Watch Rino Kay Ivy go full retard wanting to vaccinate and kill all Alabamians.
#covid #vaccine #kayivy

The world’s top virologist says tge covid vaccines will kill ALL who took it!

A serious question for President Trump.

This vaccine video is blocked and has been removed from ALL msm social media. MUST WATCH! It had to be recorded from another phone because it could not be shared. SHARE this video!

We are in a war and tens of million of people around the world know this. The world is waking up more snd more everyday, don’t be left behind.

Qanon update, FBI and DOJ are coming for you, be bold, be brave.

Open your eyes that you might see. God is here and it is happening!

The Dutch senate reveals the Cabal’s evil plan.

This is a good short summary of who the Jews really are.

The Fauci declass emails are out! It is as we have been telling everyone, wake up people!

Trump to AC/DC Thunderstruck

I was visited by the FBI and DHS... OMG!

#fbi #dhs #trump #q #qanon #amp #scottbennett #johnmichaelchambers #makingsenseofthemadness

In the Arizona recount Trump won the state by at least 200,000 votes. Massive fraud by Dominion, tge State of Arizona, Biden, Obama, et al.

This is from today. This is our world. Wake up o sleeper snd rise from the dead.

The Freemason Illuminati Satanists are everywhere. This is a brief look at what I just noticed in Cullman, Alabama.

Just turn it off. Lies topped with a cherry of truth. If you repeat lie enough the masses will believe it is true.
#News #mockingbird #media #msm #trump #q #qanon

Go time... The time line of what is to come. It truly is the end of the world as we know it and I do feel fine!

#nesara #gesara #Trump #10daysofdarkness #tendaysofdarkness #Godwins #God #Jesus #satan #lucifer

The end game is upon us...

America will be free, evil will fall and then the world will be freed. This moment, this time, everything changes, all that has been wrong will be made right. The Lord God is here. Have Faith. #Faith #god #godwins #jesus #trump #whitehouse #qanon #q


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RedOggieDog is a channel that examines evidence to better understand what is really true. Most people believe something to be true if authority says it is true, if it is popularly held to be true and/or if they want it to be true. None of these, in-and-of-themselves, make anything true. Everything must be examined, studied and researched to discover for oneself what is really true.