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Master Dodd calls a meeting with the knights and members of the Church to deliver the news of William and Fenris's involvement in a terrorist group called The Plague. While some knights express confusion and doubt, Dodd emphasizes the need for unity and vigilance as subversive attacks have already begun. Fortune absorbs the information and starts to strategize, realizing she needs more information and potentially additional support.

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Joshua David Ling, Brendan Sunshine, and Alexander Robertson discuss Altantis, and what lessons Christian Artists should learn from one of the films that Disney would like us to forget about.

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When we went hunting the Dragon
In the days when we were young,
We tossed the bright world over our shoulder
As bugle and baldrick slung;
Never was world so wild and fair
As what went by on the wind,
Never such fields of paradise
As the fields we left behind:

For this is the best of a rest for men
That men should rise and ride
Making a flying fairyland
Of market and country-side,
Wings on the cottage, wings on the wood,
Wings upon pot and pan,
For the hunting of the Dragon
That is the life of a man.

For men grow weary of fairyland
When the Dragon is a dream,
And tire of the talking bird in the tree,
The singing fish in the stream;
And the wandering stars grow stale, grow stale,
And the wonder is stiff with scorn;
For this is the honour of fairyland
And the following of the horn;

Beauty on beauty called us back
When we could rise and ride,
And a woman looked out of every window
As wonderful as a bride:
And the tavern-sign as a tabard blazed,
And the children cheered and ran,
For the love of the hate of the Dragon
That is the pride of a man.

The sages called him a shadow
And the light went out of the sun:
And the wise men told us that all was well
And all was weary and one:
And then, and then, in the quiet garden,
With never a weed to kill,
We knew that his shining tail had shone
In the white road over the hill:
We knew that the clouds were flakes of flame,
We knew that the sunset fire
Was red with the blood of the Dragon
Whose death is the world's desire.

For the horn was blown in the heart of the night
That men should rise and ride,
Keeping the tryst of a terrible jest
Never for long untried;
Drinking a dreadful blood for wine,
Never in cup or can,
The death of a deathless Dragon,
That is the life of a man.


General's Report one shot vlog about The Hunting of The Dragon by GK Chesterton

Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/J_04G5HSLe4


After fleeing into the woods, William realizes that his phone is being tracked and attempts to turn it off, but a reboot prevents him from doing so. He discovers that his cellular service has been cut off by the knights, but his Bible app still works, providing him solace as he seeks shelter for the night.

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Fortune discusses her concerns about the lack of progress in Fenris's healing and William's disappearance with her friends at Alethea Church. Master Dodd summons her to his office and instructs her to stop talking about William and Fenris, claiming that they have betrayed the order. Frustrated by the lack of answers, Fortune questions who she can trust and how to proceed.

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