- the consciousness is crating reality.. really?

- the echo of an Art Gallery which does not exist any more.. but the idea of it will be back .. :)

-who are they..?

-I`m on the sea now .....

--moments from life...

-what you can find beyond the light...?

-see through this reality,,, ;)

-- what is the kernel of humanity?

a nice winter walk .......

-we all -are children of the stars .....

-watch and relax :) in the ice world..

-a wonderful Christmas time :), songs..

-poetry, an experimental work between me and an AI :)

-remembrance of summer...

-do you live in the right narrative? :)

-the feeling of winter , pics and sound ....

--December, my nice wintry evening walk.....

-small changes, in your life, are so important...

-this is art!!!! :)

-life is a mystery but.... how to understand it ....

-see, you see :)

-haiku + music

-poetry and music


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Poetry, music, philosophy, the sea, asmr and more .. :)
and it-is fun to be on BitChute too :)