greens get the rope {{{{{{{{]("""joking""""")[}}}}}}

i meant to "security council seat" and not "African seat"

also, the TTC is a joke and you should laugh at it

this video was a bit rushed because I was a bit sick for a while and couldn't record it, but next week I promise that the quality of the series will improve. This week was just a mess, both for me and in politics.

stories of the week include Trudeau pushing NAFTA 2.0 for the "economic interests of Canada." the first coronavirus in Canada, Bombardier being defunded and the Governor General lobbying for a seat at the UN Security Council

a classic of the hood

Spanish will continue to grow in America. This shift in language is unprecedented in American history. Spanish has grown from 4% to 15% and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future eventually making America a bilingual country. Languages move, people move and America will be radically different than it is today.

I said, when referring to the native language in Ireland, that Irish speak "Gaelic" when the proper term would be "Irish Gaelic." I also used the Mexican flag to refer to all Spanish Americans, I did this because ~52% of all Hispanic Americans are Mexicans. A growing proportion of these Hispanic Americans are also coming from Central America. Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are relatively stable so when I'm referring to Latin America I am mostly referring to Central America plus the Caribbean, Columbia, Venezuela and Peru. Argentina's economy periodically explodes so maybe it's not that stable.

Scheer is a joke

Brief summary about why it wasn't a pointless war

Music used in this video includes:
How We On The Clouds Of Shipka
Farewell to Slavianka
and various music from Victoria 2 which I cant be bothered to name

the song used as an intermediary is "Come all ye bold Canadians"
every other song is not relevant, dont worry about that bro

big effort, not so big video


What if Anglo-Canada just dunked on the French-Canadians


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