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Symptoms from being around those that got injected with the poison.
1. Strange heart palpitation, feeling like heart is mutating, being ripped out, very painful, lasting many hours.
2. Sever head aches, unusual feeling, lasting many hours and many days, and caused by nothing else.
3. Hair loss on head, specifically known as Alopecia, bald spots that are round, falls out quick, grows back slow.
4. Sever vertigo, not to be confused with being dizzy, vertigo is when you are completely still and still feel movement, like you or the place you are is being tilted, turned, or pulled.
5. Sever nose bleeds. Eventually showing blood clots when trying to stop the bleeding.

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Global Pandemic Treaty: The Final Move, World Health Organization Voting To Crush Sovereignty

James Roguski shares urgent news about the future of global pandemics. The World Health Organization is stirring up a new plot that could imprison us if we fail to take a stand!


Original Video: https://rumble.com/v14n1sa-global-pandemic-treaty-the-final-move-world-health-organization-voting-to-c.html

In an in-depth interview with The New American, Dr. Robert Malone shared details of his intellectual journey from questioning the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines to recognizing the intense efforts of the globalist forces aimed at establishing a totalitarian regime that would supersede national political structures.

Dr. Malone said that the driving force behind the effort is the World Economic Forum (WEF), whose members dominate supranational organizations, national governments and political parties, corporations, the media, and academia.

The goal of the policies that were implemented as a part of the Covid-19 pandemic response was to accelerate the Great Reset preached by the forum’s founder and chairman, Klaus Schwab. Based on total control over information, the economy, and finances, and on the ideas of transhumanism and population control, the Great Reset becomes possible because of mass formation psychosis. Malone argued that since this phenomenon captures both the populace and the leaders, it is paramount to wake people up, and he offered solutions for doing so.

Dr. Robert Malone pioneered mRNA vaccine technology in the late 1980s and holds nine U.S.-issued patents in which he is explicitly named an inventor. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he emerged as a leader of the intellectual movement against unethical Covid-19-related vaccine mandates, vaccinations of children, and medical censorship.

To follow Robert Malone, please visit https://rwmalonemd.substack.com

Original Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9yY0aq14gq2F/

'Outnumbered' panelists weigh in after the Biden administration named Nina Jankowicz, who previously claimed Hunter Biden's laptop was a 'Russian influence op,' as the head of the board of DHS's new disinformation governance board.

DHS Ministry Of Truth

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Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0YY0bTwUdo


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Hi, I’m Selective. I'm a scientist, creator, inventor, philosopher, publisher, author, and a lyricist. My main focus is on psychology, sociology, and the paranormal. I'm a realist, and a leader. My books are only available from my website.

The majority of what I upload has to do with education. Anything on the topics of Illuminati, Shadow Government, Secret Knowledge, Secret Science, Truth, Investigative Journalism, Reality, The Mind, Teaching Critical Thinking, The Future, Fixing The World, Creating A Perfect World, Messages In Music, etc.

At the moment, my most watched and most liked videos are about The Bioweapon that Fauci made to kill off 80% of the Earth's population in a massive depopulation agenda that is to be nearly completed sometime between 2025 to 2030. The Bioweapon is not a virus! That was the lie. Truth is, they released it as an aerosol in a few big areas, then used lies and manipulation to screw with everyone so everyone would be brainwashed to think it was a virus and that everything was the virus. There never was a virus, but they tricked people into thinking there was with the aerosol version of the Bioweapon. So then the gullible and naive people ran to the liquid version of the Bioweapon, the fake vaccine injections! There is also a gel version of the Bioweapon that can be added to frozen foods. All the testing was fake, given either fake positives or fake negatives, or a random fake answer, and the swab tests were a delivery system for a small portion of hydrogel quantum dot technology. The injected are shedding, transferring something, both by airborne and physical contact.

Only the intelligent will survive this massacre, and the dumber people are, the quicker they will die!


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