Celebrating 808 day with some 808 improvs on the TR8s, kaossilator and MX-1

2018 808 Day improv jam’s featuring Tr-8s, MX-1, SH-01a and Kaossilator

some E2 electribe jams featuring the usual kaoss pads and TR-8

electribe, tr-8, mx-1 and some kaoss pads

Plaeground FFiiZZyy DJ set from the BrightBox Theater in winchester July 2018

LivePA jamming on some 80s styles retrowave synthwave kinda jams

Plaeground celebrating 808 day with some 808 jams on the Roland TR-8s

Plaeground set from the electric Marmalade reunion party in baltimore

Plaeground LivePA set from some warehouse in baltimore 2017ish

Quick hardware jam featuring TR-8s, SH01a, Emu XL7, kaossilator, MS20 mini

Plaeground practicing for the 2018 flower of life festival

plaeground mix december 2017

Plaeground hardware jam featuring Roland TR-8s, MX-1, SH-01a, EMU XL7, Kaossilator

almost 4 hours of plaeground mixing it up in celebration of 4/20

plaeground set for big dub 2017, heavy dubstep

Plaeground performing a live set based on Electribe2 and TR-8

plaeground practicing a FFiiZZyy set


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