Dr. Peter McCullough is probably among the most published physician scientists in the world and published one of the first papers on the treatment of COVID-19 in the American Journal of Medicine, it remains as one of the few.

His original video describing that research was censored by YouTube.

This is a Texas HHS senate committee hearing. It will likely be censored.

TREATMENT is the single most important thing that physicians do for their patients.

Wow... Just as in my country... While the best were fighting and dying, leaders were making deals.

Thank you! Never again!

28 year ago, WWII Veteran showed us, little kids, how courage looks like, how freedom looks like and what is the meaning of immortal words of Thomas Jefferson

Potomci Obilića, Mišića i Gavrilovica, hajde da odbranimo Ameriku, svet i da rasplačemo Hilari i njenu bandu!

Naše reči i naše priče lako rezoniraju sa njima, jer su istinite.
Mene ispodelili, imam 100k pregleda najmanje

Briga me za preglede, mene zanima da pobedimo.
Hoću da ih gurnemo da urade više nego što su mislili da mogu

Hoću da...
- odete na Trampov kanal
- lajk, sub, sve po redu

A onda, pišite komentare
- ko je klonuo i malovjeran, pišite kako gledate, pratite i kako se molite za njih
- ko je ratoboran, pišite da smo i mi bili
- ko se žali da ih nema mnogo, a vi dodajte primere pojedinačnog junaštva
- ko se žali da su mediji jaki, pišite kako je gorela TV Bastilja


Držite se teme i ne razvodnjavajte previše
I ne prepucavajte se ako naidje neki Hrvat.


- šta su radili komunisti posle WWII, kako su streljali, kako državni neprijatelji nikad dobro nisu videli pola veka
- pišite kako su svoje bivše slali na Goli otok
- i... pišite kako je Sloba pokrao izbore, a mi smo se izborili 5. oktobra

Opet, držite se teme, ne rasplinjujte, ovo pišete za ljude koji žive na drugom kontinentu.

Kratko, jasno i zapaljivo.


>>>>>> Najebite se mile majke Hilari i ekipi za 1999!!!! <<<<<<<<<

Ništa neće da ih boli kao ovo.

Ako sada izgube - nema ih više
Ako sada pobede, 2020. će da bude najbolja godina u narednih 10!?

Absolutely useless video for the majority of you, but I’ve got so many comments from my countrymen who are obsessed with micro-history and micro-geography that they are unable to actually transmit the core message.

Here, 10 min about the series of events from 1990 to 2000.

I would never jeopardize something important as this by not telling the truth.

Here, a bunch of links/sources if you want to fact-check me:

WWII in Yugoslavia:

Our communist dictator, Tito:

Memorandum SANU:

Jogurt Revolucija:

Rally in Kosovo:

Demonstrations of 9. Mart

Vuk Draskovic

Krvavi Uskrs

Bosnian War

Demonstrations in 1996-1997

Kosovo war

Zoran Djindjic

Vladimir Putin

EU members

18 references !!!?
Do you really expect people from the other side of the world to check all of this?

Stick to the main message:

- stolen elections
- How to get the results back

That's important, don't water it down to oblivion

In order to win this war, you must understand what your enemy is.

You must understand the foundations of the world you inherited,
and the foundations of the Marxist World

In 2000, Milosevic stole the elections. Here is what we have done, step by step:

- Peaceful protests
- Civil disobedience to fraudulent government
- Determination to fight on the streets
- Strikes that are threatening to disrupt the country
- Gaining the momentum among police and army personnel
- Domination on the streets
- Confrontation on the streets in every single town
- Storming the capital
- Entering Parliament and Burning Fake Television

You are in Phase 1, so far so good, let’s hope that the opposite side has some brain and that you will not be forced to fight till the end as we needed.

Take your old flag, the one that served in WWII. Kiss your old Garand that liberated the World.
Put your hand on the family Bible and be ready to protect your legacy.

What we have done, and what you probably need to do:

- Peaceful protests, good, well played round 1
- A complete civil disobedience, they are not your representatives. They are FOREIGN puppet government.
- Connect with the local police and start organize by neighborhoods to stay safe (we didn't need this step)
- We swarmed the streets and started confronting the opponents. I know, not nice, but it must be done if the institutions stop to exist
- Millions gathered in our capital. There were no barricades strong enough to stop them, nor the police determined enough to stop them
- Police and Military aligned with the people after few hours of fist-fight
- We stormed the Parliament
- And burned down fake state Television!


However, we made a mistake. We have not removed ALL of his people from their positions.
That was the only mistake.

They are going to fight to the end, you must do the same.

Take that glorious flag from the chest. That old flag your ancestors flew while fighting for liberty.
Kiss your old Garand, and your Bible.

Do what you need to do.
You have it in your genes.

Make your grand-parents proud, and make your future grandsons proud.


Voter fraud is in the full swing. Now... Whatch what you will become if they win now. FIGHT! FIGHT NOW! THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCE!
There was no second chance for billions of people who ended up living under communist rule

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave,
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We took the streets in millions.
When Milosevic's police and amry generals seen the determination, they backed off.

One guy even came with a bulldozer and bulldozed State Television

Go ahead, YOUR TURN

In order to understand what is happening in 2020 you must understand the underlying ideology.

You need to understand the main, root cause of the evil that ravaged across the globe thorough the XX century.

And I want you to be aware that you have picked the side already.

It’s ok if you picked up the wrong side. It’s ok.
It’s easier and maybe even safer in the short-run, but it is going to create the Hell.

Near the end of this video, I’ll show you the main ideology and his exact words.

If you don’t believe me, check out the original sources for yourselves. It will take you only a couple of days.


However, if you prefer to listen/ watch, there are three great references:

About Marxism, short version (5 min):

Full version of the same video (45 min):

And the masterpiece, 5 Hours:


Sources for the video:

Dramatic music:

Scenes from the movie Defiance:

"Learn from History…" It’s not just an empty phrase, it’s a precious gift.
It’s a secret lucky charm that could save you.

Keep in mind one important fact: the psychology of the people is conserved. It remains the same for tens of thousands of years.

Learn to recognize the patterns.

Stay on alert, and stay safe.

Gallus Derby-Lux (similar to Gallus Derlux) is based on Foth Derby, a smimple German camera from the 30's. History has forgotten him but he was probably a good man, because he needed to move away from Germany during the darkest times.

Film format, 127, 6 by 3 cm, but it uses only a half, like Canon Demi for example, thus the format is 4 by 3 cm.

Mechanism is simple, shared by many similar cameras, with shutter speeds ranging from 1/25 to 1/500 s.

Viewfinder is a simple telescope, not connected with anything.

There were 3 types of lens available for it:

- Gallix 50mm 1:3.5 three-element focusable lens, made by Gallus itself, the one that I have

- Berthiot Flor f/2.8, never seen one of them of LeBonCoin

- Boyer Saphir f/3.5 or f/2.8, as common as Gallix

Keep mocking false idols and quasi experts. Keep exposing them every single day. Resist #covid madness, #resist #mask madness and win back your #freedom!

In the year of experts, allow me to be stupid.
Because, this madness will be over, and I don't want to feel dirty for not speaking up.

In August 1999, Serbian experts convinced us that solar eclipse is so dangerous that we need to put blankets on our windows, lock the doors and stay silent.

I know how this game works. By playing it, I'm inevitably going to lose. This is why I don't want to play it.

You should decide for yourselves.
Keep in mind one thing... Your kids will grow up in a decade or two...
And they are going to start asking you - Why?


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