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Video originally uploaded to Youtube on Aug 09 2019. This version includes Onomatopoeias I've added as part of a project to my japanese language class.

~~ Original Description ~~

Oh no! Dragons appeared in Planeptune but luckily Marvy and CC2 are there to stop them! But can they hold up until the reinforcements show up?

This one took 5 months to make, there's a lot of complicated shots but I think I nailed it, you can check the progress of this video and future ones on my Ko-fi page where I post weekly updates about what I'm working on!

If you are curious about what 3D assets I used in this I'll list them on this Ko-fi post from now own because Youtube doesn't like many links. If I forgot any feel free to ask me here or on Twitter.

As for the audio.


- Planeptune Theme V, To Hell, Strong Determination, Peashy Theme from Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3 Deluxe Pack

- Cha Cha Cha by Dj Quads


Sound Effects from Youtube Audio Library, and

Video originally uploaded to Youtube on Jan 29, 2019

Oh no! Linda got her hands in some shady technology capable of copying CPUs and replicating them with an odd sense of fashion! Will OG Neptune be able to beat this fake and gray Evil Neptune?

Well this animation got out of hand and I took a whopping 6 months to do it all, to be fair I had a pretty big test last month which I still didn't saw the results yet. Instead of that I'm writting this list of assets used in this animation, I know linking to external content might limit my video's reach but I still feel like I should give credits to them:

~~ Musics and SFX ~~

Music from Turtles in Time (SNES) and Maximum Carnage (SNES)

Sound Effects from Youtube Audio Library and

~~ 3D Assets & Maps ~~

- Planeptune City, Subway, Horsebird and Rabii ported by Tee888

- Neptune, Nepgear, Linda, Noire, Uni, Compa, B-sha & K-sha ported by RTB

- Thugs by Black Wolf

- Dr. Hopkinfort's Amazing Disintegrathon ported by Nirrti & Lt_Commander

- Civilians from Half Life

- Gun's Particle Effects editted from Team Fortress 2 Medic Gun

- GTA V Online Apartment V1 Final by mark2580

- Histoire (Unfortunatelly removed by the artist for unknown reasons, here the link it was)

- Garbage Can by Populus

- Ground trash from Half Life I think

- Nepstation overlay cropped and edited by me from a Neptunia screenshot

- Crowbar from Half Life

- Hover Board by Maçãs_Picantes

- Walkie Talkie [TF2 Style] by koko ze

- Asuka by DevilCry
I don't think I can post the link but you'll find her on SFMLab if you're a registered user

- Blue Train from Team Fortress 2 (I think)

- Ropes & Tapes by Gagem
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Foldable Paper by mela-the-cat

- BR Standard Class 5 (5MT) by james_ae86 & Wing Gundam

- Pre-war passenger Train Cars

- Sfm_Longstretch (Version 2) by Custard1

- Long Road / Track by Christopher395

- Swanky desert road [SFM] by Zatemedek

- Mobile Computing Pack by Nirrti & Lt_Commander

- Shubert Beverly by Miller Meteor

If I forgot something just tell me on the comments or on twitter and I'll update the description.

Originally Uploaded to Youtube on Jun 26, 2018
-- Original Description --
Looks like Neptune discovered VR. Chaos and madness ahead!

Wait, you're supposed to turn the headset on?



*Say What - Dan Lebowitz

*Still Want It - Dan Lebowitz

*Alleycat Blues & Star Base - TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

*Claudio the Worm - The Green Orbs

Models & Maps

* Neptune,Nepgear, Plutia, Noire & Linda - ported by RandomTBrush

* 3D Source Filmmaker Logo - by Cmp™

* GTA V Online Apartment V1 Final - ported by mark2580

* Chair, Monitor, Keyboard, Table and Mouse
-I'm not sure which content pack they are but they're certainly from SFM Workshop

* A Big Rigged Cardboard Box - by tailsluver29

* HTC Vive & HTC Vive Controller - by Calvin JD

* sfm_City_Central - by Captain Cowboy

* Money bag - I can't find it, must've been removed or what

* Trash cans / bag - I'm pretty sure they're from Valve

* Christie & Paichan - Cops & Police Cruiser - by LordAardvark
- Uhh I don't think I can link this one, but they're available to registered SFMLab users

* Background cars
- Pretty much any car I could find on the workshop that had rigged wheels.

* cs_italy, GIGN, Phoenix - from CSGO.

* MegaDesert - by Panic


*Youtube Audio Library



*Office Chair 3 by Aiwha

*Nissan Maxima & Volvo 740 SFX by Audible-Edge

Originally Uploaded to Youtube on Nov 24, 2017
--- Original Description ---
Who will win on a match between Neptune and Godzilla? Who asked that question? Nobody, I just wanted to do something like that and here it is!

~~ AUDIO ~~

SFX from and Youtube Audio Library

High Tension by Audionatix

Godzilla Roar ripped from here

Neptune voice lines ripped form here

Remember The Heroes by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

80s Cop Show by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

~~ 3D ASSETS ~~

Neptune model

Godzilla Model

de_godzilla (and cars)


Particles was done by modifying an existing source particle ('twas a pain in the rear)


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Hello There! I'm an amateur (for now) self-taught animator who likes to mess around in Source Filmmaker and Blender3D.

I love Neptunia games so you'll see a lot of that even if it doesn't bring amazing views, however I might experiment with other IPs too.

But I must say I'm really slow to produce videos, I use them mostly as a platform to learn new stuff and practice animation, you can check my Ko-fi for weekly updates (they're all public) to see what I'm working on and at which state it is.