I do not know the specifics of this crash this in my opinion only.
Sadly today another person lost their life on the roadway. A motorcycle rider at mile marker 199 in Venice, Florida.
Unfortunately accidents like this are a regular occurrence on the way home from working in Sarasota. It's a very scary drive in rush hour to say the least. There are a lot of phone zombies that drive with one hand on the phone and one on the wheel. They swerve in and out of the lanes like a drunk driver. Many times hauling trailers.
You can find me cruisin along in the slow lane listening to my favorite song because I get there when I get there!
Live Everyday Like It's The Last.

Serving Sarasota, Florida
The day started out with Another bird attack and then off to Bird Key to spray the Front Door, Lights and more Windows with the handheld. Sped up.

Serving Sarasota, Florida
I am at the Bird Key job and I decided to go full blast on some windows with this handheld. Also, I sprayed the garage door. The first tip that was in the gun was a 210. I wanted to widen out the fan so I changed over to a 213
Also, after using the sprayer on the windows I ran out in the middle of the garage door. I strained out some paint and refilled to finish up.

Serving Sarasota, Florida
Today I am spraying a couple cabinet doors and a custom medicine cabinet to match. Also, having fun playing and experimenting with the Graco handheld Sprayer using Fine Finish Green tips.
Using a 210 or 310 works well.
Gives you a smaller fan width.
Final result pictures of this project will be temporarily posted on the Pineal Painting website

Pineal Painting LLC Serving Sarasota, Florida
Today I am back to pressure wash this beautiful cottage on Bird Key.
There are some additions to this project that were added on with window frames and lights to be painted as well. Also some time lapse pressure washing and at the end a police chase and crash that happened at the guard shack.
Day in the life of a painter in Southwest Florida!
Never a dull moment!
I could not figure out how to make that video bigger in the editor for some reason.

Serving Sarasota, Florida
Today.. Out and about making the rounds and I came across an adult sandhill crane looking to feed the baby. In Florida the sandhill cranes don't migrate. They are Floridians and not snow birds. We have them year round and while nesting season is taking place it is typical to see an adult with two babies. Although, From what I have seen only One baby usually survives.
I have seen the babies disappear over night. Maybe an Alligator or Bobcat will get them. Nature can be cruel but the cranes seem to be thriving here.
The cranes are extremely loud when they bellow their calls you can hear them for a mile away. Its pretty amazing to watch them take flight. I often wonder if they will make it on take off due to the large body mass they have to get a running start.
The little baby looks like its ice skating across the road at the end. Interesting gate.

Pineal Painting LLC
Serving Sarasota, Florida!
Hey Everyone! Sunny Florida!
This is what I have been dealing with on this siding job!
Lots of scraping, patching and priming!

Pineal Painting LLC
Serving Sarasota Florida
Sarasota Bay- Avondale Area
Its great when you get to do what you really love everyday!
Update on a this beautiful house I have been working on.
I am using Sherwin Williams Rain Refresh on this one.
Sometimes life can get hard. But, there's butterflies!
So many beautiful, amazing things!
Happy Painting Everyone!

Pineal Painting LLC Serving Sarasota, Florida
First look at a full exterior repaint 3 colors! Siding damage and repairs needing done. This is a beautiful area of Sarasota, Florida.

(If its blurry switch to 720P)
This video is a driving trip to look at a job in Bird Key Florida. Video ends at the driveway.

Pineal Painting LLC Serving Sarasota, Florida
Just the same thing everyday.....Just, ANOUTHER beautiful day. Wow. I am pleased there is no rain for right now!
Today I am here to pressure wash the border wall. I am getting ready to do the whole house soon! Loving Life.
Editing these videos is probably not my strong suit!

Serving Sarasota, Florida
In this video I show that you can still get great results if you do not have a sprayer. Some DIYers do not have access to spray equipment. This could be an option for you.
Hope this helps! (Cabinet Refinishing)
I am trying out a little editing. To show what the final look is. I get a lot of questions about Thermofoil Removal. I hope this helps!


Im going to try uploading on this platform again.
Its not upload friendly here.
I will do my best.
All my videos are on youtube. Unfortunately.
*Amateur video editing

Pineal Painting LLC Serving Sarasota Florida
Today I am winding down a project in which I have been working on for a couple weeks now. I am up on the 9th floor of a building located at Grande Riviera in Downtown Sarasota. Overlooking the beautiful Sarasota Bay. Every room gets a view of the water. I have a wood bench left and this last unprepped and unfinished bar out on the Master Bedroom Terrace. What a view of the Ringling Bridge and It is beautiful at night!

Hello Everyone, This is Amanda @ Pineal Painting Sarasota Florida!
Today I have spotted 3 dolphins swimming and playing. You know it's going to be a great day when you see this on start-up.

Pineal Painting LLC Sarasota Florida
Getting ready to start sanding on the other terrace that has a view of Marina Jacks and the park. Having a look at the wood. After I sand this wood it is so amazing! I love it! The grains are crazy!
Marina Jacks was voted best marina in the nation!
Grande Riviera Downtown Sarasota

Serving Sarasota, Florida
This is a first person view of removing Thermofoil from cabinet doors. This is how I handle the glue residue that tends to be left behind on the Fiber Board.
Always make sure that this procedure is good for your situation.
Always research any technique before you jump in or try it in a small area first to make sure!

Serving Sarasota Florida
In this video I have already removed the Thermofoil and prepped the door. Now, I am priming to show you how durable the doors will be after priming with the cleaning method that I use.

Hello Everyone! I am in the office today talking a little bit about what happened on the Free Repaint Program, Work coming up, Videos coming up, just hanging out.

Testing out some Stain samples today.

Sarasota FL

Hey Everyone, Horrible Audio on this one. Getting a new phone is fun times! I have been working on this house for a while and now its going up for sale. Check out the Exterior! Also, The Gate is being painted today. It is a beautiful day in Sunny Florida!
Spraying the pineapple table! I love this table. It loos so good White. This was a really fun table set project!

This house is being painted 100% Free through Pineal Painting LLC Free Paint Giveaway Program! This is an annual giveaway. If you reside in Sarasota Florida and you know someone who needs help please go to
Serving Sarasota, Florida

Due to extremely windy weather I am using a spray tip that has a short fan width. Also, I wanted a more concentrated spray pattern. The wind is not your friend when you are working with thin plastic and tape. Plus, the plastic needs to be tight. Its definitely a challenge. It had been gloomy weather and extremely windy with some rain yesterday.

Hello Everyone, This is a quick walk around the house that I am painting absolutely free. This is a donation through Pineal Painting for June who was in need of having her home repainted. Sherwin Williams has donated the paint for this project!
If you live in the Sarasota Florida Area and would like to participate please Go to
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