#Politics #AltRight #Antifa
We are at the end of "the culture wars," and should focus our artistic effort into defeating capitalism, understanding the nature of queerdom, getting the normies out of the arts, and rebelling against the system that wishes to kill the artist. www.pilleater.com


#XiuXiu #DeathInJune #MAGA
The problem with The North American New Right is that it falls under hipster culture and could care less if a famous celebrity is a nazi, so as long as it advocates "white survival." Also, The New Right has a poor understanding of postmodern art, Calarts, and young millennial/zoomer culture. www.pilleater.com

#Zoomers #AltHype #Contrapoints
What are we really doing on YouTube and the internet? Are we consuming random information to pass the days, or are we improving our lives as intellects? We should be very careful as "self-discipline" people. Is it habit or something greater? www.pilleater.com

#ThotAudit #MeToo #MGTOW
Men have the power to transform their nature and create art and higher intellectualism. Meanwhile, women rely on man's influence to create their own unique personalities and philosophy. "Individualism" assumes women are just like men, which is false. Women are best described as "socially constructed" blank slates. Only men can write their nature. www.pilleater.com

#CosmicEncounter #FantasyFlightGames #Tabletop
I examine the design process of Cosmic Encounter and wisdom said by Peter Olotka. www.pilleater.com

#ThotAudit #Fallout76 #Gamergate
When we talk to other people, how much of it is a "game?" How do we "win" in a conversation, and do people "cheat" while talking? www.pilleater.com

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#InvaderZim #JhonenVasquez #Nickelodeon
Jhonen Vasquez, as a queer, is not to be trusted. Although his art is very expressive and motivating, his agenda and message advocates liberalism that will try and censor the criminal thought other queers wish to express. www.pilleater.com

#RandyStair #AndrewBlaze #DannyPhantom
The life of Randy Stair was beautiful. The normie can't see through this because he is revolted by the queer (artist) who suffers through normative fascism. www.pilleater.com

#Queer #Gay #LBGT #Trump #SheRa #Pizzagate
I discuss the nature of being queer and how significant it is to the art world and which way philosophy and politics should go. www.pilleater.com

#Delueze #AntiOedipus #Philosophy #Zizek

An introduction Capitalism and Schizophrenia. www.pilleater.com

#PragerU #JordanPeterson #JordanBPeterson #JamesAssulp

The worse type of normie is the one that promote "meritocracy" and argues their success was some how based upon the unique "abilities" and "skills" they magically acquired through mommy and daddy's trust fund. The neocon "work hard" philosophy is a sham and so is those who say "college is worthless!" www.pilleater.com

I wanted to take some notes on my own personal history (and others) what they say in the blossoming far-right movement in 2007 till today. Most of that history is lost, but a reconnection with it will make us understand that it is queer culture. www.pilleater.com




It is very popular among normies to assume "game will become fine art" when they are really saying "the future fine art with have more interactivity and exist in virtual reality." Although I think all of this is apart of decadence and technology ruling over us. www.pilleater.com

I notice Keyforge does not have a complete rulebook like what most FFG products have in them. I believe games are becoming more free of rules entirely. And for game designers, why bother with innovation and mechanics when rules don't exist? www.pilleater.com

From Discord Call-ins | TPS #219 starting at 1:14:58 www.pilleater.com

Looking over the newest videos on Gay PornHub, gay viewers prefer healthy content that shows men acting/pretending like women and that our brains prefer a sexual partner who is aesthetically beautiful in the feminine sense, even if we are gay. www.pilleater.com

We take homosexuality for granted that it's "dysgenic" or "a mental issue," but instead should focus on the desire of the male figure and the future for having a gay partner. www.pilleater.com

I had enough of these weak cucks telling me "it's all about stories," when they are not true game designers. www.pilleater.com


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