I like that there's a warning before the video begins that children require adult supervision when practicing the exercises found in the "Rape Out" instructional video. Wild.

To answer your question: the incredibly creepy bald man who is saying inappropriate things to teenagers is a Christian dude preaching abstinence. He's trying to appear candid and it just makes the whole affair REAL fuckin' weird. Keith Deltano.

The 80's believed very strongly that the characters in your movie should be relatable.

You're seriously wearing that?

When everyone in your movie is wholesome, it just makes everyone in your movie really creepy.

Bill Zebub has been directing, writing, starring in, etc his own movies for somewhere around 2 decades at this point. They mostly serve as a vehicle for his opinions on long hair discrimination (he's a metalhead), black people, SJWs, young people in general, and how he's a genius. Or, you know, sometimes he just shows really long shots of naked women on crosses or whatever. There's a definite formula to it. Had to cut the scene short because I don't want to nail a TOS violation for racism, but essentially all that happens is the male in the scene delivers a sermon about how the female in the scene is now damaged goods and should go off the market forever. I know "sermon" is a weird choice of words, but I assure you it's the appropriate one. Bill Zebub is an interesting director, and one worth having at least a passing knowledge of, but don't expect subtlety or subversion of expectations or anything.

Just some more weird ass shit. Stop motion chicken men, nazi spider robots, a girl talking about her dirty ass drawers, and more. No refunds.

Unintentionally hilarious and totally takes the wind out of the bully's insult. I know we're supposed to feel pity for her but after delivering that sick burn, I think she's good on her own. Also, the bully's pants appear to be a fumigation tent.

This video gets periodically pulled from Youtube not because it violates any rules, but because it's just so damn disturbing. Unless you're prepared to watch real life Buffalo Bill, might be best to skip this one. But! It should be preserved.

Junkyard Amy Lee - "I'm Mean!"

Bridge City Sinners - "Pussy Cat"

1985 was an interesting time for The Village People. Relative to their look in the 70's, they had a more macho vibe in the 80's. It's almost amusing that they made it gay to be a tough guy. The album, also called Sex Over the Phone, has another bizarre track about wanting sex and not taking no for an answer. Truly, it is a gift that the title track, Sex Over the Phone, was made into a music video. Probably going to get a lot of downvotes, but it is my mission to upload weird shit, and weird this is.

and the grits taste like cigarettes

name of the movie is Nice To Meet You, Please Don't Rape Me

Some goof in half a Santa suit and a white t-shirt sings uninspired Christmas classics as punishment for not watching A Christmas Story instead. Guaranteed to bore any child to tears. But one need not be a child to have this movie bore you to tears. Unless your tolerance for Christmas themed karaoke is high, this movie is sure to be the opposite of a delight.

I kind of thought the goth band that plays early on was good. Better than that light up autoharp with the whammy bar anyway.


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