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http://pivx.org PIVX is an updated and upgraded version of Bitcoin and is often compared to Dash, the project it was forked off. But what makes PIVX special and stand out from the rest? Here's 12 compelling reasons why you don't want to ignore this cryptocurrency.

PIVX Cold Staking Walkthrough by PIVX Core Developer Furszy Read more here - https://pivx.org/new-4-0-core-qt-wallet/

DYK? the most advanced QT Core wallet in crypto just launched?! Over 11 months of work from the PIVX Devs in partnership with the Krubit Team to produce a beautiful new UI/UX and chalked full of the latest advancements in Proof of Stake, ColdStaking, Masternode management and more! PIVX continues to be THE leader in Proof of Stake and now leaders in making crypto more accessible. To us, this is just the first step towards a brighter and friendlier crypto-powered future.


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PIVX (Cryptocurrency): Private Instant VerifiedTransaction

PIVX is a cutting edge technology, however, with that, it’s also much more that just bits of code and elaborate algorithms. It’s a community. It’s an organically growing network of individuals assembling a set of core principals, beliefs, visions, and ideas, collaborating together to develop PIVX. We are, at the end of the day, a collective of human beings coming together, inputting our various energies, resources, talents, and visions. Some of us are phenomenal coders. Others are expert project managers. Some are new to crypto, while others have been at crypto since the dawning of bitcoin (including the individual involved in the historical “bitcoin pizza” transaction). That said, there are a few folks who were at the core of the project, and from that, the community rapidly grew. As a reminder, often in tech and crypto realms, individuals are known by their “handles” (think nicknames) more than their own names.