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81 analog drum sounds made with the Behringer Neutron
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Halftime jam with a tribal feel

Saturday night improv session

Does the behringer Neutron have a serious design flaw? I test the tuning stability of two neutrons and compare that to an ms20 mini. I let all synths warm up for a few hours before conducting this test.

First neutron had pitch fluctuations of 1.5hz

Second neutron had pitch fluctuations of 1.1hz

Korg MS20 mini had pitch fluctuations of 0.3hz

All instruments were tested using a single saw oscillator with the filter open and no resonance. Tuning was measured with the n-Track Tuner pro app on an iPad using the Roland goMixer as an interface.

I wouldn’t consider this a scientific test but it confirms what my ears were telling me, that there is a serious issue with the Osc stability on the behringer Neutron.

If you would like to see any other specific type of configuration tested let me know in the comments.

All drum sounds made on the Behringer Neutron

Im selling a pack of wavetables for Serum that I made from the Braids Macro Oscillator. Includes the Braids wavetables, various FM & PD, vocal, saw+tuned comb, lofi toy, CS80 saw and more. 41 wavetables for just $1.50! Buy here:

Two and a half mins of tweaking sound around with a focus on modulating the delay speed for interesting effects.

Oscillators are synced, LFO is a downward sawtooth that is keysynced and patched they attenuators to osc 2. This results in a type of FM synthesis and sounds great! #BehringerNeutron #Analog #Modular #Synthesizer

Modulating the LFO speed with the S&H, then nodding the filter freq with the LFO for some wild acid filter sound freqouts #BehringerNeutron #Neutron #Analog #Modular #Synthesizer

One minute of S&H Freq Mod acid tweaks on the Behringer Neutron, which is probably the coolest & freshest take on an analog mono since the ms20. Unique oscs and filter give it so much character and the patchbay makes anything possible. #BehringerNeutron #neutron #analog #modular #synthesizer

4 mins tweaking around a Behringer Neutron patch where the S&H mods the LFO speed for some robot sounding filter acid that gets a lil outta control sometimes but is easily tamed back to the groove

Some FreqMod and delay time mod tweaking in this short Behringer Neutron vid

Behringer neutron Acid sounds, freq mod sounds, BBD and dub wubs, no talking, straight to business.

Live Acid Test, gettin loose edition. Acid house music and LivePA imrovs Featuring the sounds of the Roland Tr-8s, MX-1, EMU XL7, Korg kaossilator, KP3, KPQuad & x0xb0x.

his is the first test drive of Plaegrounds new LivePA rig which is centered around the Roland TR-8s drum machine and Emu XL-7 command station. A roland MX-1 mixer handles mixing and clock duties while a korg kaossilator fills lead duty. Extra acid bass provided the x0xb0x and SH-01a. A few Kaoss pads take care of effects and sampling.

Celebrating 808 day with some 808 improvs on the TR8s, kaossilator and MX-1

2018 808 Day improv jam’s featuring Tr-8s, MX-1, SH-01a and Kaossilator

some E2 electribe jams featuring the usual kaoss pads and TR-8

electribe, tr-8, mx-1 and some kaoss pads

Plaeground FFiiZZyy DJ set from the BrightBox Theater in winchester July 2018

LivePA jamming on some 80s styles retrowave synthwave kinda jams

Plaeground celebrating 808 day with some 808 jams on the Roland TR-8s

Plaeground set from the electric Marmalade reunion party in baltimore


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