Re-upload of this YouTube video https://youtu.be/rkTzWCZ2bMI

A sequel to my surprisingly popular video on the great replacement theory, in which I discuss immigration.

Have I Been Radicalised? https://youtu.be/9EeBhnfbdqA
Britannia Interviews Brexiteers https://youtu.be/DmzfxMx77gY

Po the Person reading 'A Christmas Carol' by Chales Dickens - it's public domain!

A passage from Stalingrad by Anthony Beevor, which I found very touching.
I find it interesting how easy it is to sympathise with German soldiers, just by finding out how they gave each other presents and sang carols and wanted to go home, despite how they are considered to be some of the biggest villains of history.
(I've avoided using the word N**i because I don't want to be censored. I'm not trying to hide what I'm talking about.)

A quick anecdote from my childhood

I'm trying to get at least one video out a week to help grow the channel. Let me know what you think of this shorter, less serious format .

The first part of a series of videos exploring the question of what makes life worth living. In this video I speculate how Christianity might have value without the existnce of anyhing supernatural.

Series introduction: https://youtu.be/7_b7ydEl44Q

Jordan Peterson's biblical series: https://youtu.be/f-wWBGo6a2w

I want to try making a new series of videos that reflects the ideas I have been interested in recently.

Another video about my experience in the British NHS system, this time about the birth of my daughter.

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A re-writing of The Rainbow Fish to be in-keeping with objectivism, a philosophy pioneered by Ayn Rand and explored in her novels.
Monologues are modified quotes from Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.

I wanted to make this after re-visting The Rinbow Fish book recently and discovering that the philosophy of the story is quite troubling. In the original ending the fish is bullied by the other fish into giving his scales away, and this somehow makes him happy.
Although I'm not an objectivist, I think sharing and giving should be voluntary and not based on shame or coercion.

A discussion of the recent news regarding University of Sydney Technology

A quick look into how poverty is defined and measured in the UK.

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A discussion of taxation, as seen through 5 different analogies.

Clips featured from Shrek, Disney's Robin Hood, and Freedom Toons ( https://youtu.be/sujCgaVsHn4 )

Hope you don't mind the long video.
I'm not sure if I got my point accross clearly in this video so I'll re-state my main points here:
1. Being just "nice" is not virtuous, and it's not a trait women find particularly attractive in men.
2. To be a virtuous ("a hero") one needs to be capable of evil and to choose to do good instead.
3. Being a hero requires the courage to go against social norms and rules when neccesarry to uphold your one's own moral principles. This is why we are drawn to rebels and rogues, especially in stories.

All things considered, I think Jordan Peterson made this point better than I did in this video.

Those familiar with Brexit can skip to 3:30 in this video.

What do you think of the lighting? Do I look like Contrapoints? Actually, don't answer that...

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Joined by The Bad Boy of Science, I discuss the outrage surrounding the BBC's recent TV license policy change.

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My husband and I rank 50 Game of Thrones characters.

This video idea was almost completely plagarized from Academic Agent. His stream with his wife was delightfully wholesome and surprisingly engaging.

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Why you should watch HBO's Chernobyl


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