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After years of sometimes feeling like the lone sane person in the world...or the ONLY crazy one...Vault 7 Comes along and validates my paranoia that the U.S. Government IS spying on me. And you! And your neighbor! For No reason. My fears about the Deep State, The Patriot and Big Brother were non tinfoil hat stuff after all! Vault 7 did something simple and profound: It validated my fears and suspicions. And bad as this and other revelations may is nice to know that I wasn't a loon. This stuff is and was really happening.

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Thoughts from a professional software developer on the Wikileaks drop of "Vault7" on 7th March 2017.

Vault7 drop from Wikileaks:
Huffington Post article on mobile device spying:
Crashes of convenience: Michael Hastings:
Hive User Guide:

#Pizzagate or #Pedogate? Which word and hashtag should should we be using to get the word out about pedophile elites in politics and other high places who are sexually abusing children and getting away with it? Which one will bring the most awareness to our cause? I will reveal my take on an upcoming video on my channel...but what are your thoughts?

And what's up with those YouTubers burning cash with #pizzagate and #pedogate written on them?!!

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My Linux server got hacked :-(

Luckily, no permanent of serious damage. Just a short time as an unwilling participant in some DDoS attacks.

You really have to be on top of your security all the time.

Linux Mint (desktops):
Ubuntu (server):

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