcome to my first & only episode of Akemi-tan,
maybe I'll come back to it again someday...

Hey, what's up everybody? New Year, Same Channel :P

I decided to make up for both the lack of uploads and
lack of an anniversary montage last year with a special
New Year's montage for 2019, let me know what you
guys all thought about it down in the comments below!

~Videos Featured~ (in order of appearance)
https://bit.ly/2TcMEDN (Silent Hill 2, Part 8)
https://bit.ly/303KGHm (After Midnight)
https://bit.ly/37SZLyg (KOTOR II, Part 14)
https://bit.ly/2QEaQxd (SA2 Battle, Part 4)
https://bit.ly/35zigWM (Silent Hill 2, Part 9)
https://bit.ly/2QCP0KA (Black Rose, Part 2)
https://bit.ly/304QjVy (Phantasm, Part 7)
https://bit.ly/2tLqTAa (Corpse Party, 5/2)
https://bit.ly/2FC7kNC (White Day, Part 8)

Logan: "So this crazy girl came at me right?
And then I button smashed and drank another beer..."

About the try not to get mad challenge: Nfamiz Jay
started it way back in 2018 and he got it from reaction
channels, he then nominated Zach ThEaVeNgEr
(both are mutual friends of mine) and then Zach chose
me to do it in his own take on the challenge, and I
decided to make mine on Sabrina, so here we are...

Godai's actually an idiot, and this video aims to show why...

Welcome to Anime Critic Theater, my anime commentary
series where I take clips, or sometimes whole episodes,
making fun of anime I enjoy & spreading the word of
anime both new and old...

This first episode was made in 2017 and is somewhat
dated, but I have tried my best with my new editor to
breathe some life into it and make it more exciting,
let's see if I succeeded...

(Anime) Maison Ikkoku, (Episode) # 09 ~
"The Mysterious Tennis Coach Is the Rival of Love",
(Date) 21 May, 1986 Consider spreading the word
if you enjoyed this episode of ACT! -PigMan


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