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Alex puts his rant about China to music....
I did.

The video makes clear that Kyle was acting in self defense fearing his life was endangered. Clear video clips of the night's events shows that multiple attempts were made to injure and kill Rittenhouse as he fled to find the police.

UPDATE: L. Lin Wood & his legal firm has announced they are doing "pro bono" defamation work for the Kyle Rittenhouse defense team & Kyle, focusing on the acts and inaction of FaceBook! This is huge! (see: @linwood parler.com feed for details)

Hat tip - @alexjones @infowars on parler.com

Comical commercial meme that reminds you all the things Democrats have accomplished.
Hat tip @infowars @alexjones on parler.com

John Daly style golfing with friends. You can hear Kid Rock in the background also.
Hat tip @Mchooyah (Robert O'Neill) on parler.com

Never Forget: what happened Sept. 11 2001
Never Forget: Ilhan Omars disgusting comments
Never Forget: 2 planes - 3 towers

Madison Cawthorn delivers one of the most powerful campaign ad so far!
Hat tip @CawthornforNC on parler.com

Democrats say words, but their actions speak for themselves
Hat tip @HubLife (Brenden Dilley) on parler.com

Hat tip @reneetimes on parler.com
Kimberly & Don Trump Jr along with many others attend.

Hat tip @carpedonktum on parler.com

@lizwheeler (OANN reporter) on parler.com breaks down the news first reported in the NYT's article. Even Legacy Media leaks a nugget of truth now and then.

Obama's words matched up to the reality of his administration and Joe Biden's actions.\
Hat tip - @DineshDSouza on parler.com

Laura Loomer thanks everyone and comments on President Trump tweeting out support for her race!
What an accomplishment, especially because Laura is the most banned woman in America. She did this with almost zero support from social media, MSM & even the Comcast tried to shut down her texting ability! What's next... ?
Hat tip - @lauraloomer on parler.com

Hat tip - @JoelFischer on parler.com
Not sure who made this, but freaking awesome!

Hat tip - @teamtrump on parler.com

Hat tip - @carpedonktum on parler.com for the creation of this great D&S promo!
Diamond and Silk - https://www.diamondandsilk.com

#SayHisName #CannonHinnant
Normally a comedic response from Terrance, this evil act has sent shock waves through social media as well as anger for a meaningless death of a 5-year-old child!
Hat tip @RealTerrenceKWilliams on parler.com

Kamala's response - "it was a debate"
Cobert response - "so,.. you didn't mean it?"
Hat tip @alx on parler.com

Team Trump ad - being President is more than a political position, it's about keeping America safe & President Trump has done so by rebuilding our military.
Hat tip @teamtrump on parler.com

In Trumpian fashion, he asks the question... and then comments
I think the Middle East is more reasonable!
Hat tip @alx on parler.com

Undercover video of Google executive talking honestly about the companies intentions.
Hat tip: @JamesOKeefeIII on parler.com

The Hodge Twins talk about the odd pick of Joe Biden for VP.
Kamala may be a person of "color", but she has a horrible track record and actually is NOT African American!
Hat tip: @hodgetwins on parler.com

Let's see what VP Biden pick really supports.
Hat tip @teamtrump on parler.com

Former NYC Elections Commissioner confirms in undercover video from Project Veritas that...
Yes, there is voter fraud. They bus them in.
Hat tip @jamesokeefeiii @projectveritas on parler.com

Not sure what amazes me more about this video, that they actually filmed their crimes or that the man was shocked it escalated into shooting & killing.
Hat tip: @theproudboys on parler.com

In what appears to be a satirical video, altered to be funny, Joe Biden is seen grabbing books to help with dementia.
Not sure who made this, but...
Hat tip: @alx on parler.com


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