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Fuck you Morgan Freeman!

This track was new to me, I did a few leps to learn the track, then struggled to win the race. But it was fun.

I found this free on Steam so I gave it a try, it's pretty fun. Cartoonish, but mature. Not too serious, just a fun game.

I was just minding my own business, and they came for my booty.

These guys kicked my ass pretty hard, but I got them eventually.

Liars and hypocrites

I'm a Russian Bot™.

Still getting used to this, but it's great to finally have a good racing game again.

Antifa attacking trash cans at screeching autistically outside Jordan Peterson speech at Queens University

My first time playing Project Cars 2. Enjoy the video!

Getting my ass handed to me repeatedly in Path of Exile

He is wrong about Critical Thinking. Critical Thinking is just Critical Theory put into practice. Critical Thinking is what you learn how to do in Critical Theory classes. Professor Rambukkana essentially told us as much himself. He accused Lindsey Shepard of not presenting the video of Jordan Peterson "critically". She explained that she showed both sides eventual for the spirit of debate. He said "That's not what we mean by critically... That's the problem". He said "in the spirit of the debate” is slightly different than “this is a problematic idea that we might want to unpack.” Lindsey Shepard said that would be taking sides, and he responded "Yes".

I stopped even trying to use Facebook about a year ago, because every time I recover my account and start posting again, I get instantly banned. The things I posted are not in any way extreme. I posted mostly libertarian themed memes and political satire.

Have you ever heard of a group called "Black Identity Extremists™"?
I don't know, have you ever heard of a group called "The White Supremacists™"?
God, what a stupid way of thinking she has.

I was in an unarmed buzzard finishing a MC mission when this noob ambushed me. That was a mistake.

Building my new gaming/editing PC. Featuring an Asus Prime B350 Plus motherboard, Ryzen 7 1700x 8-core 16-thread CPU, G.Skill Ripjaws V 16gb DDR4 @2400Mhz, and an Asus ROG R9 290x (will upgrade later).
Music credits: LEAH - The Northern Edge, and Dreamland

Just kicking some ass online in Tekken 7

"Something we need to be very careful about."

Solo tutorial for sneaking into Humane labs to deliver the EMP.


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